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In The Mailbox: 02.05.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

The destruction of IJN Akagi by USS Enterprise at the Battle of Midway, 1942 (colorized)
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Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

ugh, again?

357 Magnum: Seven Egyptian Migrants Rape Thirteen-Year-Old Girl, also, Concealed Carry & Self-Defense In Chicago
EBL: Sheila White and I, Claudius
Twitchy: Biden Calls Netanyahu A “Bad F*****g Guy” But Special K Denies It, We Have More Info On “Woke Kindergarten” & It’s Worse Than We Thought, and Jennifer Van Laar Goes Straight-Up FAFO – Breaks Out ALL The Receipts In Thread Torching The RNC
Louder With Crowder: Another USWNT Star Bashes Americans, Claims Soccer Fans “Aren’t Smart”, Democrat Senator exposes the truth about Biden’s border bill while DEFENDING it: “The border never closes”, and CNN Flack Left Speechless When Told Why Illegal Migrants Don’t Stay In Florida
Vox Popoli: Identity > Ideology, Boomer Trigger, The Russian Art of War, NATO’s Sicilian Expedition, and A Babylonian Ticket Taker
L’ Ombre de L’Olivier: Japan vs. San Francisco
Stoic Observations: What Kind of Disaster Are You Prepared For?, also, The Kings of Black History Month
Upstream Reviews: Chasing Freedom
Draw & Talk Comics: What Happens When You Leave The Drama In 2024?
Tessellations: What’s Up With Data Science?

American Conservative: Jon Stewart Hasn’t Been Funny Since the Iraq War, also, To Bomb or Not to Bomb Iran: That Is the Question
American Greatness: Is Biden Malicious, Incompetent, or Conniving? Democracy in Decline: The Subversion of Rule of Law, and House Republican Leaders Declare Senate Immigration Bill ‘Dead on Arrival’
American Thinker: The FBI Again Tries To Block Seth Rich’s Laptop From Public View, Is America Already A Dead Country? The Democrats Create an Alice in the Looking Glass World, and Hell Must Be Empty
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship is sending 89 slave doctors to Honduras, Hagiographer of Stalinist, mass-murderer Che Guevara Jon Lee Anderson ‘very worried’ by Trump’s ‘authoritarianism’, and Reports from Cuba: ‘The problem is not the ministers, it is a failed model,’ a Cuban economist summarizes
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm For February 2, French Farmers: “Jeremy Clarkson Was Right”, and Ukraine Switching To A War Of Attrition Against Russia?
Behind The Black: Texas state court rules in favor of activist lawsuit against SpaceX, One last engineering test planned for Ingenuity, Japan’s lunar lander shuts down for long lunar night, Red China completes two launches yesterday, A spot where the surface of Mars cracked, and The failure of the COVID jab and the people who pushed it
Cafe Hayek: The Infantilism of Some “Intellectuals”[UPDATE], Summer Institute on the History of Economics, and A Note on Oren Cass’s Account of the Change in Trade Policy
CDR Salamander: VLS Reloads At Sea – Now More Than Ever
Chicago Boyz: DIE, Quiet Quitting, And the Exit of Competence
Da Tech Guy: February Indulgence Calendar (plus Dynasty Baseball League Openings!), Rules for the 1972 Dynasty Draft Baseball League, The future is cheap drones, Journalism’s “extinction event” will lead to new and better choices for news, and Under the Fedora
Dana Loesch: Second Amendment Casewatch – Dexter Taylor vs, New York
Don Surber: Other history months we need
First Street Journal: Clearly, I should be watched, perhaps even arrested for Wrongthink, The 15-Minute City: Another exercise in Soviet economic planning! and Killadelphia: A public service homicide?
Gates Of Vienna: “A Coup Against the Sovereignty of the Polish People”, Éric Zemmour: “Wherever There is a Mosque, That’s Islamic Land”, German Money Printer Go Brrr, The Final Solution to the German Question, and Get ’Em While They’re Young
The Geller Report: FBI and DOJ Were Alerted to Election Fraud Being Committed in Detroit, Michigan, During 2020 Election, Fired Democrat staffer will not be charged for shooting gay porn in Senate hearing room, Former Trump Administration Official Shot to Death During Violent Carjacking in Washington DC, and Under The Senate’s Treasonous Border Bill, Everybody Gets Asylum
Glenn Reynolds: Biden and the Border
Hollywood In Toto: Fox’s Jimmy Failla: ‘Comedy Is the Punk Rock of This Decade’, Will ‘Scream VI’ Star Melissa Barrera Be Canceled for Good? Gina Carano Mourns Carl Weathers: ‘He Was One of the Greats’, Wait … They Already Made a ‘Road House’ Sequel? and Meet Joe Rogan’s Secret Weapon: Women
The Lid: Target Pulls Black History Month Merch after Mixing Up Names of Civil Rights Icons
Legal Insurrection: WSJ Op-Ed: Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan Celebrated the Events of October 7th, Kansas State Univ “Scholarship has eliminated the preference based on race, color, or national origin” After Equal Protection Project Legal Challenge, “Woke Kindergarten” Founded by Anti-Israel and Anti-American Activist Resulted In Lower Test Scores ‘Unexpectedly’, The Tide is Turning in Favor of Saner Energy Policies, Red Chinese Nationals Fastest Growing Group of Border Crossers, and Massachusetts Drops College Degree Requirement for 90% of Govt. Jobs
Michele Catalano: Here comes the sun
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Sexagesima, and Monday, again
Outkick: LSU Heisman QB Jayden Daniels Is A Top 3 Draft Pick, But Still Should Be At Senior Bowl, SEC, Big Ten Leaders Join For Better ‘Future Of Sports’ – Translation: Move Over NCAA?, NCAA Bundles Past Violations In Other Sports Against Tennessee As Heavyweight Fight Brews, Maxx Crosby Explains Why He Went To Bat For Antonio Pierce, Christian McCaffrey’s Mom Is Boycotting Taylor Swift, Which Ruins Colin Cowherd’s Theory, 49ers Embrace ‘Against All Odds’ Mantra Despite Being The Favorite In Every Game This Season, and Patrick Mahomes’ Dad Can Still Go To Super Bowl Despite Arrest
Power Line: Steal From the Poor, Give to the Rich, When Morgan Met Mike, and “Fast Car” revisited
Shark Tank: Sweeping Defamation Bill Makes It Easier To Sue Journalists
Shot In The Dark: Disappeared, Pretty Vacant, Better Late Than Never, and The Thing About Trump
STUMP: RIP Adele Groyer – A Tribute to an Actuary, World Cancer Day 2024
The Political Hat: Busy February, Light Posting
This Ain’t Hell: Stolen Valor Posts and FOIA Results, Soros turf updates, Jon Vigue – Another Phony Beirut Bombing Survivor, and Stolen Military Grave Markers Recovered
Transterrestrial Musings: Ashli Babbit
Victory Girls: Superintendent Infant-Bully Gets Booted, Why Is Nikki Haley Still Hanging On? and Border Bill Baloney: Why It Will Be DOA In The House
Volokh Conspiracy: Fighting the Meaning of Section Three
Watts Up With That: You’ll Never Guess Who Biden Just Picked to Replace John Kerry as Top Climate Diplomat, Urban Heat Island Studies – Do Pristine Weather Stations Even Exist? Part Two, ExxonMobil Just Set The Climate Alarm Lobby on Fire Again, World Cereal Production Set To Hit Record High In 2023, and Wood Pellets Aren’t CO2 Neutral, Emit More Than Coal…Double Natural Gas
The Federalist: Joe Biden Can’t Ignore East Palestine Anymore Now That His Job Is On The Line, Democrat Border Deal: Ukraine Gets More Money, Americans Get More Poor Illegal Immigrants, Democrats Work To Strip All Opponents Of Representation In Court, On CNN, Nikki Haley Regurgitates McConnell’s ‘But Trump’ Talking Points On Border Invasion Bill, Carl Weathers Wasn’t A Great Fighter, But He Was A Great Actor, Thanks To The State Freedom Caucus Network, GOP Legislatures Are Getting More Conservative, and Virginia Democrats Behind ‘Harassment’ Bill Really Want To Make Election Oversight A ‘Hate Crime’
Mark Steyn: An “Expert” in Investigations, Work to Rule: Doris Day and The Pajama Game, Almost Like Being in Love, A Fraud Upon the Court, and The Best Defense is a Good Offense

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