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Blue Whales Are Decadent and Depraved

Posted on | February 7, 2024 | Comments Off on Blue Whales Are Decadent and Depraved

Today I was just innocently scrolling through the news on my phone when I encountered this disturbing headline:

Hidden DNA found in blue whales reveals
they’ve been mating with other species
— and their hybrid offspring

What kind of twisted West Virginia hillbilly freak show is this? “Mating with other specias” and — AND! — “their hybrid offspring”?

For years, we’ve been subjected to environmentalist propaganda portraying the blue whales as being “endangered,” i.e., victims, for whom we’re supposed to feel sympathy, and now scientists have discovered that they’re a slutty bunch of disgusting sea-mammal perverts!

Blue whales in the Atlantic Ocean are harboring a previously unknown and potentially alarming level of hybrid DNA, a new study shows. The findings hint that whale hybrids are much more reproductively viable than previously realized. . . .

(“Potentially alarming”!)

Around 3.5% of the group’s DNA came from fin whales on average. . . .
Scientists have long known that blue whales and fin whales can reproduce to create hybrids of the two species, despite blue whales being around 85 tons (77 metric tons) heavier on average, according to The New York Times. These hybrids are sometimes referred to as “flue” whales and often look like unusually large fin whales with the coloration and jaw structure of blue whales, according to a 2021 study.

(Damned mongrelized freak whales, is what they are.)

Until recently, it was assumed that these hybrids were infertile and could not have offspring of their own, similar to most other hybrid animals. However, a 2018 study revealed that at least some of these hybrids could successfully reproduce with blue whales.
Researchers believe hybrid whales have been reproducing with blue whales, resulting in “backcrossed” offspring with mostly blue whale DNA and some fin whale DNA. This type of DNA transfer from one species to another via interbreeding is known as introgression. . . .

(Yeah, lots of “introgression” in West Virginia, too.)

Similar studies on fin whales have found no evidence that the species have inherited any blue whale DNA via introgression, Engstrom said. So it seems that only blue whales are capable, or perhaps willing, to reproduce with these hybrids.
“We don’t know why introgression appears unidirectional,” Engstrom said. . . .

(Because blue whales are just horny sluts, that’s why.)

There is also little evidence that introgression between fin whales and blue whales happens in any other part of the world. “As far as we know, this is a phenomenon in the North Atlantic only,” Engstrom said.

The North Atlantic is the Appalachia of the oceans. After this shocking news report, I’ve got a whole new perspective on sea mammals. Never trust a blue whale, especially one from the North Atlantic.


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