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In The Mailbox: 02.20.24 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

Operator-chan saves the day.

357 Magnum: How Old Do You Have To be To Defend Yourself?
EBL: Boundless: The Voyage of Magellan, Yemeni Houthis sink British cargo ship “Rubymar” in the Red Sea, and Mayor Adams’s Migrant Money
Twitchy: Justice Thomas Reminds The Media What It Would Take For Him To Step Down, MSDNC’s Joe Scarborough Says GOP “Has Surrendered To The Communists”, and Kyle Rittenhouse Nukes Government & Media Over Revealing The Identities Of Shooters
Louder With Crowder: Girls basketball team forced to forfeit after THREE players were injured by a six-foot dude who claims to be a girl, also, Our USDA is funding research into edible bugs
Vox Popoli: They Broke and Ran, The Inversion of Democracy, Just a Little Harmless Satanism, and The Great Replacement is Real
Upstream Reviews: Gernsback Deserved Better
Flappr: The Richelieu Files – More Biden Blues

Adam Piggott: Aboriginal Demons
American Conservative: Senator Vance Mentions the Unmentionable at Munich, also, The Ukraine War Runs on Prevarication
American Greatness: Delusions, Alternate Realities, and the Biden Consortium, ‘FAFO’: Trump-Supporting Truckers Vow to Boycott NYC After Excessive Civil Fraud Ruling, and Girls Basketball Team Forfeits After Three Players Injured Against Team With 6 Foot Tall Male Player
American Thinker: Criminals in Black Robes, The Silent Radio – A Third Year Without Rush, and Has Our Government Erased the First Amendment?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday, also, Animal’s Daily Tiny Pairs News
Babalu Blog: Mechanic who worked for Fidel, Raul, and Cuba’s top brass reveals details about their rapacious criminality, About that ginormous 133-ton chicken heist in Cuba…the real story, and  Cuban dictatorship says new economic reforms will be delayed until ‘right conditions are in place’
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm for February 16, Dutch “Perfect” Planned City = Instant Slum, and Worldcon And Team Boot
Behind The Black: SpaceX launches Indonesian communications satellite, India deorbits a defunct satellite early, in a controlled manner, The Washington swamp suddenly discovers that Russia has anti-satellite capabilities, Rocket Lab successfully launches Japanese commercial space junk demo satellite, Martian gullies caused by glacial and water erosion, and There is no diversity in American academia, none at all
Cafe Hayek: Production Occurs Only When Satisfying As Many As Possible Desires of Consumers, America First! (Or So Pres. Xi Must Think), You Should Stay for the Full Play, and Apply the Insights Bruce Yandle
CDR Salamander: Sealift – A Tragedy Of Numbers
Chicago Boyz: Too Many, Not Enough, also, Koestler on Closed Systems
Da Tech Guy: The Best MD Has in the Barn For Now, The Smell of Pot in Fitchburg and Days of Yore, Treating military members as health care expenses, WQPH Shrove Tuesday Brunch Videos, Michael Petrosh Speech & Interview, Norovirus and my cruise ship trip, and A Preview of Coming Attractions in Minnesota Islam 1 LGBTQ 0
Don Surber: Trump learns
First Street Journal: After six second chances, a Philadelphia thug does something which gets him stone-cold graveyard dead, Why do the credentialed media hide the news? and Does The Philadelphia Inquirer really want to excuse juvenile crime?
Gates Of Vienna: Shake Off the Demon, Hungry for Allah, “Disinformation” is Whatever Goes Against the Narrative, The Behavioral Sink in Brussels, and Eritreans Rumble on the Fruitweg
The Geller Report: TRUMP VERDICT PROTEST: Truckers To BOYCOTT NYC, Refusing to Deliver Loads in New York City, 50% of Hotels [in NYC] Are Housing Illegal Aliens At Double the Room Rates With Free Meals, Lodging and Healthcare, ‘All Hell Broke Loose’, and NYC Illegal Aliens to Receive $10,000 Debit Cards
Hollywood In Toto: Kristen Stewart Proves Massive Progress for Gay Rights, Maestro Leaves Out the Very Best of Leonard Bernstein, Whitney Cummings Got Busted By HR for Saying One Simple Phrase, and Drugstore June Delivers Dizzying Millennial Satire (With a Twist)
The Lid: Biden Backstabbing: Israel, Taiwan, Americans
Legal Insurrection: Proposed Law Would Make Rhode Island Sanctuary State For Abortion and “Gender-Affirming Care”, SCOTUS Refuses to Take “Race-Neutral” School Discrimination Case – Justices Alito and Thomas Blast Decision, U.S. Cattle Inventory to Lowest Levels Recorded in 73 years, Finally, a Congressional Hip-Hop Task Force, and Florida School Confirms Fifth Measles Case and 11% of the Kids are Unvaccinated
Nebraska Energy Observer: Invocabit, Once More for American Freedom, and President Trump
Outkick: MLB Players Are Very Unhappy With Free Agency, Antonio Pierce Plans To Use ‘Jordan Rules’ Against Patrick Mahomes, Departed Chiefs Fan’s Family Receives Special Gift From Harrison Butker, No, Stephen A., Pat McAfee Doesn’t Have It Better Than You Because He’s White, and Sydney Sweeney Nukes Dietitian Allegedly Lying About Relationship With Actress
Power Line: Biden going Brutus, Thoughts from the ammo line, The Burnsville shooting suspect, and It Can’t Happen Here
Shark Tank: Landmark Affordable Housing Bill Faces Trouble In FL Senate Thanks To Loophole
Shot In The Dark: “But Mitch…”, Don’t Ask Questions Whose Answers You Really Don’t Want, Meanwhile In Minnetonka, and Inconceivable
The Political Hat: Firing Line Friday: Tax Reform, also, Genocide Is Coming And It Will Be Woke
This Ain’t Hell: VA pushes for more Black Veterans to be labeled mentally disabled, Using artificial intelligence to assist with veteran healthcare, Supersonic – underwater? Michigan asking for volunteers to house illegal aliens and get them employed, and Remington Flees New York
Transterrestrial Musings: Stanford, Civilizational Suicide, NASA’s Space Solar Power Plan, America’s Dysfunctional Upper Class, and Free Speech
Victory Girls: Seventy-Year Old Law Used To Ensure $350 Million Trump Verdict, Bowman Hearts Tlaib, Starts Fundraising Committee With Her, and Tiffany Henyard, Dolton, Illinois Mayor. Another Kardashian
Volokh Conspiracy: Journal of Free Speech Law: “Courting Censorship,” by Prof. Philip Hamburger
Watts Up With That: Welsh Government Backs Carbon Sequestration Plan, Planning for Climate Blackouts, and When (And Why) Heat Pumps Suck
The Federalist: Christian Nationalism Book Relies On Falsehoods To Paint Religious Conservatives As Bogeymen, Florida Bill Could Help Left-Wing Groups Sue Conservative Media Into Oblivion, Fixing Medicare Starts With Cracking Down On A Multibillion-Dollar Catheter Scam, Here’s How The Media Are Lying Right Now, Transgender Funeral At St. Patrick’s Cathedral Is An Attack On The Church, Senate Conservatives Demand McConnell Oppose Democrats’ Plan To Table Mayorkas’ Impeachment, and Radical Democrats Want The Same Fate For America As Hamas Does For Israel
Mark Steyn: How Things Stand, Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? Frank Tashlin and the Hard Sell, A Strange Election, Appeal This! and Rush – Three Years On

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