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And on the Eighth Day, God Said, ‘Everybody Should Buy Evan Sayet’s Book’

Posted on | March 9, 2024 | Comments Off on And on the Eighth Day, God Said, ‘Everybody Should Buy Evan Sayet’s Book’

“Not liking something doesn’t mean that that something doesn’t exist. If it did, then there’d be no such thing as a Jennifer Aniston movie.”
Evan Sayet, from his new book

Ten years ago, I credited Evan Sayet with having written “the most important book since Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type,” and now he’s topped even that achievement with his comprehensive demolition of the Darwinian worldview, Magic Soup, Typing Monkeys, And Horny Aliens From Outer Space: The Patently Absurd Wholly Unsubstantiated and Extravagantly Failed Atheist Origin Myth.

Evan and I go way back. It was at CPAC 2007 that I was wandering through the lobby of the Omni Shoreham Hotel after midnight and happened upon Evan in the company of a fellow I recognized, Andrew Breitbart, who had not then ascended to his status as the world’s most famous Internet provocateur. Because I knew that Breitbart was Matt Drudge’s right-hand man, and because I worked at The Washington Times — where getting Drudge links to our stories was essential to maintaining our profile — I immediately insinuated myself into this group, which also conveniently happened to have picked up a 12-pack of beer. So I ended up spending the night in their hotel room, where Evan tried to sleep while I listened to Andrew tell his amazing stories. Was this meeting a matter of mere chance? Was it a random accident? Or was it destiny — fate, kismet, or dare I say, the will of God in action?

Dear friends, there are no coincidences, and the same divine force that put me in that hotel drinking beers with Breitbart until 3 a.m. also brought forth other miraculous events that the godless would have us believe happened by mere luck. This is the crux of Evan Sayet’s attack on what he properly calls the Militant Materialist worldview of those atheists who claim that Darwinian theory disproves the existence of God.

Coincidence — chance, random luck, statistical probability — is what the atheists offer as the explanatory alternative to Creation. Evan Sayet grabs hold of this point with the ferocity of a pitbull and does not let go until the Godless Serendipity Theory is bleeding out from a loss of credibility:

Atheism is not a scientific belief. In fact, it is neither scientific nor a belief. Militant atheism is not an ideology. It is a weapon used by demagogues and would-be revolutionaries to clear the moral path to their rise to power and the godless way in which they intend to rule.

Evan’s book is crammed full of pithy paragraphs like that, as well as many laugh-out-loud punch lines like that gag about Jennifer Aniston movies. A veteran stand-up comedian and writer for TV comedy shows, Evan knows how to make his points with humor, but as much as you’ll enjoy his jokes, you’ll also understand that Magic Soup is a very serious project, given the totalitarian implications of the atheist worldview.

Ask yourself a question: “Why am I reading this?” Out of all the blog posts in the entire World Wide Web, why are you reading this one? Could it be that Almighty God wants you to buy Evan Sayet’s new book? Far be it from me to presume to speak on God’s behalf, but let the reader ponder the improbability of any other explanation for why you are, in fact, reading a blog post with such a headline. There are no coincidences.

Whereas I tend toward a Calvinistic explanation of how God’s will operates in human affairs, my good friend Evan Sayet is arguably closer to the original source of our monotheistic faith, IYKWIMAITYD.

When Evan contacted me to let me know he had a new book on the market, one of the first things he told me was that it had gotten a glowing review in Chronicles, to which I replied, “Wow.” Because, as I was aware, Chronicles has sometimes had a reputation as being not entirely friendly toward Members of the Tribe. It would be grossly unfair to say that Chronicles is, or ever was, anti-Semitic, but the magazine is proud of its status as the de facto journal of paleoconservatism, and thus the nemesis of neoconservatism, and if you’ve followed the history of that obscure conflict — as I have, by necessity — you perhaps understand why I was impressed to learn that Chronicles had heaped praise on Magic Soup.

How often must I repeat myself: There are no coincidences. Because you see, dear reader, that when I went to find the Chronicles review of Evan’s book, I discovered that it was written by none other than former Michigan Rep. Thaddeus McCotter — who just happens to be the political hero of my co-blogger Smitty. What are the statistical probabilities of such a happenstance? Never mind — it’s the divine will at work, and you can believe whatever you want to believe, but as for myself, I’m 100% certain that it was none other than Jehovah who aligned this so perfectly.

We live in troubled times, my friends, and never has it been more urgent to rally the faithful to defend against the worldwide armies of godlessness that have now surrounded the Camp of the Saints (Revelation 20:9).

You can — indeed, you should, and I would argue, you mustclick here to buy Magic Soup, Typing Monkeys, And Horny Aliens From Outer Space: The Patently Absurd Wholly Unsubstantiated and Extravagantly Failed Atheist Origin Myth for $15.99, and by purchasing it through this link, of course, you’ll provide a small commission to me, at no extra cost to yourself. It would be a mitzvah, and may God bless you for it.


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