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In The Mailbox: 03.29.24 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley et Hamas delendam sunt.

The Fuehrer is not happy with this upstart.

EBL: Democrat Disaster at Democrat Event , Good Friday Crucifixion, Lou Gossett, Jr., RIP, and Deposition of Christ
Twitchy: Kathy Griffin Still Thinks It’s About Trump, Gov. Hochul May Have Been Invited But She Sure Wasn’t Welcome At Slain NYPD Officer’s Funeral, and Republican Rep Refused To Play Pretend For Troon Democrat
Vox Popoli: Finland Played for Fools, The Wicked Conspire, and Total Tory Implosion
According To Hoyt: A Blasted And Empty Future, The Good Times, and There Comes A Time

American Conservative: Convicting Julian Assange Would Mean the End of Free Speech, also, U.S. Officials Believe That ‘We’ Are at War With Russia
American Greatness: Gaza: Truths Behind All the Lies, Obama Fears Trump Win in 2024, Making Frequent Calls to Biden’s Chief of Staff, Liberal Judge Recommends Disbarment For Former Trump Election Lawyer John Eastman, and Comer Invites Joe Biden to Testify Before Oversight Committee to Explain His Past Statements About Family’s Business Schemes
American Thinker: The Third Fall of Rome, Some Men Just Want To See The World Burn, and Why Were Americans Not Informed of the Difference Between FDA-Approved and Emergency Use Authorization?
Animal Magnetism: Animal Magnetism LIVE Ep. 1 – Spring in Alaska, also, Rule Five VP Gabbard Friday
Babalu Blog: Abandoned Havana building collapsing since 2014 continues to crumble slowly, bit by bit, Putin sends 715,000 barrels of oil to his colony of Cuba, Colombia pulls diplomats out of Argentina over ‘disrespectful’ remarks made by Javier Milei, Yum! Cuban dictatorship sells spoiled sprouting chick peas to its starving citizens, and Western Union still unable to send remittances to Cuba due to lack of cooperation from dictatorship
BattleSwarm: Did Facebook Run A Man-in-The-Middle Hack Against Competitors? also, LinkSwarm For March 29
Behind The Black: SLIM survives its second lunar night, re-establishes contact, Martian waves of ridges and cracks, Japan awards development agreements with four rocket startups, Head of France’s space agency blames too many subcontractors for high cost of Ariane-6, Red China working to save classified lunar mission from launch failure, Ispace, which built the lunar lander Hakuto-R1, has raised $53 million in investment capital, and Arizona city shuts down church program that fed the hungry for the last 25 years
Cafe Hayek: Exploring the Unseen In Trade and Trade Policy
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Da Tech Guy: Gimmie that old time Science It’s good enough for me, Irony meters across the universe cried out in agony as if they were overwhelmed by a great disturbance, Voices of the 2024 Worcester Catholic Men’s Conference – Author Pia Imperial, and Divine Mercy Novena Day 1
Don Surber: Let him rip
First Street Journal: Whenever there is a truth you cannot tell, that is a truth you must tell! also, Biden Administration project to push electric vehicles is falling short
Gates Of Vienna: Interview With Edwin Wagensveld, I’ve Just Seen a Face I Can’t Forget, and The Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden, Part 18
The Geller Report: NYC Police Union INVITES TRUMP, But Tells City Council Members to Stay Away From Funeral for Officer, Accuses Them of Being Complicit in Murder, Trump’s White House Lawyer Admits to Engineering Plot To Prevent Investigating 2020 Election Fraud, Swamp Ran Deep, and President Trump speaks at the wake of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller
Hollywood In Toto: Why Netflix’s 3 Body Problem Is Causing a Commotion, The Shroud: Face to Face – A Journey from Skepticism to Faith, and Will Martin Scorsese Get Canceled (Again)?
The Lid: Church Should Be About Worship, Not Entertainment, New York City Demands Supreme Court Allow 800,000 Illegals to Vote, and Kansas and Iowa Act to Place Bans on Transgenderism
Legal Insurrection: Idaho Bans Public Colleges From Requiring Diversity Statements From Students and Staff, Canadian Judge Approves Young Woman’s Medically Assisted Suicide Plans Due to Her Autism and ADHD, Chinese Cultural Revolution Scene in New Netflix Series is Disturbing Parallel of Cancel Culture, Campus Struggle Sessions, Student Group at MIT Promotes Palestinian Terror Organization, Proposed European Climate Change Plan Flails Amid Farmer Protests, Vanderbilt U. Students Arrested and/or Suspended Following ‘Occupation’ of Chancellor’s Office, and Joe Biden is Throwing Israel and Jews Under the Bus
Nebraska Energy Observer: Another Comp, also, Scattershot Friday
Outkick: Braves Manager Kept His Family Home Thanks To ‘Hostile’ Atmosphere In Philadelphia, Kim Mulkey Declines To Further Discuss ‘Post’ Story Outside Comfort Zone Of Baton Rouge, Shaq Rips Chronically Injured Ben Simmons – ‘Man Up!’, DJ Burns Captures Hearts, Becomes Fan Favorite During NC State’s Run To Sweet 16, Shohei Ohtani Answers Questions On Interpreter, MLB Wants To Finish Investigation ‘Soon’, Too Sweet! For The First Time Since 1980, Clemson Is Headed To The Elite Eight After Massive Win Over Arizona, and WWE Superstar Chelsea Green Dresses Up As A Hooters Waitress To Celebrate Receiving A Green Card
Power Line: A word from JFK, Thoughts from the ammo line, Bontasaurus Wrecks, and The Best Climate Beatdown of the Year (So Far)
Shark Tank: GOP Vacation Rental Bill Faces Conservative Backlash
Shot In The Dark: Words. Just Words, Philatelic Equity, Some Animals Are More Equal, Show Me The Pro-Lifer & EMQ Will Show You The Crime, and A Cold Detroit
STUMP: Good Friday Thoughts – It Is Finished
The Political Hat: Quick Takes – Normalizing Euthanasia: Anti-Euthanasia Tattoos; Lessening The Worth Of A Disabled Persons Life; The Slippery Slope Ain’t No Fallacy
This Ain’t Hell: Intelligence community informed that “Jihadist” is problematic, Pali Protester’s Aromatic Argument, Chris Prentis dies, Valor Friday, Kansas lawmakers pass a bill that bans adversaries from purchasing land near military bases, Army Corps of Engineers to Baltimore Recovery, and Democrat New York City Council Member Asks Why won’t men call out attacks?
Transterrestrial Musings: Twilight Of The Wonks
Victory Girls: Nex Benedict Death Was The Suicide Of A Badly Abused Teenager, also, Democrats Now Realize The Biden-Trump Optics Were Bad
Volokh Conspiracy: Missouri Government Agency Threatening to Sue Critic for Libel, also, District Court Judgment in 303 Creative v. Elenis (the Wedding Web Site Design Case)
Watts Up With That: Officialdom Responds to Doubts That a Renewables-Based Electricity System Will Work, Wrong, Daily Mail, Climate Change Isn’t Causing a Chocolate Easter Egg Crisis, and Ford “Drastically” Cutting EV Lightning Workforce Hours
The Federalist: ‘Gender Identity’ Law Spells The End Of Religious Liberty In Minnesota, Rep. Mike Gallagher Leaves GOP, Wisconsinites In The Lurch, The RNC Is Right: -Anyone Who Can’t Recognize Flaws In 2020 Is Unfit To Help Republicans Win, As Sexual Accuser Bankrupts Trump, Biden Fundraises With Epstein Pal Bill Clinton, Georgia House Guts Bill That Would Have Given Election Board Power To Investigate Secretary Of State, ‘Bidenbucks’ Tentacles Expand As Judge Shuts Down Lawsuit, and If ‘Diversity Is Our Strength,’ Why Is Our Military So Weak?
Mark Steyn: Culling the Herd, Passing Strange, “This Will Kill That”, and The Passion Of The Christ

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