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In The Mailbox: 02.13.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

357 Magnum: How Is That Bail Reform Working Out?
EBL: Joe Biden Refuses To Take A Cognitive Mental Test
Twitchy: Oklahoma Drag Queen Principal Resigns – NBC Tries To Obscure His Repugnant History, Jon Stewart Returns & Rolling Stone Can’t Deal, and Shocker – Catherine Herridge Fired By CBS News
Louder With Crowder: High school sophomore shatters state’s high jump record. Of course, she’s a dude
Vox Popoli: Biden’s Replacement, Trannies are Literally Retarded, and The Thucydides Trap (Castalia Edition)

American Conservative: The Senate GOP Establishment Insults the Base Over Ukraine
American Greatness: Limited Hangout?: Moderna Scientists Acknowledge Lipid Nanoparticles in mRNA Shots Present ‘Toxicity Concerns’, House GOP Demands Recordings of Special Counsel’s Biden Interview, and Speaker Johnson: House Will Likely Block Senate Foreign Aid Bill
American Thinker: The Obama Doctrine vs. the West, also, What Trump’s ‘Retribution’ Really Means
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Electric Car News
Babalu Blog: South African medical students trained in Cuba need additional 18 months of training back at home, Cuba’s oil import data casts doubt on official ‘fuel crisis’ explanation, and Sacking of Cuba’s Economy Minister exposes country’s state of collapse
BattleSwarm: Why People Hate The Media, also, Bradleys vs. T90M Follow-Up
Behind The Black: SpaceX has caused a 77% drop in price for transferring data by satellite, The core and upper stages of the first Ariane-6 rocket are now on the way to French Guiana, German-built mini-rover for Japanese Phobos mission shipped to Japan, Botswana bans Starlink, Musk Says 3rd Starship/Superheavy test launch expected in early March, and Are decent ordinary Democrats finally recognizing the terrible power-hungry corruption of their political party?
CDR Salamander: The Little Carriers That Could
Da Tech Guy: How DARE those Jews rescue their hostages! and other matters Under the Fedora, also, Escaping today through tales of yesteryear
Dana Loesch: The Problem With “Buddy Jesus” Blasphemy
Don Surber: Why NATO?
First Street Journal: Brown University Students for Justice in Palestine end their hunger strike, also, Maybe Jeff Bezos could spend some of those tax savings on The Washington Post?
Gates Of Vienna: Palestinians and the Koran Come to Sanremo, also, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
The Geller Report: Finally, Pitchforks and Torches
Hollywood In Toto: Super Bowl Commercials Reflect Hollywood (That’s Not Good), Run, Don’t Walk Away from Madame Web, and Biden Hasn’t Lost Sycophant Stephen Colbert … Yet
The Lid: Is The “Transition Integrity Project” Gaming Elections For Mythical Region?
Legal Insurrection: Liberal Foundations Prop Up Climate Crisis Narratives via “News” Organizations, House Impeaches DHS Sec. Mayorkas by One Vote, Joe Biden’s Super Bowl Video About Shrinkflation Mirrored Elizabeth Warren’s From Last Week, McConnell Twisting Speaker Johnson’s Arm to Vote and Pass Ukraine Bill, Guest Lecturer at UC-San Francisco Says ‘Whites Are Psychopaths’, and White Woman Hosting Illegal Immigrants Says ‘She Feels Like She has Her Own Personal Chef”
Nebraska Energy Observer: Monday Morning Report, also, In other news
Outkick: State Of Tennessee And NCAA Battle In Courtroom, With A Big Orange Flag Welcoming All Parties, College Football Playoffs To Stay With ESPN For Six More Years, At $1.6 Billion Per Season, Bob Costas Voices Opposition To Trans Athletes In Women’s Sports: ‘It’s Common Sense!’, Random Person Showed Up Knocking On Travis Kelce’s Windows After He Moved Because Of Taylor Swift, LIV Golf Gets Absolutely Trounced In TV Ratings Last Weekend, and Taylor Swift Shares Inside Look At Insanity Of Chiefs Super Bowl Party
Power Line: That’s ‘President Magoo’ to You, Buster! also, The IDF visits the hospital
Shark Tank: Lee Introduces FISA Reforms To Prevent Politicization
Shot In The Dark: Pulling The Weight, also, Mostly Legal
STUMP: Taxing Tuesday – Getting SALTy
The Political Hat: Legalizing Obscenity For Children
This Ain’t Hell: Ahh, the butthurt, also, War Grave Protected
Transterrestrial Musings: The Age Of Greta Thunberg, also, Mark Steyn
Victory Girls: J.D. Vance Finds Trump Impeachment Poison Pill In Ukraine Bill
Volokh Conspiracy: Professor Mark Graber Lectures Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson About White Supremacy
Watts Up With That: The California Energy Scam: Newsom’s Actions Of “Leaking” Emissions To Poorer Developing Countries, also, Can the Government Create a Green Hydrogen Fuel Industry?
The Federalist: Biden Administration Forges Ahead With Dangerous Changes To Title IX, Report: CIA Started Russia Collusion Hoax By Asking Foreign Governments To Spy On Trump Campaign, Colorado’s Assisted Suicide Bill Would Invite Out-Of-Staters To End Their Lives In Two Days Or Less, Bobulinski: Joe Biden Was ‘The Brand’ His Family Was Selling To Foreign Governments, See How Media Lapdogs Spin Biden’s Border Invasion As Some ‘Chaos’ He ‘Botched’, GOP Leadership Is Obviously Corrupt, But These Senators Are Standing Up For America, and NYT’s Paul Krugman Is Depressed About Biden’s Mental Decline, So You Know Things Are Bad
Mark Steyn: The Cost of Disagreeing with the Narrative

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