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In The Mailbox: 02.12.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

Doug Ross: AMERITOPIA – A Graphic Documentary
357 Magnum: Amazon’s DEI Playbook Means The End Of Storytelling In Hollywood, also, Another Example Of How You DO NOT OWN Digital Copies Of Anything
EBL: Voltaire – a good smart dude, Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan on wine, and Everest
Twitchy: Sen. Tillis Says Voters Can’t Possibly Know What’s At Stake If We Don’t Fund Ukraine, Lincoln Project Yob Stuart Stephens Falls On His Face Trying To Dunk On J.D. Vance, and Canadian Network Bemoans Illegals Gang-Raping Italians “Provid(ing) Fodder For An Ascendant Far-Right”
Louder With Crowder: Lil’ Chiefs fan cyberbullied by woke reporter gets last laugh at Super Bowl, while reporter catches a lawsuit, Alyssa Milano blasted for attending Super Bowl after begging fans to donate to her son’s Little League Team, and Dove gets roasted for Super Bowl commercial “defending” girls’ sports when old tweet celebrating a man competing in them resurfaces
Vox Popoli: Free Trade is Economic Heroin, Free Speech is Blasphemy, How to See the Super Bowl, Negativity is the Consequence of Degeneracy, and A Textbook Failure
Stoic Observations: Middle School Wisdom
Postcards From Barsoom: The Eye At The End Of Time
Upstream Reviews: Manga Review – Vinland Saga Omnibus Vol. 1,

Adam Piggott: Tucker Carlson’s Wasted Opportunity, also, Lukewarm Christians
American Conservative: The Republican Plot Against Donald Trump
American Greatness: Vance: ‘Shouldn’t we rebuild our own manufacturing capacity before we spend all of it on Ukraine?’, also, Do Leftists Now Believe Leftism Doesn’t Work?
American Thinker: Respect for Authorities ‘Died Suddenly’, Double Exposure, and Republicans Live Up to Being the Stupid Party
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Havana’s Colón cemetery has an open pit full of skeletons, many without skulls, Cuban slave doctors in Venezuela placed under strict curfew, and Western Union shuts down Cuba remittances until April
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm For February 9, USS Texas: “The Most Gangsta Battleship Of All Time”, and Why Is Google Selling Adwords For Snuff Films?
Behind The Black: Greece signs Artemis Accords, SpaceX denies Russian claim that Starlink terminals sold illegally will work in the Ukraine, The volcanic world of Io, as seen by Juno in all its fly-bys, Ukraine: Russia using Starlink; Musk: No we don’t allow it, Martian dunes with strange splotches, and Pushback: 9-year-old slandered by left goes to Super Bowl wearing face paint
Cafe Hayek: It Seems to Me
CDR Salamander: The Eternally, Irreplaceably Vulnerable – Carriers At War, In Praise of the Military-Industrial Complex
Chicago Boyz: Book Review: Theft of Fire, by Devon Eriksen
Da Tech Guy: The Whole Case Before the Supreme Court and Trump Should Have Been Killed by One Point, The Biden Reality Dementia is Already Baked In, Declining birth rates have nothing to do with taxes and everything to do with society, The Difference between a “Good Christian” and a “Great Saint”, and Israel Rescues Two Hostages – That’s Two More Hostages Then I Expected them to Save
Don Surber: Let newspapers die
First Street Journal: CNN reporter Barbie Latza Nadeau accidentally tells the truth, though I’m sure she is appalled by it, also, The Associated Press make story about rescue of two Israeli hostages all about the poor, poor Palestinians!
Gates Of Vienna: Trans is a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card, also, Tomio Okamura: “We Do Not Want African and Arabic Migrants Here”
The Geller Report: Facebook Censored Putin Interview At the Behest of Biden White House, also, Iran-Backed Houthis Sentence 13 to Public Execution on Homosexuality Charges
Glenn Reynolds: Attack & Defense, also, Time For Consequences
Hollywood In Toto: Toby Keith Rounded Up the Boys To Make ‘Beer for My Horses’, These Stars Have Zero Self Awareness, Lisa Frankenstein Dead and Buried at Box Office, Michael Rapaport: I’m Sorry for Believing ‘Very Fine People’ Trump Lie, and HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm Calls MAGA Racist
The Lid: Liberals Lie: ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ is NOT ‘Racist’… But ”The Black National Anthem’ Most Certainly IS Racist, also, The SPLC Seeks to Profit Off of Alleged Hate
Legal Insurrection: Biden Northern Border Crisis: New York Might Adjust Sanctuary Laws Due to Increase of Illegal Crossings, Trump Asks Supreme Court to Stay Appeals Court Ruling Rejecting Immunity in D.C. Case, Defense Sec. Austin in Critical Care Due to Bladder Issue, Red Chinese Economy Limping into the Year of the Dragon, and Maui Fire Victims’ Families Offered Up to $1.5 million in Compensation if They Don’t Sue State Agencies
Michele Catalano: Opening up the floor
Nebraska Energy Observer: Scattershot Friday, Saturday – just for you, and Quinquagesima
Outkick: Tony Romo Completely Ruined The Final 30 Seconds Of The Super Bowl, Fletcher Cox Buries Deebo Samuel After Bitter Niners Super Bowl Loss: ‘Keep Philly Out Your Mouth!’, Kansas City Chiefs Are The NFL’s New Dynasty And They Intend To Keep It That Way, Troy Aikman Gets Roasted For His Patrick Mahomes Tweet From 2019, Paige Spiranac Halftime Strip Show, Lane Kiffin’s Girlfriend Enjoys A Boat Day & Niners Fans Obliterate A TV, and Did CBS Show Taylor Swift At The Super Bowl Too Much, Not Enough, Just Enough?
Power Line: The “Far Right” Pounces, More Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism, and Remembering Mr. Lincoln
Shark Tank: Rubio Files Border Enforcement Amendments To Sweeping Spending Bill
Shot In The Dark: Swinging For The Fences, Season’s Greetings, Informal Yet Rigorously Scientific Survey
STUMP: Cancer Death Rates By Age & Gender For The U.S. 1968-2023, also, Tales Of Fiscal Accountability (Or Not)
This Ain’t Hell: Teacher quits after coming back from retirement due to being assaulted, Happy “Death to America!” Day, and Mixed news. Or is it?
Transterrestrial Musings: A German Politician, Joe Biden And Israel, More Terrible Trial Coverage, Journalistic Fraud, and The Libertarian Revolution
Victory Girls: Biden’s Shrinkflation Rant Was A Comical Dumpster Fire, also, Democrat Strategy 2024 – All Abortion, All The Time
Volokh Conspiracy: When Hating Israel is Your Priority
Watts Up With That: EU Farmers Protest Green Policies’ Threat to Greenest Lands, THEY FIREBOMBED MY OFFICE, and The Deindustrialization of Europe in Five Charts
The Federalist: America’s Border Crisis Takes Center Stage In Race To Fill George Santos’ House Seat, Lawsuit: Both The ‘How’ And The ‘What’ Of Democrat Election Chief’s Rulebook Violate Arizona Law, A Century Later, ‘Rhapsody In Blue’ Remains An Iconic Piece Of American History, Get Ready For The Cringy Campaign To Make Biden Seem Lucid, Joe Biden’s Classified Docs Provide More Evidence Hunter’s Pay-To-Play Was A Family Affair, Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance: Mitch McConnell Slipped A ‘Hidden Impeachment Clause’ Against Trump Into Ukraine Spending, and Is Wisconsin’s Republican Speaker Killing Efforts To Impeach Suspect Elections Chief?
Mark Steyn: Sam Spade on a Shag Rug: Gene Hackman in Night Moves, My Funny Valentine, Michael Mann is Not a Victim, A Bad Day for America, and “Hockey Stick Warfare”

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