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In The Mailbox: 02.01.2024

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Thanks to everyone who bought stuff through my Amazon links last month!
I’ll be driving up to Carson City tomorrow for a two-week stint in the tax mines. There may be a post tomorrow,
there may not. Much depends on how foul the weather is tomorrow and how long it takes for me to get to my hotel.
Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

357 Magnum: Netflix Throws Halle Berry Film In The Trash
EBL: Illegal Immigrant Thugs Viciously Beat NYPD Officers – Receive Get Out Of Jail Free Card
Twitchy: Boys Destroy Tampon Dispenser In Boys’ Bathroom – BECAUSE THEY’RE BOYS, Mother Doesn’t Know If Her “Daughter” Would Have Survived Male Puberty, and Susanna Gibson Is Back & Trying To Shred The First Amendment
Louder With Crowder: Here it is, the dumbest thing said by a crime-ridden progressive city official, Undercover footage exposes how little WH staff think of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Blue State Calls For Ban Of Hostile Architecture That Prevents Homeless Encampments And… Wait, What?
Vox Popoli: Immiliteracy and its Consequences, Castalia Library on Substack, and Sex Parties on Capitol Hill
Upstream Reviews: The Unexpected Enlightenment Of Rachel Griffin

Adam Piggott: Spiritual Survival in the Sexual Marketplace
American Conservative: Military Escalation Against Iran Is Foolish and Unjustified
American Greatness: When the Invaders Outnumber the Army, also, How To Ensure a Big, Ugly War with Iran
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Red Thursday News
Babalu Blog: Dissident women in Cuba caught between repression and misery, Cuban dictatorship using forced abortions to trample the reproductive rights of female prisoners, and Cuban fisherman complains: Government buys fish from us for 1 peso per pound, individuals pay 200 Pesos
BattleSwarm: Federal Judge Strikes Down California Background Checks For Ammo
Behind The Black: Japan and India team up for unmanned lunar lander mission, Another exoplanet found in habitable zone, Update on Jared Isaacman’s upcoming Polaris Dawn manned mission, and A soft but dim spiral
Cafe Hayek: Ignored Innovation
CDR Salamander: Waiting At The Center Of The Terrible Twenties
Da Tech Guy: It Comes Down to a Loaf of Bread, also, If this is true the United States is doomed
Don Surber: Make it so, Donald
First Street Journal: We’re not really serious about rape
Gates Of Vienna: The Office for the Protection Against Hans-Georg Maaßen
The Geller Report: Black Pastors Pressure Biden to Call for a Cease-Fire in Gaza, Republican Rep. Greene Moves to Censure Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar for Treason, and Oregon Supreme Court Upholds Democrat Decision to Block 10 Republicans From Running for Reelection
Going It Alone: George Thorogood & The 46-Year Grudge
Hollywood In Toto: Kathy Griffin Is Sorry (And Struggling to Fill Theaters)
The Lid: Why Do So Many Young Americans Hate Israel?
Legal Insurrection: Florida Will No Longer Allow Transgender People to Change the Sex on Their Driver’s License, Drugmakers Hike Prices on Hundreds of Brand-Name Drugs, and Disney First Amendment Lawsuit Against DeSantis Thrown Out By Federal Judge
Nebraska Energy Observer: This speaks better
Outkick: Jerry Jones Flirts With Bringing Bill Belichick To Dallas Sometime In The Future, Lions Veteran Pours Emotional Praise On Dan Campbell, Cam Newton Continues To Talk Just To Talk, Says Brock Purdy 10th Best Player On His Team, Washington Commanders Selection Of Dan Quinn As New Head Coach Comes With Significant Irony, and Brittany Mahomes Shares Cringe Instagram Post, Acts Like A Teenager
Power Line: No better enemy, Get a load of Fani, cont’d, and They Firebombed My Office
Shark Tank: Moskowitz Blames Media & Misinformation For Anti-Israel Democrats
Shot In The Dark: I’ve Got Questions, also, Somewhere In Marcy-Holmes, Probably
STUMP: Society of Actuaries – U.S. Mortality Dashboard
This Ain’t Hell: SECDEF – “Sorry.”, also, Biden Repeats Claim of Son Beau Being Lost in Iraq
Victory Girls: Taylor Swift NFL Psyop Rumors Popular With Sexually Inadequate Democrats, also, Tech Hearing in Senate: Lots of Fire, But Will Anything Change?
Volokh Conspiracy: Antifa-vs.-Patriot-Prayer-Related Tort Lawsuit Partly Thrown Out but Partly Allowed to Go Forward
Watts Up With That: JUICE: POWER, POLITICS & THE GRID – Texas Blackout (Episode 1), A Closer Look at the UK’s Energy Predicament, and Monbiot: Left Wing Greens are the Scapegoats of People like Trump
The Federalist: The Biden Administration Is Treading On Texas’ Sovereignty, Not The Other Way Around, House Republicans Seek To Interview Witness Of Hunter Biden’s Potential Pay-For-Play Art Scandal, Lawmakers Should Weaponize State Budgets To Rein In Rogue Public Colleges, Stop Trying To Make ‘Taylor Swift Is A Psyop’ Happen, Joe Biden Keeps Rewarding The Terrorists, and Dem Senate Staffer Escapes Charges For Gay Sex Tape Amid Manhunt For J6ers
Mark Steyn: A Second Holocaust, Mann vs Ann, Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Mann Overboard, Steyn: The Opening Statement, and The Emperor Has No Clothes

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