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In The Mailbox: 04.02.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

If only Hamas had consulted Clippy before 10/7.

357 Magnum: A Container Ship Hit A Bridge And Nobody (In America) Noticed
EBL: Should we scrap the Jones Act? Loudermilk, RIP Lou Conter, last survivor of the USS Arizona, and Iranian Mullahs and Revolutionary Guard have the Sadz
Twitchy: James Woods Presents The Horror Movie That Is The “15 Minute City”, Meathead Gets Dragged Mercilessly After Melting Down Over Trump’s “Savior Complex”, and School Cancels Gifted Program Because It Wasn’t Diverse Enough
Louder With Crowder: Shakira unloads on “Barbie Movie’s” attempt to emasculate men, also, Thugs tried stealing equipment from this landscaper’s truck, so he turned his weed wacker on them and captured one
Vox Popoli: Dancing with Demonetization, Spengler and the Clowns in the Bunker, The Retreat from Japan, Why the Empire Always Falls, and This is not Self-Defense
Defending The Wood Perilous: Fooocus! –On AI Art

American Conservative: Letitia James’s Offensive Against VDARE is Harrowing for Free Speech
American Greatness: Congress Approves $380M for Border Security Measures in Middle Eastern Countries, also, On Things Collapsing
American Thinker: Time is Running Out to Save Western Civilization
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Infotainment News
Babalu Blog: Recordings reveal Havana’s Archbishop Jaime Ortega had no interest in freedom for the Cuban people, Cuban dictatorship continues to spend more on tourism than it does on healthcare and vital services, and Nicaraguan dictatorship turns country’s doctors into slaves
BattleSwarm: Israel Hits Iran’s Embassy In Syria
Behind The Black: De-orbiting debris from ISS hits a house in Florida, Video shows Astra rocket exploding on launchpad during early 2020 launch attempt, Sunspot update: The weak solar maximum continues, and Patches of volcanic Martian ash covering patches of frozen volcanic dunes
Cafe Hayek: Globalization is Win-Win
CDR Salamander: America – Bad Empire Or Poor Friend?
Chicago Boyz: “Comedian Jon Stewart says Apple asked him not to interview FTC Chair Lina Khan”, also, The Reich Stuff
Da Tech Guy: Pennsylvania voting – A bumpy ride ahead, Divine Mercy Novena Day Four and an Ed Piskor Thought, and I’ll take “Things That Actually Don’t Phase me” for $2000 Alex
Dana Loesch: Last Week In Legal – Hearings Abound Edition   
Don Surber: Looks like we Trumped Red China
First Street Journal: The credentialed media: Be just as aware of what you are not being told as what is presented
Gates Of Vienna: From the Icecap to the Sea, Anna Cisint: Integration Has Been a Failure, and Abu Alia Gets Tossed Out of Canton Bern
The Geller Report: Facebook (Meta) Goes Jihad: Board Moves To Allow Users To Glorify Islamic Terrorists as Martyrs in Accordance With Sharia
Hollywood In Toto: Mainstream Media Ignore Pro-Israel, Anti-Biden Michael Rapaport, How Students Turned $10K into Western Shoot-em Up, and Even Jon Stewart Mocked Media’s New Trump Derangement Rant
The Lid: Trump Group Sponsors ‘Biden-Mart’ Showing How Groceries have Soared Under Biden
Legal Insurrection: Texas Man Catches ‘Super Bird Flu’ After Contact With Infected Cattle, “There’s a real frustration growing among anti-Israel students that no matter how loud they scream…it’s really not getting them anywhere”, Stanford Mathematics Education Professor Who Got Algebra Banned in SF Now Accused of ‘Reckless Disregard for Accuracy’, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers Vetoes Bill Banning Biological Males From Female Only Sports, and Chuck Schumer Has Become a Useful Idiot for the Anti-Israel Left
Nebraska Energy Observer: Information
Outkick: Paul Pierce Can’t Believe ‘Little White Girl’ Caitlin Clark Can Compete With Black Women, Eric Musselman Eyeing The USC Job? Angel Reese, Who Posed In Skimpy Bikini For SI Swimsuit, Can’t Believe People Sexualize Her, Kim Mulkey Claims LSU Anthem Snub Not ‘Intentionally Done,’ Just Part Of ‘Routine’, Tortorella Goes Scorched Earth On Flyers After Fifth-Straight Loss…Except New Goalie Ivan Fedotov, and Paige Spiranac Reminds Hater Her Boobs Are Real Ahead Of Masters Week
Power Line: The mystery of your “fair share”, The Beepocalypse Is Over, and Health Care Crisis?
Protein Wisdom Reborn: The Butler did it
Shark Tank: Rubio Says Administration Has Done Industrial Policy Wrong
Shot In The Dark:  They’ll Never Do Lunch In DC Again, also, I’m Not Sure
STUMP: Cancer Trends Among Young Adults – An Issue Of Rates & Types
The Political Hat: Gaia Cult Goes Global
This Ain’t Hell: AI must be bias free, Kamala sez. And Russian AA gets some, Last USS Arizona survivor dies at age 102, and Israel Strikes Iran Consulate
Transterrestrial Musings: That 1938 Feeling, also, China And The Moon
Victory Girls: MAGA Republicans Against Rebuilding Baltimore Bridge? also, Adeel Mangi, Anti-Cop and Anti-Semite, For Third Circuit
Volokh Conspiracy: Is Opposition to Critical Race Theory Correlated with Ignorance of Critical Race Theory?
Watts Up With That: UK To Force “Green” Energy on North Sea Oil & Gas Platforms, California Floating Wind Turbines? Environmental Pushback, and Boston Globe’s whale protection contradiction
The Federalist: As Christianity Declines, We Must Confront The Threat Of Pagan America, Voters Prohibit ‘Zuckbucks’-Style Private Funding And Staff From Wisconsin Elections, The Only People Biden Is ‘Unifying’ Are The Uniparty Elites Who Hate You, MSNBC Panel Suggests SEC Should Wage Lawfare Campaign Against Trump For Truth Social Stock Boom, Defunding UNRWA Is A Good Start, But We Should Scrutinize All Foreign Aid, Nationwide Ransomware Attack Exposes The Problem With Health Care Monopolies, and J.K. Rowling Dares Scottish Police To Arrest Her For Breaking Law That Makes It A ‘Hate Crime’ To Call A Man A Man
Mark Steyn: Simple Arithmetic

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