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In The Mailbox: 03.21.24 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

How I feel looking at X and Feedly before doing this

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.
EBL: SON OF SILVERCON 2, Black Death, and Donald Trump calls out Chuck U. Schumer for being Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel
Twitchy: Updated Swing State Polls Show Biden Campaign Gaslighting Backfiring Badly, Woketards At Google Busted For Quietly Changing Definition Of This Word, and The SLEAZIEST Vote-Trafficking Lawyer!
Louder With Crowder: “Shark Tank” star drops truth bombs all over CNN about Trump “fraud” case: “You think this is good for business in America?”
Vox Popoli: The Case of the Missing Princess 2, The Wicked Generation: British Boomer Edition, Go Away, Gamma, A Sacrifice to the Clown Gods, and Meme of the Week
Upstream Reviews: Penance More Guns = More Crime Is A Myth

American Conservative: Moreno Survives in Ohio With Trump and Vance’s Support
American Greatness: Report: Biden Has Meltdown in Private Meeting over General Election Polling, SCOTUS Unblocks SB4, Allows Texas Police to Arrest Suspected Illegal Border Crossers–Update: Appeals Court Issues New Hold, With GOP Nomination Wrapped up Trump’s ‘Art of The Comeback’ is Nearly Complete, Ketanji Brown Jackson Mocked for Criticizing First Amendment’s ‘Hamstringing’ of Government, Schumer Calls for Regime Change in Israel, and Female Athletes Suing NCAA Over Biological Men Being Allowed to Compete
American Thinker: The Buck Stops in Northern Colorado, Democrats Cannot Win a Fraud-Free Election, Call it the ‘Autocratic’ Party, There’s A Deadly Race War Raging In America, and Judge McAfee Ruling Is The Latest Blow to Public Trust in Government
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Bush Plane News, First Day of Spring, and Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Surprise! Cuba and North Korea congratulate Putin on his landslide election victory, Over 100 Russian companies are operating in Cuba, more to come, and Cuban opposition leader and prisoner of conscience Jose Daniel Ferrer still alive, but in poor health
BattleSwarm: Cuba Runs Out Of Money, also, Supreme Court: Yes, Texas Can Deport Illegal Aliens. 5th Circuit: Psych!
Behind The Black: SpaceX launches more Starlink satellites, India’s Vikram lander disturbed the lunar surface the least of all landers, Apollo astronaut Tom Stafford passes away at 93, China launches communications orbiter towards the Moon, Orbit Fab announces price tag for installing its refuelling port on satellites, SpaceX’s next Superheavy/Starship launch, according to SpaceX, and Is the Republican Party finally doing the election due diligence it should have been doing since 2020?
Cafe Hayek: True Statistics Can Create False Impressions, also, Bryan Caplan Urges “Build, Baby, Build”!
CDR Salamander: The View From ADM Aquilino’s Chair
Da Tech Guy: Pennsylvania: Democrats can’t pay the bills, also, Voices of the 2024 Worcester Catholic Men’s Conference – Peter Mercier, Catholic Musician
Dana Loesch: Wednesday Radio Prep, Obama-Appointed Federal Judge Rules Illegal Immigrants Can Carry Guns
Don Surber: In praise of ties
Gates Of Vienna: A Report From Martin Sellner on His Arrest in Switzerland, Olaf Scholz Meets With Benjamin Netanyahu, Marion Maréchal: “I Do Not Want France to Become a Muslim Country”, and A Historic Event Just Happened
The Geller Report: Supreme Court Pivots, Will ALLOW Texas To Arrest, Deport Illegals In Stunning Blow to Biden Regime, Biden Business Partner Dropping Bombs on House Hearing on Biden Corruption, Exposes Reps. Jamie Raskin and Dan Goldman for Lying on Behalf of the Biden Crime Family, NYC Poll: 50 Percent of the City Plans to Leave in Next 5 Years, and Nevada Hit With GOP Lawsuit Over ‘Impossibly High’ Voter Registration
Hollywood In Toto: This Civil War Director’s Quote Matters (Really), Howie Mandel Shreds Woke – No One Is ‘Damaged’ By Comedy, Bardejov (Sadly) Arrives at the Perfect Time, Why Road House Can’t Measure Up to the Original, and Joe Rogan on ‘Bloodbath’ Media Hoax: ‘Inaccurate … Deceptive’
The Lid: Electric Car Buy Hurts Hertz, Forcing CEO to Step Down
Legal Insurrection: IDF Eliminates 90 Terrorists, Apprehends Hundreds in Raid on Gaza Shifa Hospital Complex, Top Diversity Official at Columbia University Medical School Accused of Plagiarism, Unilever Dropping Anti-Israel Company Ben & Jerry’s as It Exits the Ice Cream Business, DeSantis May Send Haitian Migrants Arriving in Florida to Martha’s Vineyard, DEI Certificate Programs Proliferate: “Training a Cadre of Political Commissars”, Glenn Youngkin Reviewing DEI Content in Courses at Two Virginia Universities, and Arizona State U. Conservative Prof Sues School Over Mandatory DEI Training
Nebraska Energy Observer: ICYMI, also, A Star is Born
Outkick: Yoshinobu Yamamoto Gets Absolutely Shelled In His MLB Debut, Lasts One Single Inning, REPORT: Shohei Ohtani’s Interpreter Allegedly Stole Millions For Illegal Sports Betting, Pat McAfee Adding Kendrick Perkins To Show Justifies ‘Sell Out’ Concerns, Caitlin Clark Drowning Her Sorrows Away At A Random Bar After Losing To LSU Makes Her That Much Cooler, Stephen A. Smith Demands UVA Fire Tony Bennett During Clown Rant, Are Baseball Seasons A Failure If You Don’t Win A World Series? and Haley Cavinder Goes Cowgirl On The Beach, Beyonce’s Nearly Nude Country Album & MLB Botched Opening Day
Power Line: Next Up, Heat Pumps [Updated], The right to shout “BS” during a pandemic, and Biden’s guidance for Israel
Shark Tank: Me Too Unless You’re A Jew
Shot In The Dark: So Let’s Talk, If Ever There Was A Time For “Truth In Advertising” Laws With Teeth, Politicians Field Guide – The Moderate In The Race, and Make This Make Sense
STUMP: The Top Cancer With A Concerning Trend Among The Young
The Political Hat: The Cause Of Inflation, also, Communism And Polyamory
This Ain’t Hell: General Al Gray Passes Away, Milley, McKenzie Testify on A-Stan Debacle, Astronaut Lt Gen Thomas Stafford dies, age 93, and Taking the Gaza death toll for granted
Transterrestrial Musings: The Next Starship Flight, Bad News For Young People, The Google Gemini Fiasco, and Is Pluto A Planet?
Victory Girls: Retired Generals Testify On Afghanistan Withdrawal, Posting Bond: Trump’s $464M Bond Problem, and Texas Has Legal Whiplash After Appeals Court Blocks SB4
Volokh Conspiracy: Murthy v. Missouri and Government Urging Platforms to Restrict Speech, also, Justice Barrett’s concurrence in McCraw will increase the number of emergency appeals on the Shadow Docket
Watts Up With That: Ministers Overestimated UK Public Enthusiasm For Heat Pumps–NAO, Globalists hallucinating that the “micro-second” of humanity on Earth is mightier than galactic forces, New York Climate Plan Needs Publicly Funded Spin Doctor, and Coalition sues to block Virginia offshore wind project to protect the Right Whale
The Federalist: D.C. Doesn’t Just Spend Too Much Money, It Spends On The Wrong Things, Louisiana Republicans Pass Bill Prohibiting Ranked-Choice Voting, Gallagher Thinks TikTok Is A Bigger Security Threat Than Democrats’ Border Invasion, Record-High Gas Prices Don’t Bother Biden Because They Restrict Your Use Of Energy, Thanks To Mail-In Voting, California Still Counting Ballots Two Weeks After Election, Report: ERIC Deemed 168,000 Dead Or Relocated Virginians ‘Eligible But Unregistered’ To Vote, and Republicans Can’t Beat Democrats’ Ballot Harvesting Game Until They Actually Start Playing It
Mark Steyn: Celebrate Lack of Diversity, also, Trump Unbonded

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