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In The Mailbox: 03.25.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

What time is it, comrades of the Commentariat?
Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.


357 Magnum: NYC Shocked To Discover That Solar & Wind Can’t Compete With Nuclear
EBL: Generation War, The Breakfast Club at 40, and 3 Body Problem
Twitchy: Chuck Todd Doubles Down To Protect “Basic Truth” and “Honest Journalists”, Free Beacon Catches Biden In ANOTHER Big Lie, and Missouri Attorney General Suing Media Matter For Documents About X
Louder With Crowder: Outrage as trans dart player steals women’s title two weeks after competing as a man, two female players quit, “The flow of migrants will continue”, and Watch: Clueless “climate expert” gets WRECKED by GOP Senator after claim carbon dioxide’s “a huge part of our atmosphere”
Vox Popoli: Candace Owens Banished, The Free Pass Has Expired, Ironic Inversion, Reality Always Intrudes, and Clown World’s Next Victim?
Upstream Reviews: Wild Souls – A Werewolf Anthology
Defending The Wood Perilous: The Burden Of Living In “Interesting Times”,
Gab: Christ Is King, And I Don’t Care If That Makes Me Antisemitic

American Conservative: The ‘Rules-Based Order’ Is Already Over
American Greatness: Bobulinski’s Testimony – Unraveling Allegations of Biden Family Influence Peddling, Biden Vows to Fight Ban on Pride Flags at U.S. Embassies After Signing It, NY Appeals Court Reduces Trump’s Bond in Civil Fraud Case to $175 million, and Will DEI End America—or America end DEI?
American Thinker: Domination Through Chaos and Fear, also, Is Article V the Solution to Our FBI Problem?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Cuban state-run media launches hate-filled diatribe against peaceful protesters, Heavy rains cause at least 26 building collapses in Havana, Cuba, At least 32 Cubans arrested for protesting on March 17 & 18, and Why does Pope Francis side with Putin and the Cuban dictatorship?
Baldilocks: I’m Back
BattleSwarm: Video Roundup Of Ridiculously Large Guns, WNBA Hates Breakout Player Because She’s Straight And White, and Japan Ends Negative Interest Rates
Behind The Black: Russians launch three astronauts to ISS, The tangled view of astronomers, France to award four rocket startups launch contracts worth as much as 400 million euros, SpaceX launches 23 more Starlink satellites, and Pushback: Smithsonian to pay Catholic students $50K and publicly apologize for ejecting them from Air & Space for wearing pro-life hats
Cafe Hayek: The Arrogance of Antitrust, also, Great Moments in Antitrust
CDR Salamander: End Of March Free For All, also, LCS – The Heavy Rotation Nightmare
Chicago Boyz: Heartsignals (updated)
Da Tech Guy: Where did those Pallets of Cash to Iran Go? Try the ANC or Why South Africa is Targeting Israel, “Squatters rights” will result in vigilante justice, They’re all Infidels anyways Ronna McDaniel Edition, Voting irregularities and worse in Cook County as the winner of the Dem Primary for state’s attorney remains unknown, and Five AM Thoughts Under the Fedora
Dana Loesch: Is Conservatism Making Enough Of A Comeback In Europe?
Don Surber: Carville complains about the world he made
First Street Journal: New car buyers are choosing hybrids over plug-in electrics, Sometimes you just have to be an [insert slang term for the rectum here] to do things right, and Hold them accountable!
Gates Of Vienna: I Am Also a Slut! When Italian Law Clashes With Quranic Law, Quranic Law Prevails, Austrians Look Forward to a Culture-Enriching Easter, Gagged in The Netherlands, and ISIS vs. the FSB: Who Will Win?
The Geller Report: HUGE TRUMP WIN: Judge REDUCES BOND OVER 60%, Gives Trump Another 10 Days, Vicious Jew Hater Nerdeen Kiswani at “Emergency” Anti-Israel Demo, DOJ Creates New Office To Seize Firearms From Law-Abiding Americans (But Not Illegals), RINO Saboteur Mike Gallagher Double Crosses GOP Base With Deliberately-Timed Resignation To Narrow GOP Edge To One Seat, Netanyahu Cancels White House Talks on Rafah After Biden Betrays Israel at The UN, and Shouting “Allahu Akbar!” Jubilant Muslim Group Brags, Releases Live Footage of ‘Bloody Attack’ on ‘Large Crowd of Christians,’ 133 Confirmed Dead in Islamic Terror Attack on Moscow
Glenn Reynolds: RIP Vernor Vinge
Hollywood In Toto: These Buried Bruce Willis Films Need to Be Unearthed, Is Liam Neeson Trying to Sink His Own Movie? Chazz Palminteri on Illegal Immigration: ‘This Has Gotta End’, Land of Saints and Sinners Shows Two Sides of Neeson, Bill Maher Schools Kara Swisher, Media on Censorship, and Late Night with the Devil Possesses Satirical Sting
The Lid: Toymaker Lego Warns CA Police to Stop Hiding Criminals’ Faces with Lego Images, Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram Secretly Changes People’s Settings to Block Political Posts, Here’s How to Change it Back, and Disaster for Dems/Biden: Less Than 40% of Black Youth Say They Intend to Vote This Year
Legal Insurrection: Cook County (IL) State’s Attorney Democratic Primary Race a Mess After 10,000 ‘Mistakenly Left Out’, DoE Civil Rights Office Opens Investigation Into UW-Madison ‘BIPOC’ Fellowship After Complaint By Equal Protection Project, Illegal Alien Border Encounters Sets New February Record as Tensions Escalate in El Paso, State Farm Cuts 72,000 California Home and Apartment Insurance Policies, Arizona State U. Paid Ibram Kendi $35,000 for a One-Hour Speech, Biden Moving Forward With Plan to ‘Forgive’ Billions More in Student Loan Debt, and Students for Justice in Palestine at Columbia U. Panics Over House Investigation Into Campus Antisemitism
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Palm Sunday, and Eve of Destruction
Outkick: Stanford Star Appears To Tell Ref ‘F*ck You’ After Fouling Out, Shedeur Sanders Gives Very Wrong Take About Texas High School QBs, Claims He Beat The Odds, Alabama Silences Grand Canyon Crowd, Advances To Sweet 16 In Wild NCAA Tournament Environment, Two Female Darts Players Quit Dutch Team After Male Wins Men’s And Women’s Pro Events In Same Week, What Kim Mulkey Called ‘Hit Job’ On Brian Kelly Is Not, And Shows Her Paranoia, Dan Le Batard Really, Really Hates Zach Edey, Calls Him A ‘Plague’, and MMA Fighter Julian Erosa Calls Out Lia Thomas: ‘I Don’t Like Cheaters’
Power Line: When Dag and Kurt Met Idi, Dumbest Thing A Liberal Said Last Week, Sen. Kennedy for the Win (As Usual), and Is Biden’s Re-Election Campaign Driving US Foreign Policy?
Shark Tank: Waltz Accuses Administration Of Making Israel-Hamas War A “Political Pig”
Shot In The Dark: You Heard It On The NARN First, also, The Ghost Of Minneapolis Future
STUMP: The Princess Announces Her Cancer Diagnosis, also, The Week In Meep
The Political Hat: Alabama vs. Wokeness
This Ain’t Hell: USS Boxer still working up to deploy three years on, Veteran charged for strangling his roommate to death at a VA medical center, Another of the last Pearl Harbor survivors passes, Joe Biden’s electric vehicle mandate helps Red China at the expense of Americans, Another old girl leaves home, and When Pigs Fly
Transterrestrial Musings: Brit Bashing From Spielberg, The Media Cover Up Continues, Commercial ISR, Biden And Michigan, Going Woke And Going Broke, and Ya Think?
Victory Girls: Putin Blames Ukraine For Moscow Terror Attack, ISIS-K Brings Receipts, The Train Is Coming, Fani Willis Warns Us, and The Ronna McDaniel Tantrums Expose Media Hypocrisy
Volokh Conspiracy: Supreme Court Shows Little Interest in Investigating Executive Power under the Antiquities Act
Watts Up With That: UK Guardian: A nuclear plant’s closure was hailed as a green win. Then emissions went up – ‘Shuttering of facility raises awkward climate crisis’, Time: More Chinese Communism can Save Us from Climate Change, California’s Electricity Disaster In Seven Charts, and Green Macaroni to the Rescue
The Federalist: What If We Addressed The Root Of Infertility Rather Than Pushing The Questionable IVF Quick Fix? Democrats’ Campaign Strategy Of Anti-Trump Lawfare Makes A Mockery Of The Justice System, If Pennsylvania Is Going To Flood Elections With Mail-In Ballots, We Need A Flood Of Poll Watchers, Tough-On-Crime Democrat’s Lead Shrinks After Chicago Officials ‘Mistakenly’ Forgot 9,000 Mail Ballots, Irish Voters Defeat Leftist Referendum To Remove ‘Mother’ From Constitution, and How To Save Your Local Library From Cultural Marxists
Mark Steyn: Live As It Happens – The Death of Your Nation, Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most, War in the Air: Twelve O’Clock High and Masters of the Air, and Leilani Dowding, Samantha Smith and Tal Bachman

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