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In The Mailbox: 03.01.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Live from the Eastern Command Temporary Field HQ in Lebanon, TN
Nothing like trying to juggle a writer’s conference, baseball league draft, and co-workers who don’t get that I’m out of town and two time zones away this weekend.
Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts. 
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley et Hamas delendam sunt.

It was time for Operator-chan to go. She had seen everything.

357 Magnum: Do You Own Anything That is Worth Your Life?
EBL: Elmo Dune, Sobbin’ Women, and Dune: Part Two (Review)
Twitchy: Conservatives On X Send Message To Liberals By Taking Over #WhiteRuralRage Hashtag, NBC Labels Journalist “Former Singer In Bowie Tribute Band” Because NBC Is Awful, and Canada Goes Full Minority Report With Dystopian “Hate Speech” Proposal
Louder With Crowder: Troon Space Force LTC Gives Speech Encouraging Service Members To “Be Allies”, Wendy’s walks back “surge pricing” plans, but their excuse is kinda questionable, Florida Man drops the “It’s ma’am” line unironically, so let’s play “know your meme”, and “I love fighting for what I believe in, I love having fun while doing it”
Vox Popoli: Wardogs Incorporated, Putin Calls Out Neoclowns, and The Sweet Sound of Silence
According To Hoyt: America’s crazy Ex-Girlfriend, What is art?, and Pro Populo
Upstream Reviews: In Death’s Shadow
Gab: The Era of Free Lunch on the Internet Is Over [Extended 12″ Hardcore Dance Mix]

American Conservative: Biden and Mayorkas Have Blood on Their Hands, also, Inside Mitch McConnell’s Last Fight Before Abdicating
American Greatness: ‘Unacceptable!’: House Republicans Torch Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin Over Unannounced, Undisclosed Absence From Duty, American Paralysis and Decline, Florida Sheriff Says Biden Regime is Forcing Him to Release a Dangerous Illegal Alien into the Community, and Alex Jones Was Right
American Thinker: Fani Willis Plays the Stooge, Time to Deep-Six the Democrats’ Brand of Democracy, With The Trump Verdict, Is New York City Bringing Down Its Financial House?, Demo-rats, and Why the United States Went ‘Communist’
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News, Animal’s Red Thursday News, and Rule Five Murder Turtle Friday
Babalu Blog: U.S. diplomat accused of spying for communist Cuba changes mind, will plead guilty to the charges, Rep. Nicole Malliotakis on the Squad’s visit to Cuba: ‘They are communist sympathizers’, Nearly 700 protests in Cuba during the month of February, and Dictatorship asks Cuban women to “be patient” over total lack of sanitary napkins
BattleSwarm: Texas Election Roundup For February 28, Ukraine Inflicts Unsustainable Losses On Russian Aviation, and LinkSwarm For March 1
Behind The Black: Air leak in Russia’s half of ISS continues and has increased slightly, SpaceX and Red China complete launches, Local county now in full support of SpaceX land swap, Astronomers discover new moons around Neptune and Uranus, Ingenuity’s final resting place on Mars, and Today’s blacklisted American: Event by UC-Berkeley Jewish organizations is shut down by violent pro-Hamas rioters
Cafe Hayek: Rana Foroohar Is Very Confused, How the World Became Rich, and Beware of the Ceiling
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: Not All Borders Are Land Borders, also, Visual Disaster
Da Tech Guy: Some Israel Gaza Tweets Worth Seeing, This Christian Nationalism slur is dangerous, March Indulgence Calendar and a story, and Dynasty 1972 League Draft in Progress (updates regularly)
Dana Loesch: Remembering Andrew
Don Surber: Common sense thought control
First Street Journal: The Philadelphia teachers and crappy work attitudes, You in a heap o’ trouble, boy! and Why don’t we take sex crimes against children seriously?
Gates Of Vienna: Matteo Salvini: “The EU of Recent Years Has Been a Disaster”, Gang-Rapes “R” Us, Importing Islam Means Importing Violence, The Fundamentals of Islam — At the Gym, and Sweden Pre-Emptively Surrenders to the USA
The Geller Report: Democrat Senator Calls Pedophiles “Minor Attracted Persons” Advocates for CHILD SEX DOLLS For Them
Hollywood In Toto: ‘Dune: Part II’ Delivers More of the Spectacular Same, Biden’s Late-Night Gotcha on Trump? Fake News, Michael Rapaport Shreds Hollywood for Silence on Israeli Hostages, Media Revive Racism Charges Against Joe Rogan, and Is 2024 the New 1963?
The Lid: This X Thread Exposing How DEI Damages Our Medical Care Industry is a MUST Read, Study Debunks Claim that ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ Lowers Youth Suicides, and Miss. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith Torpedoes Dem’s Stealth Attempt to Cancel Religious Freedom with IVF Bill
Legal Insurrection: Andrew Breitbart – 12 Years After His Death, There’s Still No Reason To Apologize, NY AG Letitia James Sues World’s Largest Meatpacker For Supposedly Overstating Commitment to Climate “Net Zero”, University of Florida Eliminates DEI Office, Fires All Employees, Christian Groups Demand Apology From Politico Over Reporter’s Comments on American Rights and Christian Nationalism, Another Democrat Leaves Congressional Progressive Caucus as Fissures Widen Over the Squad’s Anti-Israel Rhetoric, Another Democrat Leaves Congressional Progressive Caucus as Fissures Widen Over the Squad’s Anti-Israel Rhetoric, and NY Times Accused of Misrepresenting History of the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict
Nebraska Energy Observer: Real Lawyers of Atlanta, What a pain in the…, and Scattershot Friday, an Anniversary
Outkick: ACC, Big 12 Will Regret It If They Don’t Stand Up To Power-2 Bullies SEC, Big Ten In CFP Fight, NFL Draft Tight End Prospect Tip Reiman Doesn’t Believe In Birds, Kris Bryant Apparently Didn’t Realize How Bad Rockies Have Been Before Signing Long-Term Contract, Letitia James Takes A Break From Attacking Trump To Threaten Official Defending Women In Sports, College Football Is Heading Towards Permanent Use Of Helmet Communication, Tablet Use, Two-Minute Warning, NCAA Decides To Stop Fighting, Halting All NCAA Investigations Into NIL Violations After Court Ruling, and Are MLB Teams Colluding Against Players In Free Agency?
Power Line: CBS.GOV.CON, Liberal Fragility, Thoughts from the ammo line, and A “massacre” update
Shark Tank: Scott Sends Letter Questioning HHS Secretary Becerra
Shot In The Dark: Life During Wartime, This Is Today’s DFL, and Image
The Political Hat: Firing Line Friday – Ulster 1974
This Ain’t Hell: Leap Year – funny way to park an F-35, Bill Hayden reportedly claimed to be a SEAL. Retired Navy SEAL says, “Nope!”, The US Army is revamping its force structure to deal with future wars, F(riday) is for Follow-ups, Valor Friday, National Museum of the USAF hit by tornado, and AL Commander Indicted for Ceremonial Rifle Theft
Transterrestrial Musings: Palestinian Incitement, There’s Gold In Them Thar Asteroids, JFC, and From David Livingston
Victory Girls: McConnell Announces End Of Senate Leader Role, Who Is Next? “Recreational Cruelty” Fetterman Defends Boebert, and Transgendering Our Military
Volokh Conspiracy: Federal District Court Enjoins S.B. 4, the Texas Immigration Enforcement Law
Watts Up With That: “He considers Joe Biden a type of rightwing climate realist.”, New York State Sea Level Rise:  Fantasy as Law, and Heads Up Media – Texas Wildfires Have Nothing to Do with Climate Change
The Federalist: The Long Arm Of Chinese Censorship Comes For Science Fiction Awards, Court Affirms Arizona’s Need To Keep Noncitizens Off Voter Rolls, But Makes It Harder To Do So, Kavanaugh Hoaxer Ruth Marcus Can’t Stop Harassing Clarence Thomas’ Clerk, Biden Regime Ratchets Up Its Authoritarianism With Arrest Of Blaze Investigative Reporter, Transgender Ideologues Perform Dangerous Experiments On Babies With Male ‘Chestfeeding’, Weber County, Utah Is ‘Fourth County In Four Months’ to Exit ‘Zuckbucks 2.0’ Group, and A Message To The TikTok Girls Pretending To Be Underwater Welders: Start Appreciating Men
Mark Steyn: A Republic in Decline, Steyn on the Media, and Ceasefire…or Surrender?

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