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In The Mailbox: 03.21.24 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

EBL: Spring, Palm Royale, and Angela Chao, RIP
Twitchy: Rep. Massie Lays Out The Facts About Kyle Rittenhouse, David Hogg Gets Dragged For Encouraging Mobs To Go After Kyle Rittenhouse, and Professor is Literally Shaking With Rage At Chris Rufo For Exposing More Plagiarism
Louder With Crowder: “I don’t have to be nice to you”: Parent torches school board, wins the internet with this lesson on Free Speech, also, Don Lemon’s obsession with Elon Musk hits new low with his latest accusation
Vox Popoli: The Case of the Missing Princess SOLVED, US Troops on Taiwan, Sounds Like an Affirmative, No Longer Fake and Gay, and A Meme, Answered
Upstream Reviews: Sword Summer

Adam Piggott: Mass of the Ages – Warm Fuzzy material for Latin Mass Moderates
American Conservative: What Can $1.2 Trillion Buy In Washington? Nothing Good
American Greatness: Oversight Hearing: Bobulinski Blasts ‘Serial Liar and Fabulist’ Joe Biden, Accuses Hunter and Jim Biden Of Perjury, Biden’s Border Blowup, and DeSantis Suggests Sending Haitian Illegal Aliens to Martha’s Vineyard
American Thinker: Exploding The Myth That Islam Is An Abrahamic Religion, also, How Many Millions of Illegal Aliens in the Country Does the Democrat Party Need to Destroy America?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Red Thursday News
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship tries to quell protesters by giving them an extra 3 pounds of rice rations, Hunger grows in rural Cuba as stores are empty and no food is delivered, and Cuba aims to lure more Russian tourists as number of European visitors keeps shrinking
BattleSwarm: Is Trump Picking Up Black Voters?
Behind The Black: Rocket Lab launches classified smallsat for National Reconnaissance Office, Red China’s Long March 2D launches “group of satellites”; Russia scrubs manned Soyuz launch, Six launch companies give updates on the status of their rockets, Citizen scientist project discovers 16 active asteroids, SpaceX launches a cargo Dragon to ISS, and Mob of Democrats threatens violence against conservative students at the University of Memphis
Cafe Hayek: Scott Lincicome Proposes Not Doing Nothing About Foreign-Government Subsidies, and I Agree, also, Is It A Spoof?
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: An Interesting Side Note Concerning the “Bloodbath” of Job Losses at Work Women Choosing the Better Portion, also, To imagine what hell the United States would be without the First Amendment we just need to examine the rest of the world
Don Surber: Bidenomics, meet Biden diplomacy
First Street Journal: When a reporter has more of an agenda than an understanding of economics and business, also, OK, OK, this was bad, but really, I’m sure that were about to turn their lives around, any day now!
Gates Of Vienna: Marion Maréchal – For Our Civilization Against Islamization, Culture-Enriching “Germans” Thwarted in Their Planned Attack on Sweden, Muscle Car, and Goodbye, Cruel World!
The Geller Report: 200K Illegal Deportation Cases Thrown Out of Court Because Biden Regime Didn’t File Paperwork
Hollywood In Toto: Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Slimes Us with Nostalgia, David Lucas Trashes BLM in Fiery Podcast Q&A, and American Society of Magical Negroes Hurts Race Relations Post-George Floyd
The Lid: Disaster: A Record American 11 Embassies Around the World have been Evacuated Under Joe Biden
Legal Insurrection: Is pain racist? Advil seems to think so, Barrington (RI) Veterans Council Resigns In Protest Of Town Flying BLM Flag Over Veterans Memorial, AOC Thinks RICO Isn’t a Crime in Heated Exchange With Former Hunter Associate, Columbia College and Columbia Engineering to Host Segregated Graduations in May, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Stands With Floridian Property Owners Over Squatters, and EPA’s New Mandate Designed ‘to Ensure Nearly 70%’ of New Car Sales be Electric Vehicles Within a Few Years
Nebraska Energy Observer: With friends like these
Outkick: Family Affair: Tennessee, Saint Peter’s Matchup Highlighted By Zakai, Armoni Zeigler Battle At NCAA Tournament, Tennessee, Saint Peter’s Fans In Charlotte Come Together In Celebration Of Kentucky’s Loss To Oakland, “Just Shoot It, Baby!” 14-Seed Oakland Shocks Kentucky On 3-Point Gohlke(s) Galore, Is The Shohei Ohtani Gambling Story Believable? An Insider Perspective, Long Beach State AD Fired Dan Monson So Team ‘Would Play Inspired’, Says Monson Approached Him About Leaving, Woman Joins Funeral Service Via Zoom From The Shower, Forgets To Turn Camera Off, and Video In Dodgers Dugout Casts Doubt On Shohei Ohtani Interpreter Story
Power Line: Biden’s True Misery Index, The Battle For Congress Shapes Up, and Inside the Biden family business
Shark Tank: Lobbyists With Red Chinese Connections Targeted In New Rubio Bill
Shot In The Dark: Controlled Demolition, Polling Results Are In, and An Analogy, If I May
This Ain’t Hell: “Squatter’s Rights”, also, Team Biden to Israel – Secure Egypt-Gaza border
Transterrestrial Musings: The Space Force, also, Vernor Vinge
Victory Girls: TikTok Influencer Gives Illegals “Tips” On Home Invasion And Squatters Rights, also, Biden to Americans: You Will Buy EVs or You Will Stay Home
Volokh Conspiracy: Progressive Lawyers Engage In Actual Judge Shopping In Alabama
Watts Up With That: “Make politicians afraid to start their cars again”: British Wannabe Ecoterrorist Jailed for 13 Years, Arctic’s Inuit Seek Benefits of Fossil Fuel Economy, and Texas Schools Pull $8.5 Billion From BlackRock Over ESG
The Federalist: Democrats Canceled Their Florida Primary To Help Biden. It Backfired And Helped Republicans Flip Local Seats, House Republicans Press VA Over ‘Shocking’ IVF Policy Funding Motherless Kids, ‘Alabama Votes Are Not For Sale’: Gov. Ivey Signs Law Barring Third Parties From Trafficking Ballot Applications, Everything Senate Democrats Lied About During Their IVF And Abortion-For-All Hearing, How To Rescue ‘The Anxious Generation’ From The Smartphones Ruining Their Lives, and How Did A Migrant On The FBI’s Terrorist Watch List Get To North Carolina?
Mark Steyn: Constitutional Fetishism

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