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In The Mailbox: 01.31.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

EBL: Restless, Upstairs Downstairs, and When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
Twitchy: Gov. Gianforte (R-MT) Seemingly Defends Removal Of “Trans” Kid From Family, Progs At VoteVets Drop Hot Take & Get Roasted, and Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) Whines About Walgreens Store Closures & Blames Racism
Louder With Crowder: Thug Throws Pole Through County Building – Take A Guess How Many Priors He Has, Leftist Vox claims Americans are “oddly obsessed with protein”, and Leftists have a new target for their hate: Board Games! They “uphold colonial narratives”
Vox Popoli: Trump’s Trade War 2.0, The Great Retardation, and Artificial Bafflegarble
Upstream Reviews: Fallout From The Chengdu Worldcon

American Conservative: Bolton Pens New Trump Campaign Ad
American Greatness: How’s Life in Obama’s Fundamentally-Transformed America Working Out for You So Far?
American Thinker: If…Then…2024, also, The De-evolution of the West
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Cuban hospitals not spared from the critical medicine shortages on the island, Cuba and Belarus seal ‘bilateral military cooperation agreement’, and Reports from Cuba: Cuban authorities arrest a dozen Ladies in White, says Berta Soler
BattleSwarm: Chinese Commies & PianoGate: One Of Them Was A Spy
Behind The Black: Rocket Lab launches four commercial satellites, Tank explosion in Shanghai injured three, Pentagon in discussions with SpaceX about buying a Starship outright for military missions, Voyager signs SpaceX’s Starship to launch its Starlab space station, Private company in India aims to build its own manned capsule and astronaut training facility, and Shoddy Harvard — home of plagiarism and bigotry — loses another big donor
Cafe Hayek: Oren Cass’s Response Fails
CDR Salamander: The Aesthetics Of A Recapitalized Maritime Industry
Chicago Boyz: Red Guards in Mexico?
Da Tech Guy: A National Disgrace Out of San Francisco
Dana Loesch: Parents Are Responsible For Raising Their Own Kids, Not Social Media
Don Surber: Trump’s next cabinet
First Street Journal: I guess that Marc Rowan will keep his checkbook closed
Gates Of Vienna: Why Does Islam Abuse Women? — It’s the Doctrine, Stupid!
The Geller Report: NYPD Cops BEATEN By Illegal Migrant Mob — Attackers Later Freed Without Bail, also, Republicans Introduce Bill to Completely Defund Terror Agency UNRWA
Hollywood In Toto: Argylle Is Great, Terrible, Funny, Confusing and Way Too Long, Media Freaks Over Ben Shapiro/Tom MacDonald’s ‘Facts’ Rap, and Bari Weiss’ Free Press Goes Hollywood
The Lid: Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick Vow to Stay the Course on Texas Border Barriers Despite Biden Warnings
Legal Insurrection: Southern Illinois U Med School Scholarship Discriminating Against Non-LGBTQI+ White and Asian Students Challenged By Equal Protection Project, Six Pro-Life Activists Face Over 10 Years in Prison for Violating FACE Act in Tennessee, Father in Newton, MA, Writes Open Letter to Schools Calling for the Suspension of All DEI Policies, ‘Cornell Has One Administrator for Every Two Undergrads’, and Biden Finally Visiting East Palestine, OH, a Year After Devastating Train Derailment
Nebraska Energy Observer: Away with the Fairies, Who Have a Lesson For Us
Outkick: Despite Attempts To Cancel Them, Poll Finds That The Blackhawks Have Players’ Favorite Jerseys In The NHL, NBA Hits Anthony Edwards With $40K Fine After Obliterating Refs, Buying One of Mahomes’ Game-Worn Jerseys Will Cost You Over $200K, and Campaign to Replace Destroyed Jackie Robinson Statue Raises More Than $145K In Donations
Power Line: American Miseducation, Whereabouts, and The Daily Chart: Bring Back Arranged Marriages?
Shark Tank: Bill Banning Corporal Punishment For Disabled Students Passes Florida Committee
Shot In The Dark: Let’s Stir Up Another Republic-Threatening Hornet’s Nest Part II, Social Participation Trophy, and The Usual Suspects
STUMP: The Sentinel Effect, Centenarians, & Pension Fraud
This Ain’t Hell: DOJ: Diverse Army Officer Corps a National Security Imperative, Authors of ‘far-right terrorism’ book invited by a Department of Defense office, and How long does it take to ramp up?
Victory Girls: Kara Swisher Hopes For MAGA Tears At Super Bowl
Volokh Conspiracy: Students for Justice in Palestine at Univ. of Florida Denied Preliminary Injunction
Watts Up With That: The Hoax: an interview with Dr. Neil Frank, former Director, National Hurricane Center, also, Urban Heat Island Studies – Do Pristine Weather Stations Even Exist?
The Federalist: ‘A Starting Point’: Meta Oversight Board Member Says 2020 Election Interference Was ‘Not Enough’, Court Dismisses Disney’s Lawsuit Against Florida Over Losing Private Control Of Government, All Signs Indicate North Korea Is Preparing For War, Sen. Hawley Humiliates Mark Zuckerberg For Lying About How Big Tech Hurts Kids, 20 Questions To Ask Republican Candidates In Your State, and If ERIC’s Voter Roll ‘Maintenance’ Is So Popular, Why Do Democrats Feel A Need To Force States To Join?

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