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In The Mailbox: 04.01.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

15 days until Tax Day. 
Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

ugh, again?

357 Magnum: Self-Defense & Felony Murder In California, also, Facebook Hacked Into Google, Snapchat, & Amazon
EBL: The Miracle Club, Hundreds of Beavers, The Critical Drinker – Thank you, and goodbye, Planet Terror, and Quiet on Set – The Dark Side of Kids TV
Twitchy: Israel “Invades” Al-Shifa Hospital Against “What It Said Were Palestinian Militants”, White House Sends Different Messages On English & Spanish-Language Accounts, and Laurence Tribe – If Only Hitler Had Been Sentenced To Life In Prison
Louder With Crowder: Kathy Hochul gets told to leave slain NYPD officer’s wake, or she leaves on her own. Either way, good, The Easter Bunny saves woman from assault as he pummels some dude in the street, Guy gets kicked out of “queer fat club” because he only identified as being a fatty, and Woman Claims She Was Fired From Starbucks Over Her Christian Values
Vox Popoli: Ban the Panopticon, Light a Fire and Remember, It is True, Judgment is Coming, and They Know They Will Lose
Gab: The White House Mocks Resurrection Sunday
Upstream Reviews: Raven, also, Warmaster – Dungeon Spiteful
Stoic Observations: Podcast Roundup 

Adam Piggott: I can’t wait to go to your funeral knowing I could’ve changed that outcome
American Conservative: Diamond Dallas Page Tells America to Breathe
American Greatness: Joe Biden’s Easter – Jesus Out, Troons In, From Enlightenment to Ignorance – Society’s Dangerous Embrace of Stupidity, Easter Reflections – George Washington’s Farewell Address in Today’s America, With ‘Friends’ Like Mexico’s Obrador, Who Needs Enemies? Joe Biden Denies Honoring ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ on Easter, and Truths Behind All the Gaza Lies
American Thinker: Russia is not an Aggressor and Ukraine is not a Victim, Happy Trans Day of Visibility, and We Must Have Courage To Take Back Our Country
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: The woman who helped Cuban children escape communism through Operation Pedro Pan, Nicaraguan dictatorship deploys 4,000 police to prevent Holy Week processions, Reports from Cuba: Rice production in Sierpe, Cuba falls 62% after Vietnamese advisors leave, and 1,293 pounds of potatoes disappear in Havana
BattleSwarm: Oregon Declares War On Family Farms, The Social Justice War To Replace Christianity, and Does Malicious Backdoor Compromise SSH?
Behind The Black: Varda releases results of its in-orbit test for producing pharmaceuticals in weightlessness, SpaceX completes two launches in three and a half hours; third launch scrubbed, Russia launches Earth observation satellite, Interacting galaxies, and Boeing’s problems are only the tip of the iceberg
Cafe Hayek: Robert Zoellick on the Realities of Manufacturing and Trade
CDR Salamander: 120mm Riverine Mortars For All My Friends
Chicago Boyz: Surprising and Important
Da Tech Guy: Voices of the 2024 Catholic Men’s Conference – Fr. Anthony of St. Benedict’s Abbey, We should pay more attention to our local governments, Divine Mercy Novena Day Two, Easter Sunday: Divine Mercy Novena Day Three, Republicans who voted Eileen O’Neill Burke to victory in Cook County, Illinois offer a lesson to blue state conservatives, Four years ago, in Fact even 1 Year ago this would have been considered an April Fools Post, and Easter Monday Divine Mercy Novena Day Four PLUS April Indulgence Calendar
Dana Loesch: Easter – Jesus Visibility Day, also, Biden’s Trans Easter Proclamation Was By Design
Don Surber: Hamas-Shielding AP went too far
First Street Journal: You will pay for it, and you will like it! also, Whenever there is a truth you cannot tell, that is a truth you must tell!
Gates Of Vienna: You Were in Their Territory — You Should Have Worn the Veil, Sharia Law Dehumanizes Women, A Culture-Enriching Easter in Sweden, The Tomb is Empty, and Bringing Up Baby Gang
The Geller Report: RAMADAN TERROR – French Police Arrest Muslim Migrants Plotting NOTRE DAME Jihad Attack, Biden Regime Declares Easter Sunday 2024 is ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’, Governor Kathy Hochul Orders New York Landmarks Be Lit Up in Transgender Colors on Easter Sunday, Strict Sharia in Scotland – New Speech Laws Comes Into Force Today, Free Speakers Face Seven Years in Prison, and IDF Kills Top Iranian General in Embassy Strike
Glenn Reynolds: In Which I Go Under The Knife, also, That 1938 Feeling
Hollywood In Toto: Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire Is the Anti-Godzilla Minus One, Stephen Colbert – From Cutting-Edge Wit to Regime Comedian, Frozen Empire Falls for Lady Ghostbusters’ Box-Office Curse, and Agua Donkeys Out-Dumbs Napoleon Dynamite
The Lid: Biden’s Screw-U to Christians: Declares Easter Sunday the ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’, also, Eight Chinese Nationals Found Dead in Mexico on Way to U.S., One Found Trespassing on Calif. Military Base
Legal Insurrection: Indians Set to Replace Palestinian Workers From Gaza/West Bank in Israeli Jobs After October 7 Massacre, “The biggest problem in GOP fundraising is that we don’t treat donors well”, Harvard Facing Accusations of Promoting Eco-Terrorism for Screening ‘How to Blow Up a Pipeline’ Film, Biden Claims He Didn’t Proclaim Easter Sunday ‘Trans Day of Visibility’, Scotland Hate Crime Bill Includes Punishment for Misgendering, Even Online, and SJP Chapter at Mount Holyoke College Accused Of Promoting Violence to ‘Liberate Palestine’
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, The Resurrection of our Lord, and One Little Word
Outkick: Jemele Hill Complains Caitlin Clark Receives More Coverage Than Black Players, North Carolina State Professor Pulls Ultimate Bro Move After Wolfpack Beat Duke, Not To Be Sexist, But Women’s College Basketball…You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby, DJ Burns Celebrates Final Four Berth With Arena Security Staff Members After Beating Duke In NCAA Tournament, Purdue Clinches Final Four Berth In Thrilling Win Over Tennessee That Was A Brutal Battle From The Start, Braves’ Chadwick Tromp Is About To Sell More Jerseys Than Any Backup Catcher Ever, and Radio Host Calls For Caitlin Clark To Skip WNBA and Join NBA
Power Line: Our “Catholic” President at Work, Bridge Salvage Dredges Up CIA Intrigue, and Reality: When Is It Optional?
Shark Tank: Rick Scott Condemns Qatar’s Role In Gaza War
Shot In The Dark: PhD Thesis On Berg’s Seventh Law, also, The Winner!
STUMP: He Is Risen! also, Cancer In Young Adults – Pandemic-Driven Or Long-Term Trend?
This Ain’t Hell: More correctness from the UK, Two teenagers associated with the death of a 73-year-old get slapped on the wrist, Man, 102, constantly victimized by graffiti, city goes after him, and Slight shortfall in EV chargers
Transterrestrial Musings: The Samizdat Prize, Pro-German Protesters Demand Ceasefire, and Any Decade Now
Victory Girls: New Twists and Turns in Texas Abortion Ban, FDNY Firefighters Forced To Remove Thin Red Line Flag, and J.K. Rowling Calls Out Hypocrisy Behind Scotland’s New Hate Crime Law
Volokh Conspiracy: Lies About Sex – Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and NY State’s Prosecution of Donald Trump
Watts Up With That: The EU’s net zero retreat is gathering steam, ORGANIZED THEFT IN THE NAME OF GOVERNMENT – Biden’s Executive Order 14008 locks away 30% of U.S. land by 2030, under the pretext of protecting the planet’, Extinction Rebellion Interrupts Easter Mass Because Nothing is Beneath Them, and Can ‘clean energy’ schemes get any crazier?
The Federalist: 38 Chaplains Ask Supreme Court To Stop U.S. Military From Punishing Their Faith, Farmers’ Revolt Over Radical Green Agenda Could Reshape Europe Ahead Of EU Elections, Can Turning Point Action’s ‘Chase The Vote’ Offset Democrats’ Election Machine? Federal Judge Orders Release Of Illegal Border Crossers Who Stormed Texas National Guard, and Leftists Waste No Time In Attacking Legacy Of Francis Scott Key After Baltimore Bridge Collapse
Mark Steyn: Street Crime – Ninety-Six New York Minutes in The Naked City, Easter Parade, and Fire and Faith

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