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In The Mailbox: 04.19.24 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts, including a Glorious Double-Scoop Post Tax Season Rule 5 Sunday!
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley et Hamas delendam sunt.

Those were better days.

EBL: Anti-MAGA Cowardly Judge Merchan
Twitchy: While Euros Sleep, Americans Flood X With Things Incomprehensible To Them, Biden’s Cannibal Story Has Infuriated Papua New Guinea Academics, and Fast Food Prices Skyrocket In California After New Minimum Wage Law Goes Into Effect
Louder With Crowder: Girl Scouts hosting an  “empowerment” seminar run by a “throuple” influencer to teach GIRL SCOUTS about empowerment, Hospital Demands All New Cancer Surgeons Take An Oath Dedicated To DEI, and Stephen A. Smith has bad news for Democrats: Trump “was telling the truth” Black voters like him because of his indictments
Vox Popoli: The Death Spiral of the Big Two, Ejected by the Beast, The Literal Thought Police, Disappointment, Guaranteed, and The World We Lost
According To Hoyt: The Cat Ate My Homework, For the Boys…and Men, and How Do You Know?
Upstream Reviews: Superversive Spotlight – Karl K. Gallagher
Postcards From Barsoom: An Immolationist In Chapel Perilous

Adam Piggott: Man Pining for Chick to Like Him, also, The Aim of Life
American Conservative: Trump Apocalypse Hysteria Is Spiraling Into Madness, also, Mike Johnson Should Grow a Spine or Leave
American Greatness: Mayorkas-Linked NGO Caught Distributing Fliers to Illegal Aliens Directing Them to Vote For Joe Biden, The Battle Begins: Trump’s Trial Tests American Justice, Supreme Court Rejects Black Lives Matter Appeal, Holds Leader Liable for Violence, and High School Student in North Carolina Suspended For Three Days For Using the Term ‘Illegal Alien’
American Thinker: The Deep State’s Accelerating Attacks On Trump Show A Consciousness Of Guilt, Karl Marx Conquers American Medicine, Betrayal and the Democrats, and Student Loan Forgiveness: Morally Reprehensible and Legally Invalid
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday, Animal’s Daily Recreational Use News, Animal’s Hump Day News, Animal’s Red Thursday News, and Rule Five Mining Road Friday
Babalu Blog: Unemployed doctors in South Africa criticize government’s purchase of enslaved doctors from Cuba, As Cubans starve, dictatorship holds international rum cocktail contest, winner from Greece got $10,700 prize, Reports from Cuba: The Cuban government/military’s businesses in Angola, and Hershey, Cuba: The sweetest ghost town in Cuba
BattleSwarm: Billions Disappear Into Black Hole Of California Homeless Programs, Samsung Snags $6.4 Billion For Texas Fabs, Australian Muslim Stabs Priest, Yelling “Allahu Akbar.” We May Never Know His Motive, Hollywood Out of Ideas, Money, Jobs, and LinkSwarm For April 19
Behind The Black: Blue Origin completes delivery of the two BE-4 engines for ULA’s second Vulcan launch, Boeing to reduce staffing for SLS due to overall delays in Artemis, Analysis of Io’s atmosphere suggests it has been volcanically active for its entire 4+ billion year history, FAA to now require that reentry spacecraft get landing license before launch, SpaceX launches 23 more Starlink satellites, and Today’s blacklisted American: Former Trump lawyer, already disbarred in California because he took Trump’s case, now blackballed by his banks
Cafe Hayek: Marxist Economics Is Dumb, On the Injustice of Conscription, and Shrinkflation!
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: To the Great Surprise of Many, also, Will You Take One Hump, or Two?
Da Tech Guy: Style vs Substance in the Navy, Media malpractice on the Dexter Reed police shooting, The U.S. and the Middle East: A record of failure, Under the Fedora Catching Up, and Israel Strikes Back, Iran and Biden hardest hit
Dana Loesch: Programming Note
Don Surber: The war on Lucky Charms
First Street Journal: Crazy people are dangerous, also, Why does The Philadelphia Inquirer, which won’t publish mugshots of real criminals, make deliberate exceptions for police officers convicted of crimes?
Gates Of Vienna: Darmanin Orders the Protection of French Jews, Tomorrow Belongs to Me, Germany Thwarts Rich Chinese Migrants, The Emir of Sint-Joost Fails to Stop NatCon, and The Road Back to Slavery
The Geller Report: Jihad Rep Ilhan Omar’s Daughter ARRESTED and SUSPENDED From Barnard College For Jew Hatred Protests, Biden Regime Removes Title IX Protections For Women in Sports and Gives It To Men in Women’s Sports, SECOND ANTI-TRUMP JUROR DISMISSED, Senate Democrats Block Israel Aid Bill, and Hamas-Tied CAIR Urges Attorney Generals, Prosecutors to Lock Up Journalists Exposing Hamas Supporters
Hollywood In Toto: Alan Ritchson’s Tough Guy Talk Rings Hollow. Here’s Why (UPDATED), Netflix’s Rather Celebrates Disgraced CBS News Anchor, Civil War – Raw, Original and Utterly Pointless, Abigail Is Too Bloody Dumb for Its Own Good, and Night Shift Offers Bates Motel-Brand Chills
The Lid: Feds are Using ‘Data’ from Temperature Stations That No Longer Exist to ‘Prove’ Global Warming, NASA Eliminates all White People from Planned Mars Mission, and Half of State Attorneys General File Lawsuit Against Joe Biden’ s Destructive Electric Vehicle Mandates
Legal Insurrection: Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Arrested at Anti-Israel Protest at Columbia University, WHO and Media Collude to Dial Up “Bird Flu” Fears to Maximum Level, Third of Stanford Students Find It Acceptable to Use Violence to Silence Speech, Berkeley Anti-Israel Activist Claims First Amendment Right To Disrupt Dinner Event at Dean’s Home, NPR Pearl-Clutching Continues As Woke Staffers Demand ‘Public and Direct’ Debunking of Uri Berliner’s Essay, and Sociology Prof Claims ‘Attacks’ on Higher Ed DEI ‘Threaten Democracy’
Nebraska Energy Observer: Civil War and More, The Biden Wars, and the New Depression, Scattershot Friday, and Wow, folks!
Outkick: WNBA Star A’ja Wilson Says She’s Not Jealous Of Caitlin Clark, EXCLUSIVE: West Virginia Girls ‘Step-Out’ Of Track & Field Meet To Protest Transgender Competitor, Joy Reid Blog Complains About Lack Of Black Players In MLB, Ignores Lack Of Diversity In NBA, New Era Of College Sports, As NCAA Approves Unlimited Transfers That Could Lead To NFL-Like Roster Cuts, Paul Skenes Getting Frustrated With His Limited Workload, But Pirates Are Playing It Safe, and TikTok Star Alix Earle Goes Topless For Magazine Cover Shoot
Power Line: Thoughts from the ammo line, Why Biden Can’t Win, Why Trump Might Win, and Join Me Monday for Earth Day!
Shark Tank: Steube Leads Over 60 Republicans In Bill To Counter Iran-Backed Terrorists
Shot In The Dark: Hot Gear Friday – The Swiss Army Guitar, Clearing The Decks 4/19 Edition, The DFL Bounces The Rubble Of Rural Minnesota Healthcare, Ripple Effect, News To Me, and Religious Radio
The Political Hat: Quick Takes – Not Just For The Terminally Ill Anymore; Easy To Kill In California; Nearly Half Of Canadians Want To Kill the Mentally Ill; Killing The Suicidal, also, Firing Line Friday: Should the United States Disarm?
This Ain’t Hell: USAR major defrauds Gold Star families out of millions, Teen assaults elderly Army veteran, steals his car, Valor Friday, Guardsmen related shooting being investigated, Russian saboteurs accused of plots that included potential attacks against US military facilities, and How’s that Gaza Aid Pier coming along?
Transterrestrial Musings: About That Guy Who Flambed Himself Outside The Courthouse, About That Pier In Gaza, It Begins, Anti-Semitism, and Quotations From Chairman Maher
Victory Girls: Democrats’ Dilemma: Jews v Pro-Hamas Voters, Democrats Now Own Border Problems After Tanking Mayorkas Impeachment, and Tree Pronouns And Furries In School, But What About Phonics?
Volokh Conspiracy: Laws Requiring Social Media Firms to Host Content they Prefer to Exclude Violate the Takings Clause, also, Lawsuit Alleging School District Wouldn’t Inform Certain Parents About Their Children’s “Sign[s] of an LGBTQ+ Identity” Dismissed for Lack of Standing
Watts Up With That: Wash Post admits reality: ‘Amid explosive demand, America is running out of power’, The Insane World of Intersectional Climate Change, The Incredible Dumbness of Biden’s War on LNG, Part Deux, and Rise And Fall of The German Economy… Energy Debacle Leading to Economic Meltdown
The Federalist: Trillion-Dollar Deficits Explain Why Inflation Keeps Hitting American Families, RNC Removes ‘Bank Your Vote’ Website, Plans Overhaul Of Early Voting Initiative, Automatic Voter Registration Exists To Keep Democrats In Power, So Why Aren’t Republicans Fighting It? Democrats Just Blew Off Impeachment Of Alejandro Mayorkas, And Republicans Will Do Nothing About It, Exclusive: All Things Considered, Lawmakers Say It’s Time To Defund NPR, Two Years And $113 Billion Later, D.C.’s ‘America Last’ Crew Has No Plan For Ending The Russia-Ukraine War, and Instagram’s Selective Blurring Of Nudity Falls Woefully Short Of Protecting Kids
Mark Steyn: On the Verge of Revolution: John Malkovich’s The Dancer Upstairs, Taxman, When Contempt Is Necessary, Unrecognizability by Design, Muscle from Brussels, and On the Auto Ban

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