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In The Mailbox: 03.18.24

Posted on | March 19, 2024 | 3 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

This has become timely again.

357 Magnum: Citizens In Hartford Are Taking Action Against Crime
EBL: The Gentlemen, Mad and Sad Joe Biden, and Democrats: Bloodbath! A Freaking Bloodbath!
Twitchy: WaPoo Writer Back With Another Hot Take on Whiteness & Country Radio, Media Matters Ari Drennen Plays Stupid, and The New Yorker Describes The “Repressive, Authoritarian Soul” Of Thomas The Tank Engine Creator
Louder With Crowder: Joe Rogan gets the last laugh as Neil Young comes crawling back to Spotify, Sebastian Maniscalco uses St. Patrick’s Day “outrage” to destroy cancel culture in under ninety seconds, Morning show gets St. Patrick’s Day off to a raunchy start over confusion on getting “double-fisted” at a bar, and GLAAD claims it is now offensive to call homosexuals “homosexual”
Vox Popoli: Always. Use. Cash., Why the Taurus is Off the Table, Tell Me You’re Low Status, The Paper is Not Magic, and The Case of the Missing Princess
L’ Ombre de L’Olivier: Supporting Ukraine, Israel, & Taiwan
Stoic Observations: First World Problems
Director Blue: Photo Gallery – Barack Obama, Community Organizer
Upstream Reviews: Storms of Victory, by Andre Norton & P.M. Griffin
Defending The Wood Perilous: All About The Wonder – Why I Write Fantasy

American Conservative: An Open Letter to Lawfare-Loving Democrats
American Greatness: House Judiciary Committee Threatens Fulton County DA Fani Willis with Contempt, Apprehended Illegal Alien Admits to Plans to ‘Make a Bomb’ in the U.S., and Guilty!—But Not Really Guilty?
American Thinker: The Moment You Started to Like Donald Trump, The Feminization of the Army, The Government Is Not Your Daddy, ‘Duty, Honor, Country’ versus ‘Army Values’, and Texas can Secure the Southern Border with a Military-Grade Solution
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Sen. Rick Scott demands proof of life after rumors a Cuban prisoner of conscience has been executed, As long as the U.S. continues to underestimate Cuba’s extensive spy operations, they will continue, and Banks in Cuba run out of paper money, workers unable to cash their paychecks
BattleSwarm: Rufo On Rogan: Democrats Destroying Democracy To Save It, Ian McCollum Defines Assault Rifle, and “The Internet Is Unusable Without Ad Block”
Behind The Black: What to expect on the next few Starship/Superheavy test launches, also, The vast Martian plains of lava
Cafe Hayek: Again, Trade Is a Technique of Production, also, For the Umpteenth Time, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
CDR Salamander: The Urgent Need For U.S. Maritime Reform, The View From The High North
Chicago Boyz: Book Review: The Year of the French 
Da Tech Guy: Using AI for homeschool, This Explains a Lot Some Important Context Hamas vs the Clans in Gaza, Chicago Teachers Union molding Soviet-style Young Pioneers, and Voices of the 2024 Worcester Catholic Men’s Conference: Rosalie Berquist Mass Citizens for Life
Dana Loesch: Planet Fitness Hates Women
Don Surber: Education polarization
First Street Journal: What the government tells us isn’t what people actually see, also, NIMBY! Don’t you dare build windmills where we can see them from the beach!
Gates Of Vienna: “The AfD is the Only Party in Germany That Recognizes Reality”, Whatever You Do, Don’t Mention “Remigration”, A Fine Synthetic Brogue, and Windmills Tilting at Us
The Geller Report: Biden Regime Invites Hamas-Linked CAIR to the White House, Then Lies About It, Boeing Whistleblower Found Shot Dead: “If Anything Happens To Me, It’s Not Suicide”, and Media “Bloodbath”
Glenn Reynolds: Sorting For Stupidity?
Hollywood In Toto: Jimmy Kimmel Loves Using Fake News Against His Foes, Anti-DeSantis Drive-Away Dolls Is a Massive Flop, These Conservative Documentaries Defy Hollywood, Inc., and Bill Maher, John Cleese Trash New York Times
The Lid: Anheuser-Busch Stock Tumbles as Big Investor Dumps Bud Light Stock, Well, Duh! Study Finds that Leftism and Wokeness Causes Mental Problems, and Even As Carmakers Pull Back on Failed Forced Electric Vehicle Push, Biden Moving with Backdoor Ban on Gas Cars
Legal Insurrection: Biden Aides Involved in Classified Documents Scandal Reportedly Promoted After Publication of Hur Report, Fairfax County Public School System Provides ‘Opt-Out’ Option for Students on Holocaust Presentation, The Trend is Real – Democrats Are Losing Support Among Minority Voters, Elite State Senator Claims That She ‘Feels Like A Slave’ Because She’s Not In the Majority. Or Something, San Francisco: Violent Repeat Offender Given Probation After Brutal Assault of 94-Year-Old Asian Woman, Homeland Security Funding Could Hold Up Another Short Term Funding Bill, and Supreme Court Extends the Stay on Texas Immigration Law ‘Pending Further Order’
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Judica, and An Indispensable Man
Outkick: Kevin Keatts Goes From ‘Hot Seat’ To Two-Year Extension After NC State Wins ACC Tournament Championship, Lane Kiffin’s Daughter Presley Commits To USC For Volleyball, Has Antonio Brown Been Red-Pilled? The NCAA Tournament Is Full Of Potential Madness With Purdue And North Carolina Getting A Tough Draw, Caitlin Clark-Angel Reese Final Four Rematch Can’t Happen As Iowa Gets Rough Road, Trevor Bauer Will Return To Mound In Exhibition Game Against Yankees, and Mike Tyson Puts Jake Paul On Notice Ahead of ‘Heavyweight’ Boxing Clash
Power Line: Clown Cars In Ohio, A bloodbath in the Supreme Court, and Revenge of Poontronage
Shark Tank: Florida Races To Curb Brazilian Butt Lift Deaths, Hospitalizations 
Shot In The Dark: The New Vile Vulgar Aristocrats, also, A One Question Quiz
STUMP: Retirement Age, Life Expectancy, & Social Security
The Political Hat: Comrade Chuck Schumer
This Ain’t Hell: Team Biden approves $500 million for oil drilling-in Bahrain, Illegal alien involved with police officer’s death is released, Good Order and Discipline, and A CNN Analyst takes ‘bloodbath’ comment out of context, insinuates anti-terror plan against Trump supporters
Transterrestrial Musings: “Textbook Tyranny”, Search-Engine Mystery, Sorting For Stupidity, and Law And Order In Flux
Victory Girls: Iran Plans Missile Deal With Russia While US Keeps $10 Billion Flowing, Kamala Harris: Part Billy Carter, Part Dan Quayle, and All DNC Problem Child, and Olivia Rodrigo, Vampire Tool, Pimps For Abortions At Concerts
Volokh Conspiracy: I’ve Won an Argument about Israel I Wish I Hadn’t, The Economics and Politics of Star Trek, and Employers May Not “Take Adverse Employment Actions … Based on [Employees’] Race or Gender to Implement” “Diversity and Inclusion” Programs
Watts Up With That: Swedish Wind Farms Facing Bankruptcy, “… Hottest Summer Ever, but Climate Change … Barely Made the News”, Wrong, NBC News, Climate Change Doesn’t Threaten Minnesota Ice Fishing, and BP Shareholders Unhappy With Green Strategy
The Federalist: NYC Subway Shooting Is What Happens When Lawlessness Collides With ‘Tolerance And Diversity’, Georgia Election Board Member Voted On Cases Involving Counties He Lobbied For, CNN Analyst Spreads Disinformation To Get Feds To Meddle In Elections Against Trump, Justice Jackson Complains First Amendment Is ‘Hamstringing’ Feds’ Censorship Efforts, No, Taking Pro-Life Stances Doesn’t Harm Republican Candidates, Democrats Want Americans To Believe We’ve Made No Voting Rights Advances Since 1965, and Trump’s ‘Bloodbath’ Is The Fake News Media’s Latest Hysterics Over ‘Guy’ And ‘Sir’
Mark Steyn: Quadrophenia: It’s a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, and Conrad Black on the Dirty Stinking Rotten Corrupt US “Justice” System

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