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In The Mailbox: 02.06.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

Memento mori

357 Magnum: Are You Prepared For The Coming Storm? also, Neighbors Were Shocked
EBL: Fort Apache The Bronx, also, Toby Keith RIP
Twitchy: Trump Loses In DC Circuit Court But Prof. Turley Explains Why He Might Have Already Won, Dem Rep Whines It’s Not OK For Congress To Say It’s Only Concerned About Christian Persecution, and Trans TikTok Star Pleads Guilty To Child Abuse Charges
Louder With Crowder: Toby Keith, patriot and county music icon, loses his battle with cancer at age 62
Vox Popoli: Castalia Library Stacks, Ethnic Cleansing in the EU, The Fatal Stress of Freshman Year, Maxxing the Vaxx, All Crusaders Now, and Attack of the Cat Ladies
Postcards From Barsoom: The Zetetic Blade

Adam Piggott: Slaves to our Passions
American Conservative: After Immunity Defeat, Trump Plunges Ahead in Legal Farrago
American Greatness: House Vote to Impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Fails
American Thinker: Leftists Disconnected From How Things Work Are Destroying Everything
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Alone In The Cosmos News
Babalu Blog: Cancer patients in Cuba go without treatment due to collapsing healthcare system, Russia holds back on its involvement in Cuba’s economic reform while stepping up military ties, and Reports from Cuba: Even if the ration books arrive, there’s nothing to buy in the bodegas
BattleSwarm: Texas Statistics Roundup, also, Zeihan on Evergrande: 1.5 BILLION Unsold Condos?
Behind The Black: Weather stops everything by SpaceX in the last 24 hours, Juno completes its closest approach of the Jupiter moon Io, Curiosity’s damaged wheels continue to appear stable despite the rough Martian terrain, Perseverance snaps its first picture of grounded Ingenuity, SpaceX’s revenue estimate for 2024 is $13.3 billion, and Pushback: Help send 9-year-old KC Chiefs fan, slandered as bigot by media, to Super Bowl
Cafe Hayek: Phil Gramm and I Respond to Robert Lighthizer
Da Tech Guy: Jews in Hollywood, It’s History, not Some Vast Conspiracy or Something we Can’t Mention, Extinction vs. hope, and The Immigration Solution: ENFORCE THE LAW
Dana Loesch: Last Week In Legal – Hurry Up & Wait Edition
Don Surber: An invasion repelled
Gates Of Vienna: “I Hate All French People”, Strengthening Democracy Means Crushing the Right Wing, and This Time the 13-Year-Old Victim Survived
The Geller Report: President Javier Miley Arrives in Israel, Announces Argentina Will Move Embassy to Jerusalem
Hollywood In Toto: ‘SNL’ Needs Shane Gillis More Than He Needs Them, Two Great New TV Shows to Watch (And One to Skip for Now), Is The Way Way Back the Best Coming of Age Movie in Years?, and Bill Maher Hearts Gov. Newsom But Can’t List One Accomplishment
The Lid: Colorado Democrats Want State Wide ‘Pet Registration’ Tax on ALL Pets– Even Fish!
Legal Insurrection: University of California Medical Prof Calls for Investigation of ‘Zionist Doctors’, United Nations Foundation Funding Climate Activism in 12 State Governments, “Take Our Border Back” Convoy Reaches Destination in 3 States, Highlights Biden’s Border Crisis, Brown University President Refuses Demands of Students Staging Hunger Strike for Palestine, and Appeals Court Affirms the Denial of Trump’s Presidential Immunity Claim in D.C. Election Interference Case
Nebraska Energy Observer: Eye roll!
Outkick: Travis Kelce’s Fade Haircut Is Not Cultural Appropriation, Nick Saban Will Be First Of Many Coaches To Retire If Congress Doesn’t Address NIL , Roger Goodell Offers Curious Defense Of Patriots Ignoring The Rooney Rule, LIV Golf Maykoba Sees Uptick In Ratings With PGA Tour’s Final Round At Pebble Beach Canceled Due To Weather, Caitlin Clark Is About To Face A Whole Lot of Racial Resentment, and Travis Kelce Engulfed With Boos At Super Bowl Media Opening Night
Power Line: Who’s Banning Books, The Daily Chart – Our Anti-Semitic Universities, and A border bill footnote
Shark Tank: FL Legislature Moves To Regulate State’s Use Of Digital Currency
Shot In The Dark: Happy Reagan’s Birthday, also, The Real Villains
The Political Hat: Is Kyriarchy The Root Cause of Violence?
This Ain’t Hell: Throwing dollars at quality of life, also, State Contradicts White House- Denies Iraq Informed of Strikes
Transterrestrial Musings: Open Borders And Closed Courts, also, The Latest SPS Study From NASA
Victory Girls: Not All Immigrants Make America Stronger And Richer
Watts Up With That: Quote of the Week: Manntastic Claims, also, On Climate: “The Elites Have Flipped Worldviews”
The Federalist: No, That Stupid NYT Piece On Travis Kelce’s Hair Isn’t Cultural Appropriation, Elon Musk Helps Gina Carano Sue Disney For Firing Her After Internet Smear Campaign, A Real Border Solution Would Punish Mexican Cartels, Not Bribe Them, Top McConnell Ally: Mike Lee Only Cares About Protecting Hamas, WaPo Columnist Says Quiet Part Out Loud: Democrats’ Campaign Strategy Is Jailing Trump, Court Says Democrat Secretary Of State Can’t Hide Maine’s Voter Rolls From Watchdog Group, and Toby Keith Paid Tribute To The American Soldier In Word And Deed
Mark Steyn: Best Laid Plans

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