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In The Mailbox: 04.03.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

357 Magnum: Did You Think Your Facebook Messages Were Private?
EBL: Biden Bud Light, also, Jack Smith – ME SO MAGA MAD
Twitchy: X Users Mock Iran’s Supreme Leader, CEO Bob Iger Hilariously Claims Disney ‘s Job Isn’t To “Advance Any Kind Of Agenda”, and Hot Take – The Only Reason For The Polls Is The Right-Wing Capture Of Media
Louder With Crowder: Woman goes viral for odd flex of how expensive her car payments are, then throws her husband under the Tahoe
Vox Popoli: A Warning to Taipei, Devil Mouse Continues Suicide, and Is Switzerland Still Democratic?
Upstream Reviews: A Quiet Death, also, The Thing From HR
Stoic Observations: The Three-Body Problem

American Conservative: Turkey’s Wild Elections Confound the ‘Autocracy’ Narrative
American Greatness: RFK Jr. Says Biden Bigger Threat Than Trump, also, DeSantis Wins Legal Case over Transportation of Illegal Aliens to Martha’s Vineyard
American Thinker: Did Trump Really Do That? Progressive Media Never Tells the Truth
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog:  Investigation into Russia’s role in ‘Havana Syndrome,’ the sonic attacks on U.S. diplomats in Cuba, The shortage of milk in Cuba as explained by the Castro dictatorship, and Another politician shot dead in AMLO’s Mexico
BattleSwarm: Biden Admin Tries To Infect Chip Makers With DEI
Behind The Black: Red China launches a “remote sensing” satellite, Roscosmos approves design of Russia’s proposed new space station, Technical issues with Lockheed Martin’s Orion capsule to delay next Artemis mission, An abandoned module from one of China’s manned capsules burns up over California, Complex ridged terrain in ancient Martian crater, and Biden’s anti-Christian Easter proclamation means the Democrats believe their November victory is certain
CDR Salamander: NAVSEA & OPNAV’S FITREP in a 3×8 grid
Da Tech Guy: Divine Mercy Novena Day Six and a Favorite Gospel
Dana Loesch: Where Were These Ceasefire Bleeding Hearts For The Past Twenty Years Of Hamas Carnage?
Don Surber: Getting Trump wrong again
First Street Journal: Sometimes you just have to be an [insert slang term for the rectum here] to do things right, also, But no, it’s not about Anti-Semitism at all!
Gates Of Vienna: “Christians Are Persecuted by People of Muslim Faith”, also, Under the Veil in Italy
The Geller Report: Jew-Hating Terror Mob Take Over NYC Park, Create “Autonomous Zone,” Banning Cops & Jews
Hollywood In Toto: Jimmy Fallon – Democrats’ Useful Idiot, also, No, Civil War’s Fascist President Isn’t Donald Trump
The Lid: Skyrocketing Voter Registration via Soc. Sec. Numbers in 3 Swing States is ‘Extremely Concerning’
Legal Insurrection: Harvard Law Prof Calls for an End to Mandatory DEI Statements, Florida Trump Persecution – Jack Smith Throws Fit Over Possible Jury Instructions That May Sink His Case, Seattle Public Schools Ending Programs for Gifted Students, U.S. Won’t Buy Oil to Refill Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Republican Lawmakers in Kentucky Run Out of Time to Pass Anti-DEI Legislation, and Judge in Trump’s New York ‘Hush Money’ Case Won’t Delay Trial
Nebraska Energy Observer: No One Left Behind
Outkick: Angel Reese Called Out For Hypocritical For Post-Game Antics After Iowa Loss, Sage Steele Says ‘Every Single Question’ Of Her Joe Biden Interview On ESPN Was ‘Scripted’ By Network Execs, Stefon Diggs From Buffalo Bills To Houston Texans Moves Betting Odds, LSU’s Kim Mulkey Outcoached? Caitlin Clark Too Good And Fast For Single Coverage, ‘They Don’t Have To Play The Sport’, and World’s Sexiest Volleyballer Rides A Wave, Brittany Mahomes Goes Cowgirl & You Won’t Believe This Subway Deal
Power Line: The case against administrative law, Irony Is Officially Dead, and The True Cost of Wind and Solar
Protein Wisdom Reborn: Choosing More Wisely
Shark Tank: DeSantis Signs Off On $2.5 Billion Funding Package For Interstate 4
Shot In The Dark: What A Difference 48 Hours Makes, also, Theory
This Ain’t Hell: Israel is winning battles, but losing the PR war, Airman’s Gaza Hunger Strike, and Navy’s Recruiting Solution?
Victory Girls: Trans Taliban Gains and Losses
Volokh Conspiracy: Upcoming Event on “Solving the Nation’s Housing Crisis”
Watts Up With That: The Incredible Dumbness of Biden’s War on LNG, 444,000 semi-loads of food? Just another day on planet earth, and The Entire Push To Halt New Natural Gas Exports Traces Back To One Ivy League Prof And His Shaky Study
The Federalist: Israel’s National Security Matters Infinitely More Than Its ‘Reputation’ With Radical Democrats, Biden Has Let In Almost As Many Foreigners Illegally As Ellis Island Did Lawfully In 60 Years, Side Effects Of Transgender ‘Medicine’ Show It Isn’t Just Junk Science, It’s Malpractice, New Study Shows McKinsey’s Studies Promoting DEI Profitability Were Garbage, Pete Buttigieg, Worst Transportation Secretary Ever, Hints He Won’t Run For Office Again, and Wisconsin Democrats Pump Big, Out-Of-State Dollars Into School Board Elections
Mark Steyn: The Scottish Endarkenment, also, Live Around the Planet – Wednesday April 3rd

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