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In The Mailbox: 04.29.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

I actually had enough energy after the drive down to do blogging. What did I do right?
Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

Kukuruyo brings the fire again (click to embiggen) 

357 Magnum: I Love It When Politicians Decide They’re Engineers
EBL: Secret Service Ladies, 49th Parallel, Zebras running loose in Washington State, and Hunter Biden to sue Fox News for defamation?
Twitchy: Expelled Vanderbilt Student Was Admitted For HS Activism, NY Lib Vandalizing Anti-Biden Truck Learns Meaning Of FAFO, and Scotland’s First Minister Of Hate Speech Resigns
Louder With Crowder: The WH wanted to secretly FIRE Special K but was afraid to because she is a black, lesbian immigrant, Frat bros, state troopers take turns destroying pro-Hamas encampments (and protestors) in hilarious fashion, Riding the LA Metro is so dangerous, an LA Metro BOARD MEMBER confesses she won’t ever ride it, and “Stop taking things away from our little girls”
Vox Popoli: Trump Threatens De-dollarization Sanctions, Their Journey is Just Beginning, A Ticket, Offered, How the Media Sausage is Made, and Nothing Will Stop the Fall
Kausfiles: Biden & The Sweet Hereafter
Stoic Observations: Goo Goo Degrees & DEI Review
Upstream Reviews: Dungeon Samurai I – Kamikaze
Draw & Talk Comics: I’m On The Hunt & I Need Your Help

Adam Piggott: The New and Improved Definition of Antisemitism
American Conservative: Why Are the Charities Enabling Illegal Immigration Still Tax-Exempt?
American Greatness: Tulsi Gabbard steps up to defend religious freedom – from her former political party, Mainstream Media Misrepresenting Crime Statistics in Order to Protect Biden, The Gloves Will Come Off In A Second Biden Term, Shock and Awe on the Campaign Trail, and The Travesties of the Trump Trials
American Power: Stagflation? also, Student Leader at Columbia Facing Possible Discipline for Expressing Extermination Anti-Israel Views
American Thinker: Democrats Have Deliberately Shattered The Ties Binding America, It Took Ten Years For Powerful People To See That Leftism Has Crossed A Red Line, and Was it all that Baby Proofing?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Canadian couple on vacation in Cuba experience the horrors of Cuban healthcare firsthand, The nieces of communist Cuba’s ‘prime minister’ enjoy a life of privilege in the U.S., Surprise! Cuba has run out of cash, and Images of the Day: After 65 years of socialism, this is what’s left of Havana, Cuba
Baldilocks: Fractured
BattleSwarm: Supreme Court Shuts Down Another Democrat Election Fraud Vector, UT Demonstrates It’s Not Columbia, Arrests Pro-Hamas Protestors, LinkSwarm For April 25, What Is Maintaining The Ruble-USD Band? and 90% Of Chinese Factories To Close?
Behind The Black: The plan for SpaceX’s first demo in-orbit refueling mission of Starship, ESA shuffles the management and structure of its ClearSpace-1 space junk removal mission, Webb takes an infrared look at the mane of the Horsehead Nebula, Why the release of the EU’s own space law has been delayed, and The new Nazis and the coming genocide they are planning
Cafe Hayek: Manufacturing Data, Cafe Hayek is 20 Years Old, Beware of the Word “Afford”, and The Case for Free Trade Remains Strong
CDR Salamander: Anglo-American Naval SITREP With Emma Salisbury, also, 2050 Is Not An Out Year
Chicago Boyz: Taxes and the Total State, also, Where Went the Wind?
Da Tech Guy: The Real Culture War Elite Violent Campus Anti-Semites and their Faculty Enablers vs my “White Privileged” Dad, Let’s Not Forget those Who Enabled Those Campus Anti-Semites for Many MANY Years, Thanks to Joe Biden’s Title IX Proclamation Transgenderism is now the official religion of the United States, The “Unexpectedly” Chronicles – Yet Another Reason to Cheer Gov Ron DeSantis, and Biden’s Title IX rules serve military injustice to college students
Don Surber: Antifa can’t cope a banana
First Street Journal: But, but, but, it’s just so unfair, Green virtue signaling, The Philadelphia Inquirer and their writers really hate it when the rule of law goes against their police-hating views, Why are there so few pro-#Hamas demonstrations in conservative areas? and You in a heap o’ trouble, girl!
Gates Of Vienna: “There Will Be No Peace, Nor Negotiations With the Zionist Entity”, The Lying Demagogues of the AfD, And Now For Something Completely Different, Filip Dewinter: “Islam is Our Enemy and Ultimately Wants to Take Over Europe”, and Afghans Gone Wild
The Geller Report: Muslims March in Hamburg Calling For Islamic Revolutions, Demanding a Caliphate in Germany, Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Accuses Jewish Students of Being ‘Pro-Genocide’, New Bombshell Evidence: Trump Was Set Up in Classified Docs, and Harvard Terrorists Remove American Flags on Campus, Raise Terror Flag
Hollywood In Toto: Unsung Hero Recalls Faith-Based Films of Yore, Here’s Why We Can’t Forget Hollywood’s Pandemic Bailouts, Bridgerton Star Plays Victim, Says Pro-Palestine Views Could Cost Her Work, Sound of Freedom Act Inspired by Hit Film, and Afroman Returns, Skewers First Son with ‘Hunter Got High’
The Lid: WARNING: The U.S. Economy is on the Verge of Nightmare Scenario, also, Violent Female Secret Service Agent ‘Should NEVER have been Hired’
Legal Insurrection: Ford Reports Massive Loss on Every Electric Vehicle It Sold, Education Dept. Opens Investigation Into Western Kentucky U Race-Based Scholarship, Cornell’s ‘Charlottesville Moment’ – Chants for ‘Intifada’ Reflect Anti-Israel ‘Death Cult Ideology’, Louisiana Sues Biden Over Title IX Interpretation Allowing Males in Female Sports and Spaces, and Emerson College Students Arrested at Anti-Israel Encampment Outraged That Their Faces Were Shown in Media
Michele Catalano: living on video
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Cantate, and Ego, Blunders, and Progress
Outkick: Gretchen Whitmer Ruthlessly Booed During NFL Draft, Rory McIlroy Shares Title Wealth In Big Easy After Saying ‘Never Enough’ Money In Golf, UAB Football Team Makes History, Joins Players Association To Fight For Future Collegiate Revenue Sharing, Alabama OL Elijah Pritchett Reportedly Arrested For The Second Time In Just Five Months, Beyonce’s Mom Fires Back At Charles Barkley For His Dig At Galveston, and Former WWE Diva Eva Marie Says PETA Inspired Her To Become A Hunter
Power Line: Thoughts from the ammo line, Weekend at Biden’s, The Cure for ED, and Who Are These People?
Shark Tank: “Debbie [Mucarsel-Powell] Is Screwed”
Shot In The Dark: Real American Heroes, Public Order, and Crikey
STUMP: The Weekend In Meep
The Political Hat: The Rise Of Trans-Speciesism
This Ain’t Hell: The US Army deployed lasers to assist with drone threats, And you thought he was just a commie asshole, and Drone Aces in the Air Force
Transterrestrial Musings: Taking The Stairs, A Voice Of Reason From Gaza, The Orion Heat Shield, and Teaching Young People about Communism
Victory Girls: Schiff Learns Not To Leave Anything In Your Car In San Francisco, College Occupations, Frightened Police, and Not a Consequence in Sight, “Killer” Kristi Noem Shot A Dog, A Goat, And Her Career, and Biden Says He’ll Debate Trump, But Will His Campaign Let Him?
Volokh Conspiracy: Federal Court Again Rejects Texas’ Claim that Illegal Migration Qualifies as “Invasion”
Watts Up With That: The Green Agenda Will Lead to Civil War, The Electric Bus Debacle in Antelope Valley, Developing Nations Reject Western Carbon Colonialism, and Are Polar Bears Going Extinct?
The Federalist: DOD Prompts Gender Dysphoria In Military Kids And Hides Health Records From Parents, Lara Trump Parties With The People Trying To Bankrupt And Imprison Her Father-In-Law, Middle-Class Americans Don’t Care What Paul Krugman’s Charts Say About Inflation, Biden Admin Making It Harder For U.S. Gun Businesses To Sell Abroad, and Can We Fix A Culture Hostile To Raising Children?
Mark Steyn: What Do You Got? The Wild One, The Loveless and the Biker Movie, Steyn at Hillsdale, We That Are Left Grow Old, Pervert in the Course of Justice, and Graduating from HamasU

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