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In The Mailbox: 03.15.24 (Evening Edition)

Posted on | March 16, 2024 | 2 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts.
Season opener in Pete’s Continual Draft League was tonight for most folks but I guess I’ll take on KC tomorrow night.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley et Hamas delendam sunt.

357 Magnum: How Should An Elderly Woman Defend Herself From A Home Invasion?
EBL: Saint Pancake of Gaza, also, Riley Gaines
Twitchy: Feeble Joe Biden Took On A Door Today & The Door Won, Wisconsin Professor Pines To Go & Die In Gaza, and Hysterical Details Emerge On how The Don Lemon/X Deal Went Sour
Louder With Crowder: Canadian Supreme Court Judge To Lower Court Judge: Using The Term “Woman” To Refer To A Rape Victim Is Too “Confusing”, also, Tyson Foods Fires American Workers, Plans To Replace Them With 52,000 Migrants
Vox Popoli: An Army of Cheerleaders, No Honor in the US Military, The Trauma of Russian Independence, and Against Free Speech
According To Hoyt: Bigger Than, Uncouth, and By Whose Right?
Monster Hunter Nation: The Tower of Silence audiobook preorder is up now on, also, Rogue Stars: Purgatory
Jon Del Arroz: The Love of Daredevil

Adam Piggott: There are no spectators in heaven
American Conservative: Assange, Phillips, and the End of Rights, Stung by Defeat, Irish Elites Double Down, and Does ‘Little Napoleon’ Macron Want to Lead Europe into War with Russia?
American Greatness: Study Shows Suicide Rate Doubles for ‘Trans’ People After Surgeries, House Judiciary Committee Threatens Fulton County DA Fani Willis with Contempt, and Elite Heaven or Real Hell on Earth?
American Thinker:  The Temporary Pier and the Question of Why, Our Fake, Fake, Fake World, and The Face of Democrat Justice
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday, Animal’s Daily Superconductor News, Animal’s Hump Day News, Animal’s Red Thursday News, and Rule Five Biden’s SOTU Lies Friday
Babalu Blog: Reports from Cuba – Contaminated water main cause of diarrheal diseases in Cuba, Cuban oligarch rewrites Cuban history, Unstoppable inflation in Cuba – Pork selling for $42 to $50 a pound, Cuban dictatorship arrests wife of purged minister, daughter incommunicado, and Federal charges filed against Cuban American woman caught smuggling cash into U.S. from Cuba
BattleSwarm: Tank News Roundup For March 9 2024, NYC’s Illegal Alien Debit Card Scam, Spin Dead, Federal Judge Squashes NLRB’s Attempt To Destroy Gig Economy, Why Russia’s Weapons Suck, Texas Sues Colony Ridge, and LinkSwarm For March 15
Behind The Black: The payloads to be carried on the first Ariane-6 launch, Mapping the layered geology of Mars, Engineers report progress in restoring proper communications with Voyager-1, SpaceX’s Superheavy/Starship successfully launches, Scientists: Mars’ mysterious slope streaks and seasonal recurring lineae are caused by dust, and The DEI disaster now appears to be hitting American Airlines
Cafe Hayek: An Open Letter to Angus Deaton, None of These People Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are, The Experience of an Economist, and An Inevitable Result of Populism
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: Messages in the Original Star Trek, Biden, Hamas, and Israel, Separate, and “Israel’s strategic game of survival”
Da Tech Guy: Silence is golden Under the Fedora, Busting Some Freedom of Speech Myths, If You Really Want to Know How Desperate the Dems are to Save the Islamic Vote, Massachusetts Side Effects Patriots Edition, and Don Surber and Lara Trump Get It – Does the Donald?
Don Surber: Trump did his job
First Street Journal: When the media play Nurse Ratched, be Randle Patrick McMurphy! I can’t prove a cover up motive in the secrecy of the guilty plea in Josh Kruger murder, but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, and This is what happens when you don’t lock up criminals!
Gates Of Vienna: A Small Country Far Away, When Islamization Deniers Celebrate Islamization, Time Flies When You’re Having Fun, Boy vs. Man, and Putting Whitey in His Place
The Geller Report: Shoot Out on NYC Subway, Mothers, Babies Cower in Fear, While Biden Boasts About Violent Crime, Self-Hating Jew Chuck Schumer Blames Netanyahu, Turns Gun on he Jewish People, West Point Ditches “Duty, Honor, Country,” The Enemy Won Without Firing a Shot, Judge DISMISSES Six Charges Against Trump in Absurd Fani Willis’ Election Interference Case, and Biden Regime Poised To Give Iran 10 Billion
Hollywood In Toto: Neil Young Waves White Flag, Returns to Spotify ** UPDATED, How Snack Shack Captures Life Before Digital Revolution, Killing America Connects Shocking DEI Dots, Knox Goes Away Turns Assassin Genre on Its Ear, and Colbert Gaslights Viewers on Hur Testimony to Protect Biden
The Lid: West Point Goes Woke, Ends Dedication to ‘Duty, Honor, Country’
Legal Insurrection: Conservatives are Actively Working to Defeat DEI Policies in Higher Education, *UPDATE* Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade Resigns From Georgia Trump Case, FDNY Rethinks Plan to Investigate Staffers Who Booed AG Letitia James, CDC Responds to FOIA Request on Myocarditis Data for Covid Vaccinations With Over 100 Blank Pages, DeSantis: Law Enforcement Seized Boat of Haitians Who had Guns, Drugs, Night Vision Gear, and “Chuck Schumer is fighting to prevent Hamas from being destroyed. It’s disgraceful. He will never live this down.”
Nebraska Energy Observer: We’ve spoken here often of the difference between the French Enlightenment and the Anglo-American Enlightenment Teach Your Childen Well, Standing ovation, Scattershot Friday: On Freedom, and Let’s have some fun!
Outkick: Los Angeles Times Supports Sheryl Swoopes Claim ‘Black People Can’t Be Racist’, Davidson College Makes Student-Athletes Watch Video Claiming All White People Are Racist, Auburn Fan Tossed From Game With His Team Up 24 Points At SEC Tournament For Arguing With Refs, Blows Kisses, ‘You Gotta Be Sh-tting Me’: Tennessee Fans In Meltdown Mode At SEC Tournament; Nothing A Few Beers Won’t Fix, This Just In: Olivia Dunne Still A Competitive Gymnast At LSU – And A Good One, Reporter Alleges ‘White Media’ Is The Reason Michigan Coach Might Be Fired, and Veronika Rajek Says Her Bouncing Boobs Being Censored On Social Media Put Her On A Path To Success
Power Line: Don’t RIP, Karl, Exploding the Myths of “Green” Energy, Election Interference, and Thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: DeSantis Steps In, Holds Off Big Tobacco
Shot In The Dark: Further Evidence, Ever Wonder What A Sled Dog Feels Like? EdMinn’s Curious Self-Indictment, Things On My Legislative Bingo Card For Today, and Where’s The Money?
STUMP: On Choosing A Retirement Age – For Individuals
The Political Hat: Warrantless Raids On Home School Families, The Ides of March, and Happy Pi Day!
This Ain’t Hell: West Point gets rid of “Duty, Honor, Country”, Music artists and panelists canceled appearance due to US Army sponsorship, Hometown Boy Does Good, Valor Friday, and Drone incursions from Mexico into the US reached alarming levels
Transterrestrial Musings: Eat Me, NBC, Doubling Computer Speed, Finally, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Make It So, and BS From The FAA
Victory Girls: “Journalist” Tries To Push Trans-Teen Bullying Narrative, Haiti “—-Hole” Gets The Biden Afghanistan Treatment, and Andrea Long Chu Demands Your Kids
Volokh Conspiracy: Rats Dine on Marijuana Confiscated by Police, also, A Comment On The Judicial Conference’s Policy From A Fifth Circuit Practitioner
Watts Up With That: Patients Will Die, Thanks To The NHS Net Zero Drive, Friday Funny: John Kerry Praises Haitian Cannibals’ Efforts To Reduce Humanity’s Carbon Footprint, India Power Sector In 2023, and Marine Power?  More Magical Thinking
The Federalist: Zuckbucks Group Teaches Election Offices How To Shut Down Speech And Influence Election Laws, Dragging Trump Into Court While Biden Campaigns Is Election Interference, Regardless Of Verdict, Leftists Hate Natural Law Because It’s The Only True Bulwark Against Tyranny, How Many More? Illegal With Drunk Driving Record Faces Vehicular Homicide Charges In Wisconsin, Bigoted Democrats Reject Science When It Comes From The Religious Right, Lawsuit: Anti-Trump Official Illegally Designated Ballot Drop-Off Sites In Pennsylvania County, and 2024 Is Shaping Up To Be The ‘We Were Right About Everything’ Election
Mark Steyn: A System All My Own: Claudette Colbert and It Happened One Night, Erin Go “Naaaaaaa…”, When Pushka Comes to Shove, Funiculi, Funicula! and Hooray for Hollywood

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