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In The Mailbox: 01.30.24 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

EBL: Why are we tolerating Iranian attacks? American Buffalo, Paulina Porizkova, and Wild Bill Hickok
Twitchy: STRAIGHT Into Our VEINS, NYT Discovers Southerners Have Gas Stations With Restaurants Attached, and New Republic Claims MAGA Is Tanking Border Deal In Anticipation of “Full-Blown Ethnonationalist Savagery”
Louder With Crowder: Lia Thomas is taking legal action so that it can compete against women in the Olympics, Superintendent Busted Trying To Secretly Close A School For Special Needs To Turn It Into A Migrant Facility, Elon Musk exposes the truth about Biden’s new “border security” bill and the open borders Democrats are gonna hate it, and See how “The Simpsons” predicted a media-induced “phony baloney” public health scare in 2010 that sounds eerily familiar
Vox Popoli: Battlegames, Confident or Crazy? Why Gab’s AI Will Beat Google’s AI, A Profile in Cowardice, It’s in the Script, Apparently, and No Boots for the Ground
Stoic Observations: Arthashastra
Upstream Reviews: Book vs. Movie – Jurassic Park
L’Ombre de L’Olivier: Running The Numbers On Rape & Pregnancy
Draw & Talk: They Destroyed My Creativity! Don’t Let This Happen To You!

Adam Piggott: The Flag of Freedom
American Conservative: Where Did It All Go Wrong?
American Greatness: Trump Has Reason to Rage—But Needs to Stay Calm and Get Even Rather than Mad, also, Our Democracy™: The Democratic Weaponization of Government and the Need for Decentralization
American Thinker: Today’s ‘Climate Crisis’ Is a Fairy Tale, Our First Gun, Biden, the Border, and Tik Tok Too, and WEF Totalitarians Seek to Euthanize the West
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictator Raul Castro appears at march with three fellow nonagenarian despots, Reports from Cuba: Havana ration store thieves had no luck: the rice had not arrived, Cuban mercenaries in Ukraine fighting alongside Malaysians, Serbians, Belarusians, Nepalese, and Dominican YouTuber traumatized after visit to communist Cuba
BattleSwarm: Follow-Up: Chinese Commies Can’t Chain Our Pianos, A Naive Look At The Homeless Industrial Complex, and Debunking The “700,000 Truckers To Texas” Story
Behind The Black: Another Red Chinese pseudo-company vertically lands a prototype 1st stage, Iran launches three satellites on single rocket, SpaceX completes two launches on Sunday, The internal structure of 19 galaxies, as seen in the infrared by Webb, and Bi-partisan bill proposed giving space traffic management to Commerce, not FCC
Cafe Hayek: Buying Votes With Your Own Money Is Illegal; Buying Votes With Other People’s Money Is Good Politics, also, New York Times: “Trade Is Not a Job Killer”
CDR Salamander: A Midrats January Free For All, also, Tower 22’s White Swan
Chicago Boyz: 
Da Tech Guy: The Sincerest Form of Flattery of Don Surber so Mini Linkfest plus Thoughts, Want People to Stop Worshiping Trump? Stop Trying to Crucify Him for the People’s Sins, Leftist group of Chicago municipal staffers cheers on students cutting class to attend Gaza ceasefire rally, and To Those Who Hate America These Bugs Are Features
Dana Loesch: A Loud Absence
Don Surber: Taylor Swift nude!
First Street Journal: Because Larry Krasner won’t put the bad guys in jail, the decent people of Philly are putting themselves behind bars, also, Why don’t we take sex crimes against children seriously?
Gates Of Vienna: Our Lady of Allahu Akhbar, Innocent Oseghale is Still Guilty, and The End of Free Speech and Thought in Europe
The Geller Report: Ilhan Omar Tells a Crowd of Somalians Her Only Priority is to Put Somalia First, She is Somalia First, Muslim Second (No Mention of America), Wall Street Journal: At Least 1,200 UN Employees are Actual Hamas Terrorists, 12,000 UN Staff in Gaza have Links to Islamic Terrorists, House GOP Drafts Articles Of Impeachment Against DHS Sec. Mayorkas, The Islamization of International Law, and UN Employees TOOK PART in October 7 Genocidal Massacre of Jews, Only 12 Are Fired
Glenn Reynolds: Birthday Cheer
Going It Alone: Digging Deep
Hollywood In Toto: Why Ricky Stanicky’s Trigger Warning Is … Glorious, SNL Ignores Biden’s Gibberish, Invents Attack on Trump, Meet Alan Ng, Disney’s Worst Nightmare, and Beekeeper (And Hunter Biden Stand-In) Win Box Office Weekend
Legal Insurrection: UPenn Honors Activist Prof Who Accused Israel of ‘Genocide’, Biden Pauses Liquefied Natural Gas Export Approvals in Desperate Bid to Appeal to Climate Cultists, Former National Security Officials Warn of “Multi-division Army of Young Single Adult Males” Illegally Crossing Border, This Is How You Do It: NYPD Stops Hamas Supporters From “Flooding” JFK Airport, ‘Undocumented’ U. California Student Group Staging Hunger Strike for ‘Equal Employment Opportunities’, Canadian Bureaucrats Forcing Dr. Jordan Peterson to Submit to Re-education for Criticizing Gender Ideology and Climate Change, and Oklahoma GOP Censures Sen. Lankford Over Border Deal With Democrats
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Septuagesima, and North and South, and a Squish in the Middle
Outkick: Lamar Jackson, About To Take Some Deserved Criticism, Can Only Answer With Better Play, Even In Bitter Defeat John Harbaugh Hangs His Hat On Words Out Of The Bible, Ravens, With NFL’s Best Record And No. 1 Seed, Lose Their Composure and Lose To Chiefs, Bengals QB Joe Burrow Disagrees With Soft, Egregious ‘Taunting’ Penalty Called on Ravens, Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce Take Issue With Justin Tucker During Pregame Warmups, Clay Travis Pays Off Alyssa Milano’s Travel Baseball GoFundMe — With One Condition, and West Virginia Governor Endorses ‘Women’s Bill Of Rights’ To Protect Women’s Sports With Riley Gaines By His Side
Power Line: The Climate Models Are Wrong, Omar the Magnificent, and Long day’s journey into “Shoah”
Shark Tank: Republicans enlist 800,000 registered voters over Democrats in Florida
Shot In The Dark: “Regrettably Unbecoming”, Urban Progressive Privilege – Clouds Of Smug Descend, and Attention, Secret Service
STUMP: Trump v. Biden Take Two – Using Social Security Mortality Assumptions, also, The Week In Meep – Weird Saints, Dresses w/Pockets, Sumo, & Opera
The Political Hat: Xyr Loved Big Trans-Brother
This Ain’t Hell: Missing off Yemen, NPRC Records Request Status, Transgender veterans suing the Department of Veterans Affairs, British General argues for the need of a citizen army, Navy: No GED? No Problem! Drone strike results in American casualties, three killed, and UN Aid Agency Staffed by Hamas
Transterrestrial Musings: Harvard, also, Thirty Eight Years
Victory Girls: Holocaust Remembrance Day: To Educate The Next Generation, Will Biden Be All Talk And No Action After Americans Are Killed? and Ilhan Omar Openly Declares Her Own “Dual Loyalty” To Somalia
Volokh Conspiracy: L.A. County Paying $5M to Settle Case Alleging Constitutional Violations in Prosecution of Election Management Company’s Owner
Watts Up With That: WINNING – Trillions Spent on ‘Climate Change’ Based on Faulty Temperature Data, NOAA’s Graph Provides Best Evidence That Solar Heating Is Warming the Oceans, Not CO2, More Revelations Emerge of How the Climate Change Committee Dupes Parliament into Voting for Net Zero Measures, Germany’s dream of building a fleet of hydrogen-fired power plants is faltering, Offshore Wind and the Stress on Commercial Fishermen, and Automobiles, human nature, and the challenge of building cars that people actually want
The Federalist: House Republicans Reveal Mayorkas Impeachment Articles Amid Worst Border Numbers In History, Pentagon To Pay For Soldiers To Manufacture Motherless And Fatherless Babies, Activist Medical Establishment Abandons Science On Kidney Disease To Pursue Racial ‘Equity’, Senators Propose Bipartisan Bill To Keep Lab-Grown Meat Off The School Lunch Menu, Censorship-Industrial Complex Enlists U.K. ‘Misinformation’ Group Logically.AI To Meddle In 2024 Election, and Georgia’s K-5 ‘Social Studies’ Curriculum Is A Trojan Horse For Leftism
Mark Steyn: Bumper Cars: Jacques Tati Gets Caught in Traffic, A Nobel Mann? “Excuse Me While I Puke”, “Keep an Open Mind”, and Defendants for Life

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