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In The Mailbox: 02.26.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Marezilla/Zilla of the Resistance is in a bad way, and can use whatever help you can offer. 
Off to Las Vegas for a couple of VA appointments and then to a writers’ conference in Nashville. Posting may be sporadic and/or erratic.
Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

Operator-chan knows what you’ve been searching for on the internet, you degenerates.

357 Magnum: People Are Fed Up With Journalistic Bias – Journalists Hardest Hit
EBL: The Crimes and Death of Arthur Rocheford Manby, Iran Backed Yemeni Houthi Terrorists Attack Undersea Cables, and Pistachios are good for you
Twitchy: “Young Atheist” Tries To Virtue-Signal How Great Atheism Is & Gets Pwned, Va. State Senator Playing Pretend Storms Out After Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears Accurately Genders Him, and Jake Tapper Is Furious Republicans Are Pointing Out Biden’s Border Blunder
Louder With Crowder: Libs of TikTok founder Chaya Raichik wrecks elderly tech blogger Taylor Lorenz with facts, reason, and an amazing t-shirt, Cop gets busted shoplifting while ON DUTY, gets arrested and taken away in her own squad car, and “All you care about is illegal aliens!” Occasional Cortex gets ROASTED by her own constituents
Vox Popoli: A Bold Move, The Revival of Swiss Neutrality, The Axis of Asymmetry, Big Tech Discovers Consequences, and The Age of Paradox
Stoic Observations: Class & The Illusion of Shared Sentiment, Am I A Human?,
Upstream Reviews: Dune (2021)
L’Ombre de L’Olivier: Simpler Vehicles
Postcards From Barsoom: Make Demon-Slaying Great Again,
Gab News: Google’s Bud Light Moment

American Conservative: San Francisco: The Big Money Teaching Racism
American Greatness: Russia! Russia! Forever – Anatomy of a Left-wing Obsession, Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness and the Triumph of the Ego, and Genomics Expert Who Discovered DNA Contamination in mRNA Shots Accuses Regulators of Lying About Cancer Risks
American Thinker: The Democrats’ Long Game for 2030 Census, The Persecution of Donald Trump Means Turning Ordinary Activities Into Crimes, Russian Follies – The Sequel, Caitlin Clark Exposes Media Racism, and Obama’s Fourth Term
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Canadian MP meets with Cuban exiles, calls for end of romanticizing the Castro dictatorship, Severe bread shortages in communist Cuba to continue until the end of March, Reports from Cuba: Cuba’s health crisis spawns a surge in the black market for medicines, and Cuban dissidents hack dictatorship website, replace content with denunciations and calls for freedom
BattleSwarm: Gun Owners Of America Issue Texas Endorsements, Report On The State Of Hillsboro, and Ukraine’s Super Tiny, Super Expensive Black Hornet Drone
Behind The Black: Odysseus is on its side, some antennas blocked, SpaceX launches 24 Starlink satellites, LRO locates and photographs Odysseus on lunar surface, China to attempt 100 launches in 2024, and Have modern space engineers forgotten the importance of keeping things simple?
Cafe Hayek: Phil Gramm and Me on the High Cost of the Trump-Biden Tariffs, also, On U.S. Global “Competitiveness”
CDR Salamander: The Military-Industrial Complex Wears A White Hat, VLS Reloading – Time. Distance, & Opportunity Cost,
Da Tech Guy: Day 2 Total Con Marlborough Mass Less Totally Confused about the Role to Play and the Art, Burn it to the ground first, Day Three Total Confusion Convention 2024, Games, Developers, Vendors and zzz’s, and Chicago’s southern suburbs are the sewer of corrupt Illinois
Dana Loesch:  Last Week In Legal – Illegitimate Special Counsels Edition, Va. Democrats Stopped Senate Business Because The Black Lt. Governor Called A White Man “Sir” 
Don Surber: How Trump uses Birdbrain
First Street Journal: “Based on the injuries and Riley’s physical condition, I suspected that foul play was involved”, When The Philadelphia Inquirer tells us more than was perhaps intended, and Journolism – The credentialed media don’t exactly lie, but they conceal politically incorrect facts
Gates Of Vienna: The Muslim Brotherhood in France Part 9, Our Dystopian Moment, Moloch Has His Day, and Marry a Child, Beat My Wife, Rape at Will — Allahu Akhbar!
The Geller Report: Democrats Say They Won’t Certify 2024 Election Results If Trump Wins, Georgia University Student Out For a Jog Brutally Murdered By Illegal Alien From Venezuela, According to Google AI Pedophilia Is “Not Wrong,”, Trump Steamrolls To Victory in South Carolina Primary, New York Times ‘Journalist’ Accused of Participating In Oct. 7 Jihad Attacks Wins Journalism Award, and Biden Donors Pouring Cash into Nikki Haley’s Campaign
Glenn Reynolds: Google’s AI Debacle
Hollywood In Toto: John Ondrasik Blasts Music Industry’s ‘Historic Moral Collapse’, Joe Rogan Confirms Hollywood Blacklist Against Conservatives, Anti-Trump Horror Film History of Evil Crushed by Critics, Why Barbie & Poor Things Actually Encourage Toxic Masculinity, and Comedians React to Woke Club Cancelations: ‘Hope It Goes Belly Up’
The Lid: Millennials, Gen Xers Increasingly Losing Their Cars to Repossession In Joe Biden’s America
Legal Insurrection: New York City Law Allowing Illegal Aliens to Vote in City Elections Ruled Unconstitutional, Most people don’t realize how bad the situation is in medical schools, worse than in general higher ed, St. Philip’s College Reinstates Fired Prof Who Taught X and Y Chromosomes Determine Sex, NYC Mayor Eric Adams Wants to Modify Sanctuary City Law to Allow Turning Over Illegals Who Commit Felonies to ICE, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel Will Step Down After Super Tuesday, Media Narrative of “Anti-Trans” Violence Cast In Doubt As Video Surfaces Of Deceased ‘Trans’ Nex Benedict Admitting She Was The Aggressor and Manhattan DA Wants Gag Order on Trump Before ‘Hush Money’ Trial
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Reminiscere, and CPAC and More
Outkick: NFL Reportedly Discussing Potential Change To Kickoffs That Would Mirror XFL Rules, LeBron James Backtracks NBA Hype On Son Bronny James As Draft Stock Plummets, Shannon Sharpe, Chad Ochocinco Sound Off On Cam Newton Fight, Nick Saban, Jimbo Fisher 2022 NIL War Triggered College Coaches Into Uncomfortable NIL Conversations, Caitlin Clark Mirrors Pistol Pete Maravich In More Ways Than One, Quarterback Prospects Make Decision On Throwing At Indy Combine And Caleb Williams Is A No, and LA Clippers’ New Logo Tastefully Trolled By Triple-A Ball Club
Power Line: The Price of Illegal Immigration [Updated], Blackouts, Here We Come, and Sunday morning coming down
Shark Tank: Florida Prepared To Send A State Guard Platoon To Texas Border
Shot In The Dark: The Thing About Any Good Or Service, also, The Case For Letting The Mainstream Media Burn To The Ground
STUMP: Classics on Leadership, also, The Week In Meep – Wall Street, Opera, & Those Who Die Too Young
This Ain’t Hell: The Navy rolls out the Robotics Warfare Specialist job specialty, Illegal alien charged with murdering nursing student, 8 years for Space Force, Airman Sets Self on Fire- Gaza Protest, Hamas commandeering aid, Team Biden believes otherwise, warns against interfering, and Notable warrant!
Transterrestrial Musings: The Climate-Hysteria Industry, also, Google’s Gemini Failure
Victory Girls: Is NY Finally Wising Up About Occasional Cortex? Will No Labels Never Trumpers Welcome Nikki Haley? and Harvard Anti-Semitism Task Force Co-Chair Resigns After A Month
Volokh Conspiracy: Teaching Constitutional Law in a Crisis of Judicial Legitimacy
Watts Up With That: Why Climate Scientists were Duped into Believing Rising CO2 will Harm Coral and Mollusks, Animal Sanctuary Woes Not Caused by Climate Change, The UK is much closer to blackouts than anyone dares to admit, and In Central Asia’s Brutal Winter, Fossil Fuels Trump Climate Politics
The Federalist: Haley Refuses To End Campaign Following Trump Victory In South Carolina, In Big Victory Against Lawfare, DC Court Of Appeals Smacks Down Jeff Clark Subpoena, Unhinged Health ‘Experts’ Claim Men Can Breastfeed Too, Court Rules Turning Election Day Into Election Week And Creating ‘Permanent’ Mail Voters Violates Delaware’s Constitution, How The Media Are Lying Right Now – CNN’s ‘Ignorant Enough’ Black Voters Edition, Indiana Republicans Move To Let Democrats Kick Any Republican AG Off The Ballot, and Haaland Unilaterally Waived Ethics Concerns Over Chaco Canyon Decision
Mark Steyn: When It All Went Boom: A Generation Arrives with The Big Chill, What a Diff’rence a Day Makes, and Free Speech and Other “Fetishes”

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