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In The Mailbox: 02.23.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadines for the usual weekend posts.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley et Hamas delendam sunt.

Oh, you meant the other bikini? Oops.

347 Magnum: The Modern Audience, also, Don’t Bring A Hammer To A Gunfight
EBL: Shirley Temple and Bill Robinson: The Little Colonel, “Miami 2017” came just a few years late, Siege of the Alamo, and Susanna Hoffs
Twitchy: Professor Doubles Down After Community Notes Crushes His Attempt To Dunk On Trump Over WW2, Veep Harris Manages Vague Yet Pandering Nonbinary Death Blurb, Libs Of TikTok Reports On Wisconsin Anti-Catholic Drag Queen’s Indictment For Exploitation AND WORSE, and Brendan Carr’s Thread On FCC Orders To Broadcasters Is Insane
Louder With Crowder: Punter fired from NFL after being falsely accused of rape given second chance to play by the Kansas City Chiefs, Jordan Peterson narrating a little boy riding his scooter is the wholesome content America desperately needs, and Joe Biden, alleged president, BRAGS about ignoring SCOTUS and cancels his supporters’ student loans while YOU struggle
Vox Popoli: Destroying Democracy to Save Democracy, Brothel vs Burqah: 2024, Collections and Cancellations, He is Now, Their World Stopped, and Fake Success, Real Failure
According To Hoyt: The Plausible Decoy, The Engineer And His Apprentice, and Absolute Inalienable Rights
Monster Hunter Nation: The Current State of the Cannibal Feeding Frenzy
Upstream Reviews: Disquiet Gods by Christopher Ruocchio

American Conservative: The Democrats Paying for Nikki Haley to Stay in the Race
American Greatness: Blue Laws for Red Citizens, The School Funding Fraud, Report: CBS News Seized Files, Computers and Records of Fired Journalist Catherine Herridge, and Breakdown of Global Security Accelerating Due to Lack of US Presidential Leadership
American Thinker: We Don’t Need a New GOP. We Need the Old One, New York’s Trump Fraud Findings Refute Judge’s Conclusions, White Privilege: The Story of One Boy, and The Crime of Donald Trump
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Red Thursday News, also, Rule Five Viagra Alternative Friday
Babalu Blog: Canadian firm Blue Diamond opens 3 new hotels in Cuba, steals King of Apartheid throne from Spanish rival Meliá, Cuban colonies of Venezuela and Nicaragua ranked among the most corrupt while Cuba escapes scrutiny, Blackouts in Cuba affect 31% of the island and the crisis expected to worsen as hot season approaches, and Senator Marco Rubio denounces hypocrisy of Cuban ‘refugee’ Yo-Yo’s who constantly travel to Cuba
BattleSwarm: Trump Endorses More Texas House Candidates, China’s Abandoned Levittown McMansions, and LinkSwarm for February 23
Behind The Black: Complete New Glenn test prototype now vertical on launchpad, Ariane-6 arrives in French Guiana, Varda’s space capsule lands successfully in Utah, Odysseus appears to have landed successfully, SpaceX and Red China complete launches, How park volunteers in Tucson illustrated the growing resentment to unjustified authority, and Pushback: Stalinist St. Philip’s College in Texas loses 2nd lawsuit, reinstates teacher fired for daring to teach basic biology
Cafe Hayek: Milton Friedman and F.A. Hayek: Humble Appreciators of Society’s Complexities, also, Resist the Legerdemain
CDR Salamander: Where Has Your Navy Moved On The Salamander Hierarchy Of Fighting Power? also, Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: The Question of When
Da Tech Guy: More proof Liberalism is a dangerous mental disorder, So Google AI Knew Colonel Lawson was right all along! and And Now Some Total Confusion Total Con 2024 That is. Day 1
Dana Loesch: “Student Loan Forgiveness” Is Vote-Buying Welfare
Don Surber: Disposable Democrats, also, End the War in Ukraine
First Street Journal: World War III watch – Warmongers gotta warmonger, also, Baristas on strike! Heaven forfend!
Gates Of Vienna: It Would Be a Shame if Anything Happened to Your Kid, Austria Welcomes Home Another ISIS Fighter, Shilling for Hamas in the Flemish Parliament, Unintended Consequences, Silvia Sardone: The Suicide of Europe, and Canary in the German Coal Mine?
The Geller Report: Massive Money Moving Out of New York in Wake of Trump Malicious Corrupt Persecution, Trump Vows To Get Hamas Sympathizers The Hell Out of Our Country, and Corrupt Judge Rules President Trump Can’t Postpone Paying $355M Judgment in NY Fraud Case
Hollywood In Toto: Disney Exec Blames Woes on Racist, Sexist Fans, Drive-Away Dolls – Ethan Coen Goes Solo (And Pathetically Woke), Land of Bad Offers Everything You Crave in a Military Thriller, Drs. Phil & Drew Skewer Rampant Media Corruption, Coddling Doc Destroys Woke Universities, Trigger Warnings and More, and Seattle Comedy Club Cancels Four Unwoke Comics
The Lid: Biden’s Iran Envoy Suspended, Investigated By State IG And FBI For Mishandling Classified Information, also, Disney World – From Magic Kingdom to Tragic Kingdom
Legal Insurrection: Happy Miracle on Ice Day! Aloha: Hawaii Plans to Hit Tourists with $25 “Climate Tax”, Wisconsin Law Guarantees the State’s Top Students a Place at a UW School, California’s Budget Deficit Is Even Worse Than Originally Projected, U.S. Spending $1 Million on Research to Make Bird Flu More Infectious and Deadly, DOJ Funding Clemson University Project on ‘Dis/Misinformation Campaigns’, and Report Claims More Than Half of Recent Four-Year College Graduates are Underemployed
Nebraska Energy Observer: Do you, also, Scattershot Friday
Outkick: MLB Desperately Defends New Jerseys After Rampant Nike/Fanatics Criticism, Caleb Williams Hasn’t Hired An Agent And That Tells Us What He Thinks Of His Draft Status, College Football Playoff Already Discussing Expansion To 14 Teams, Nick Saban Offers Sobering Thoughts On State Of College Football, Johnny Manziel Flames Former Teammate In Brutal Fashion, MLB’s New, Ridiculous See-Through Pants Go Viral For The Wrong Reasons: ‘Ain’t No Way’, Caitlin Clark Gets In Heated Exchange During Shocking Loss, and Watch The Final Seconds Of The Miracle On Ice In Celebration Of 44-Year Anniversary
Power Line: Remembering the indispensable man, Muslim Extremists Intimidate Parliament, Giving Rational Ignorance a Bad Name, and Thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: DeSantis – “If You Don’t Have A Border You Don’t Have A Country”
Shot In The Dark: The Case For Letting Academia Burn To The Ground, also, Data Point
The Political Hat:
This Ain’t Hell: Odds and sods part I, Joe Biden cancels student debt for almost 153,000 borrowers, Pentagon Spox – Houthi Decide Conflict, Valor Friday, Odds and Sods II, and A Sailor reportedly used ChatGPT to generate his evaluation report
Transterrestrial Musings: “An Extraordinary, Unusual Circumstance”, Sifting The FBI’s Garbage, and Punitive Damages
Victory Girls: Biden Announces New Sanctions On Russia Which Will Do Nothing, also, Will America Survive The Devolution of Tribalism?
Volokh Conspiracy: A Bad Week for Team Kraken in Court, also, Former President Donald Trump’s New York State Civil Fraud Verdict
Watts Up With That: Climate Dieticians Push Americans to Cut Beef for the Sake of the Planet, Herd of Giant Puppets Trekking 20,000KM to Highlight the Climate Crisis, and Green Movement Is Failing…Now They’re Trying to Force Citizens to Love Them
The Federalist: How Leftists Neuter Religious Conservatives With The ‘Christian Nationalist’ Smear, After A Chaotic Tryout, Utah House Votes To Ditch Ranked-Choice Voting, Not Content To Topple Monuments, The Left Erects Anti-Monuments, Raffensperger Claims Georgia’s Voter Rolls Are ‘Cleanest’ In The Country. Here’s Why That’s Bunk, Congress Must Stop The Big Corporate Election Interference It Didn’t In 2020, Yes, Biden Has Worked Tirelessly To ‘Shame,’ ‘Silence,’ And ‘Demoralize’ Faithful Christians, and ‘Bidenbucks’ Stink Emanates From Leftist Group’s Voter Drive In Milwaukee Schools
Mark Steyn: Live Around the Planet – The Age of Attainder, Battlefields and Big Bucks, and Courage and “Justice”

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