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In The Mailbox: 02.07.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

It’s just not a party without wombats.

EBL: Today In 1974 – Blazing Saddles Opening Night
Twitchy: Dean Phillips Shames All Of Us For Pretending Biden Is OK, NBC Says White House Is Accelerating Plans To Hit GOP For Tanking Border Bill, and Big Brain Socialist Claims Car Theft Is Victimless Crime
Louder With Crowder: Police Report Confirms Elaborate “Columbine” Style Mass Shooting Plans Found in Wisconsin Student’s “Manifesto” (UPDATED), Gina Carano tells Disney to LAWYER UP, and Oh no, you guys… Tucker Carlson might get SANCTIONED by the EU for his Putin interview
Vox Popoli: At Least They Didn’t Panic, The PC Master Race Does Not Mourn, Big Bear on Taylor Swift, Tucker’s Putin Interview, and Jedi Mind Tricks
Upstream Reviews: COMICS VS. MOVIES – Skybound Can Write Transformers And Paramount Can’t Accidental Shooting Statistics,
Flappr: The Richelieu Files – Why Biden?

Adam Piggott: Not seeing the papal wood for the trees
American Conservative: French Best-Seller: U.S. Is a ‘Nihilist Empire’
American Greatness: The Super Bowl Will Again Feature Two ‘National Anthems’
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Homeland Security captures Tampa woman smuggling $100K in cash from Cuba, Desperate and hungry Cubans chase trucks filled with food down the street, and The Cuba embargo plus 62
BattleSwarm: Self-Defense Shooting Roundup
Behind The Black: JPL to lay off 8% of its work force plus 40 contractors, Computer problem on Voyager-1 remains unsolved, Freedom capsule undocks from ISS with AX-3 commercial crew, A small Martian volcano? and Pushback: Fired by Disney for noting Nazis killed Jews, actress sues, her lawyers paid for by X
Cafe Hayek: Is the Economic Case for a Policy of Free Trade “Of Recent Vintage”?
Da Tech Guy: How DARE Rowan (Mr. Bean) Atkinson Rain on Our EV Gravy Train!
Dana Loesch: Republicans No Good Very Bad Election Year, Once Again The GOP Trips Over Its Own Feet
Don Surber: Of course you interview Putin
Gates Of Vienna: No Parole for Akif Pirinçci, also, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Pledges Allegiance to Somalia
The Geller Report: Muslim Jew-hater Elected New President of International Court of Justice (ICJ), also, Democrats Torpedo Republican-Led Israel Aid Bill
Hollywood In Toto: Out of Darkness Taps Primal Terror Vein, Gina Carano to Sue Disney, Lucasfilm Over ‘Mandalorian’ Firing, Rob Schneider Movies List: From Deuce to Daddy Daughter Trip, Audiences Slowly Returning to Grammys, Emmys…and the Oscars? and Max Adds Trigger Warning to Blazing Saddles
Legal Insurrection: The Left is Trying to Redefine Anti-Zionism to Excuse Antisemitism, ‘None of These Candidates’ Beats Nikki Haley in Nevada Primary, Elizabeth Warren Takes on Big Dorito, Big Oreo, and Big Toilet Paper to Deflect Blame From Biden’s Economy, Trans-Identified Male Daycare Worker Escapes Prison Time After Pleading Guilty to Sexually Abusing a Baby, and Donald Trump Calls For End Of Bud Light Boycott – Should People Keep Boycotting or Not? (Reader Poll)
Nebraska Energy Observer: Producers, Useless Mouths, and Circles
Outkick: Family Of Kid Accused Of Blackface Sues Deadspin, Texas A&M New Coach Mike Elko Claims Major Win With 5-Star Signing, February’s National Signing Day Used To Be Celebrated, Now It’s Just Another Day On Recruiting Calendar, Kansas City Royals Show That Small Market MLB Teams Have Money To Spend, Nick Saban Is Coming To Your City, Joins ESPN’s College Gameday Cast, and Outrage Builds As Five Trans Students Dominate Women’s Volleyball
Power Line: Borderline Biden, The Jury Is Out, and The Train Wreck of Price Controls
Shark Tank: Controversial Social Media Ban Bill Gets More Congressional Pushback
Shot In The Dark: Action Creates Reaction, also, The More Things Stay The Same The More They Change
This Ain’t Hell: An older eagle soars, Two More Accounted For, and John Kerry’s climate staff collectively get paid over $4 million from taxpayers
Victory Girls: Buh-Bye! RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Will Step Down After SC Primary, also, Race Grifter Month: How’s it Going
Watts Up With That: California Mega-Drought Update, Time to retire the term ‘renewable energy’ from serious discussion and energy policy directives, and No, Los Angeles Times, Climate Change Is Not ‘Supercharging’ the Latest Winter Storm
The Federalist: Is Walgreens Racist Or Is Ayanna Pressley Just Ignorant? Trump’s Defense Of Anheuser-Busch Undermines Conservatives’ Most Effective Boycott Yet, Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas Survives Impeachment With Narrow House Vote, Republicans Would Rather Remain Beautiful Losers Than Win, Leftists Lose Their Minds When Wall Street Journal Notices Michigan-Grown JihadisDemocrats’ Election Interference Undermines Voters’ Confidence In The Electoral Process, and Washington Post Blames Grocery Stores For High Prices To Cover For Biden In Election Year
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