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In The Mailbox: 04.10.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

EBL: Ripley, also, House Conservatives Sink FISA
Twitchy: La. House Passes Bill Allowing You To Run Over Protesters, Dexter Reed’s Mom Lies – Claims Her Son was Targeted By Police, and Disney Files To Dismiss Gina Carano’s Lawsuit Based On First Amendment
Louder With Crowder: Woman gets WAY too excited sharing a dystopian nightmare as she buys groceries just by scanning her hand
Vox Popoli: “It’s Theirs Now”, Arktoons 15 Million, Red China is Not the Problem, and Old Games are Best Games
Stoic Observations: Sheepdoggery Revisited
Postcards From Barsoom: The Automated Internet, The Conspiratorial Internet, & The Reconquista Of The Real, also, Of Science & Shitposting Texas’ 2A Grades & Endorsements For 2024 Candidates

American Conservative: Is Censorship the Biden Era’s Torture Issue?
American Greatness: Group of Conservative Republicans Join Democrats to Block FISA Renewal Bill
American Thinker: The Overlap Between Nazis and Hamas Is Downright Uncanny
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: One carton of eggs in Cuba sells for over 150% of the monthly minimum wage, Cuban dissidents launch a grassroots initiative to fight against totalitarianism, and Cuban dictatorship admits alarming increase in homelessness, inability to tackle the problem
BattleSwarm: DeSantis Isn’t Putting Up With Any of Your Blue City “Soft On Shoplifting” Crap
Behind The Black: SpaceX launches more Starlink satellites, Japan to sign deal with NASA to fly two Japanese astronauts to Moon, Angara launch scrubbed for the second day in a row, Red China successfully tests new propulsion system for satellites, Rocket Lab to refly a recovered first stage, Activists file lawsuit to prevent land swap at Boca Chica, and Idiocracy has arrived
Cafe Hayek: Rent-Seeking Is A Dirty Business, also, Manufacturing Jobs Were Destroyed Mostly by Better Opportunities in the Service Sector
CDR Salamander: From Omaha To Indianapolis – Accepting LCS For What She Is
Da Tech Guy: Pintastic NE 2024 Starts Tomorrow!
Don Surber: DEI opens a liberal’s eyes
First Street Journal: Sometimes you just have to be an [insert slang term for the rectum here] to do things right
Gates Of Vienna: Cologne – The City of Muezzins, also, Biden Administration Sides with Terrorists
The Geller Report: Gaza’s ‘Innocent Civilians’ SOLD Israeli Hostages to Hamas, also, Muslim Teen Arrested for Plot to Attack Idaho Churches, Kill Christians
Glenn Reynolds: Confessions Of A Former Rocket Boy
Hollywood In Toto: Baste Records, Skistimas Bring Freedom Back to Rock, also, Censorship Run Wild? Two Docs Attacked by Big Tech
The Lid: Now the Wokesters are Ruining Scrabble Because It’s Too Hard for People Who Can’t Spell
Legal Insurrection: Mayo Clinic Study Raises Serious Questions about ‘Reversibility’ of Puberty Blockers, Despite No Serious Human Infections with “Super Bird Flu” in US, CDC Issues a Health Alert, Biden Demands Unilateral Israeli Ceasefire, Aides Do Damage Control, Former Cornell Student Patrick Dai Pleads Guilty To Online Threats Against Jewish Students, ‘We Are on a Slow Roll Toward Our Own Little Gazas’, and On Mayorkas, Chuck Schumer Suddenly Doesn’t Like Impeachment Being Used for ‘Policy Disagreements’
Michele Catalano: 1994 Part 3
Nebraska Energy Observer: Moonshadow
Outkick: Here’s How NCAA Women’s Tourney Title Game Slam Dunked Men’s Championship In TV Ratings, No More Excuses In March, John Calipari Has To Win Immediately At Arkansas With NIL And The Transfer Portal, Northwestern To Play Home Games At Practice Facility For Next Two Seasons, Which Will Cause Problem For Fans, UConn National Title Celebration Features Multiple Arrests, Tigers’ Riley Greene Shreds Pants Sliding Into Home Because MLB Uniforms Just Can’t Work Properly, and ‘World’s Sexiest Athlete’ Harnesses The Healing Power Of Running On The Beach & Taking A Dip In The Ocean
Power Line: There’s something about Tucker, Sympathy For the Devil, and NPR – Gross Distortions
Shark Tank: 16 Cuban Refugees Discovered In Key West Waters, Promptly Returned To Cuba
Shot In The Dark: The “Class Privilege” Combo Plate, Preview – Twenty Reporters Walk Into A Bar, Over And Over And Over Again, and, You Ask Me Why Healthcare In Minnesota Is So Expensive
This Ain’t Hell: Maryland again…sigh, Seized Iran Weapons to Ukraine, and Charles Barkley called eclipse viewers ‘losers’
Victory Girls: Black Supremacists with Federal Power
Volokh Conspiracy: Indiana Court Rejects Claim That Driver’s Licenses Must Include Third Gender Option, also, Berkeley Students Post Anti-Semitic Cartoons, Disrupt Dinner at Dean Chemerinsky’s Home
Watts Up With That: The Greening Earth vs Enemies of Climate Truth, There is no human right to a safe or stable climate, and “I Am Going To Lecture You On Climate Change” – BBC Reporter Gets Schooled for Hypocrisy
The Federalist: Biden Is Only ‘Adding’ Jobs Because Americans Need Extra Side Hustles To Make Ends Meet, 19 Republicans Resist Deep-State Efforts To Keep Spying On Americans Without A Warrant, Arabella Sheds Light On The Dark-Money Groups Remaking America Millions Of Dollars At A Time, After Promising Not To, The IRS Army Democrats Expanded Is Targeting The Middle Class, Attention Hogg Blows Nearly Half His PAC’s Donor Dollars On Nonsense Like DoorDash And Marc Elias, GOP County Prepares To Sue New York Over Law Hitching Local Elections To State Dems’ Coattails, and Could Democrat Hubris And Incompetence Cost Biden Ballot Access In These States?
Mark Steyn: The Habits of Liberty, also, Live Around the Planet: Wednesday April 10th

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