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In The Mailbox: 04.08.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Deadline for filing taxes is in one week.
Help get the Hankins Family to Alaska.
Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

Same as it ever was.

357 Magnum: So How Is That Criminal Justice Reform Working Out?, also, Cooperating With Criminals Does NOT Guarantee Safety
EBL: Why don’t Muslims and Leftists care about the persecution of Uyghur Muslims in China? Did Israel just surrender to Hamas? The Zone of Interest, and Cloudy Eclipse
Twitchy: San Francisco Tells Grocery Store Owners That They Can’t Check Out Or Ever Leave, Adam Schiff Taking Trump’s Threat To Imprison Him Seriously, and Dan Goldman Assures Us Trump Will End Democracy By Weaponizing DOJ
Louder With Crowder: “I had to lie a lot about things that I didn’t agree with”, “America is not f*cked up” – Tucker Carlson discovers the power of touching grass while introducing Kid Rock, and John Fetterman breaks with Democrats AGAIN, now declares that “squatting” is wrong and criminals should be, get this, “punished”
Vox Popoli: The Black Epstein, The Inevitability of Catastrophic Defeat, The Comprehensive Failure of Milton Friedman, A Man of Sound Opinion, and Signs of Impending Demise
Stoic Observations: Wallfacers v. Sophons, also, What I Now Know About Jet Engines
Postcards From Barsoom: Political Conflict In The Age Of Psychic Warfare
Unlicensed Pundity: Down From The Mount
Upstream Reviews: Light Unto Another World
Defending The Wood Perilous: Eclipse The Sun!

Adam Piggott: Lent 2024 Trip Report
American Conservative: The Dystopian Surveillance Programs Right In America’s Heartland
American Greatness: Mayorkas Pressed to Answer How Terrorists Were Reportedly Freed into U.S., RFK Jr. Says Biden Bigger Threat Than Trump, and Is The Great Illusion In Ruins?
American Thinker: Trump Should Talk More About January 6, Not Less, Marxist Globalists Will Resort to Terror and Violence, Moral Midgets Cook Up a War Crime, The Compelling Case for Trump, and Obama’s Continuing War on Suburbia, Courtesy of Joe Biden
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Castro dictatorship tells young people to stay in Cuba and be happy socialists, Head of Communist Party in Havana gets axed, 20th official purged in past 3 months, Cuban dictatorship continues to hide its corruption and repression behind the lie of the ’embargo’, and On top of malnutrition, tuberculosis outbreak hits five Cuban prisons
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm for April 5, Tab Clearing For April 6, Ukraine’s New 3,000km Drone Opens Up Deep Logistic Targets, and The Curse of Ghost Jobs Listing
Behind The Black: Soyuz capsule safely brings three astronauts back from ISS, Varda quickly raises $90 million after completing its first orbital manufacturing mission, SpaceX launches 22 Starlink satellites, with 6 capable of direct-to-cell service, Argentina demands right to inspect Chinese antenna facility, SpaceX launches 11 commercial payloads, and What are Israel’s strategic military goals with its latest pull back from Gaza?
CDR Salamander: April Maritime Melee, also, Making The Right Statement In WESTPAC
Chicago Boyz: Worthwhile Reading
Da Tech Guy: Divine Mercy Novena Ninth and Final Day, Divine Mercy Sunday Epilogue, This Antifa Story Could be A Much Bigger Story in the Long Run, and Chicago’s mayor Brandon Johnson asks, “Who expected me to defeat white supremacy in one year?”
Dana Loesch: Last Week In Legal – Bombay Sapphire Gin Edition
Don Surber: Washington Post economics
First Street Journal: For the #woke professors, the truth might set you free, free from supporting Hamas, that is, also, Everyone wants the addicts to be treated and cured; they just want that to happen in someone else’s neighborhood
Gates Of Vienna: Culture-Enriching Knife Attack on a Little Girl in Wangen, Florence: “There Are Too Many Italians”, Thirty Years for the Strasbourg Terror Attack, The Moldavian Gambit, and The Brutal Treatment of Samara
The Geller Report: BIDEN’S BLOODBATH: Illegal Deported 8 times with 11 Arrests Now Charged with Murder in Ohio, Seattle Teacher Says “Rape [of Jews] is Justified”, Hamas DELIBERATELY Drew Fire to the WCK Aid Truck, IDF Blew up Hamas Tunnel That Stretched Far into Israel, and Muslims Chant ‘Death to America’ in Michigan
Hollywood In Toto: Barbie’s Toxic Feminism – Yes, Women Are Flawed, Too, Andrew Schulz Needs Free Speech Primer, We Need More Horror Movies Like Sting, Late-Night Panic: Biden Could Lose to Trump! and Is Hollywood (Finally) Coming to Its Senses?
The Lid: Joe Biden’s Michigan Democrats Chant ‘Death to America’, also, Will NW Fish Experts Turn The Columbia Basin Into The Next Klamath River Eco-Disaster Zone?
Legal Insurrection: America’s Honeybee Population Buzzes to an All-Time High, Law Prof Challenges Validity of Special Counsel’s Appointment in Trump Classified Documents Case, Analysis Finds Black Athletes Are Ignoring NAACP’s Call to Boycott Florida Colleges, UT Austin President Announces Major Cuts to School’s DEI Programs, Suspensions and Expulsions Follow Anti-Israel Student ‘Occupation’ at Vanderbilt College, Baylor University Prof’s Tweet About ‘Harry Potter Class’ Causes Uproar, and Trump Bid To Delay NY Criminal Trial Denied By Appellate Judge
Michele Catalano: 1994 – A Compendium Of Albums Turning Thirty
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for…us, Quasimodo Geniti, and On Wings of Eagles
Outkick: John Calipari Leaving Kentucky For Arkansas Was Smart, While The Coaching Ripple-Effect Has Already Begun, Lynette Woodard Says Caitlin Clark Didn’t Beat Her Scoring Record, Dawn Staley Says Trangender Women Should Be Allowed To Play Women’s Sports, Sports Fans Don’t Trust Referees And It’s A Growing Problem That Gambling Isn’t Helping, Angels Broadcasters Blast MLB After Retroactive Scoring Change Snaps Nolan Schanuel’s On-Base Streak, Zach Edey Has ‘Lost Out On A Lot Of Money’ Thanks To NIL Laws, and Britney Spears Would Make $100 Million A Year On OnlyFans, Expert Says
Power Line: Rampant Anti-Semitism, and the Democrats, The Coming Disinformation War, and Total Eclipse of the Sun
Shark Tank: Waltz Blasts Hur & Garland For Protecting Biden In Classified Documents Scandal
Shot In The Dark: It’s Been Way Too LongThe Thing That Wouldn’t Die, Opportunity, and  “Feckless & Craven”
This Ain’t Hell: Sycophantic Media, Rich elites think that we have too much personal freedom, they also trust government, Donald Trump willing to be jailed vice complying with gag order, Ain’t buyin’ that evil oil, and Last Korean War MoH recipient dies
Transterrestrial Musings: Boeing, also, Drainpipe Drones
Victory Girls: The FBI And The Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Pro-Lifers, A Rising Star For New Jersey Senate In Christina Amira Khalil, and A Ceasefire Only Rewards Hamas For Their Murder And Mayhem
Volokh Conspiracy: Senator Blumenthal Suggests Justice Sotomayor Should Think About Retiring (Without Calling Upon Her to Do So)
Watts Up With That: The Age of Underpopulation is Here, UK Independent: ‘Climate change is hitting vulnerable Indonesian trans sex workers’, Islands That Climate Alarmists Said Would Soon “Disappear” Due to Rising Sea Found to Have Grown in Size, and U.S. Congress Tells International Energy Agency To Stop ‘Net Zero’ Cheerleading!
The Federalist: Judge Who Gagged Trump To Hide Rabid Pro-Democrat Bias Must Recuse Immediately, Joe Biden Is Now Chasing The ‘Death To America’ Voter, 30-Year Naval Academy Teacher Details Depth Of DEI Rot In America’s Military Institutions, Media Tacitly Admit Mail-In Balloting Is Not As Secure And Reliable As They Claim, Leftist Groups Cancel Cash-Prize GOTV Event After Wisconsin DA Warns Bribery Is Still Illegal, and Why Are Elected Republicans Helping Democrats Reward A Failed Education System?
Mark Steyn: Of Hoverers and Haters, Frenemy Mine – Katharine Hepburn and Ginger Rogers in Stage Door, The Whole Earth Is Our Hospital, Waterloo, and A Royal Republic?


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