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In The Mailbox: 05.02.24 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

“What kind of training have you been doing, soldier?”
“MEEEEEEME training, Sir!”

EBL: The 39 Steps, Don’t Kick The Bison, The Lady Vanishes, and Dystopian Protests Are Here!
Twitchy: Man Trolls Pro-Palestinian Protesters, Hollaria Briden Takes Pro-Hamas Dipstick Hayley Becker To The Woodshed, and Here’s CNN’s Exclusive Framing Of DOJ Civil Rights Chief Lying To The Senate
Louder With Crowder: Man Goes Off On Australian Court, Holds It Accountable For “Greatest Child Abuse Scandal In The History Of Modern Medicine”, also, “Get her!” Woman brings traffic to a halt starting a fight, then tries running away before eating pavement
Vox Popoli: The Secret Weapon, Dunning-Kruger Science, and Ben Shapiro is “a Sneaky Rat”
Gab: The House Passes HR 6090 – A Threat To The Christian Faith
Upstream Reviews: Out Of The Soylent Planet

Adam Piggott: Is a Nation comprised of a Race or a Religion?
American Conservative: Biden and Blinken’s Timorous Israel Policy
American Greatness: Oklahoma Passes Law to Crack Down on Immigration, also, Can The Current Universities Be Saved?
American Thinker: Marxism and Cowardice are the Hallmarks of America’s Colleges and Universities
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News, also, Animal’s Red Thursday News
Babalu Blog: United Nations helps Cuban dictatorship attract tourists to its apartheid hotels and resorts, When dissident artists have infiltrated May Day parades in Cuba to mock and protest the dictatorship, Cuba may not have bread, but it still has circuses, and Cuban mercenaries in Ukraine kill their abusive Russian commander
Baldilocks: Jesus, Jews, Free Speech, & Nutcases
BattleSwarm: Observing 2024 Victims Of Communism Day
Behind The Black: Hubble out of safe mode and resumed science observations, Astroscale to go public, Private Nova Scotia spaceport company opens spaceport to all rocket companies, The EU’s government-owned satellite constellation is faltering in its attempt to compete with Starlink and OneWeb, Southwest Airlines is deservedly in financial trouble, NASA IG: Major technical problems with Orion remain unsolved, and Pro-American UNC frat boys – Don’t hold a party, use the money more effectively!
Cafe Hayek: The Inanity of Politicians Talking Trade, also, They Can Afford It! – Not
Chicago Boyz: Quote of the Day, Rathergate Edition, also, Worthwhile Reading, Viewing, and Listening
Da Tech Guy: My commencement address, Maybe the Campus Protestors Will Move to Be Tried as Juveniles, Net Neutrality is back just in time for the 2024 Election, and The UCLA “Pigs Go Home” & “All Cops Are Bastards” Crowd get their wish & Then Regret It
Dana Loesch: Like OMG Intifada Or Something
Don Surber: Intifada hurt Democrats
First Street Journal: Gasoline prices will increase; the only question is how much they’ll rise before the election, also, Stupid is as stupid does, and prison cannot cure stupid
Gates Of Vienna: Excommunicating the AfD, The Eye of the Needle, Full-Blown Tyranny ca. 2030, We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Evidence, and The UAE Warns Germany: Watch Out For “Islamism”!
The Geller Report: Jewish Students Brutally Beaten By UCLA Terror Mob, also, Thousands of Illegals Tracked To Over 21 Pro-Terror, Jew Hating Protests Across America
Hollywood In Toto: Randy Quaid’s Parents Remains a Bone-Chilling Satire, Lady Ghostbusters’ Revenge? Reboot Ices Out Frozen Empire, Colbert Defends Anti-Israel Protests, Shamed Anti-Lockdown Voices, Joe Rogan Blasts Woke Colleges: ‘Cult Camps’, and Jerry Seinfeld Blames ‘Extreme Left, ‘PC Crap’ for Comedy Decline-UPDATED
The Lid: Poll Shows Donald Trump Now Beating Joe Biden in All Seven Battleground States, also, Biden Has Secretly Flown Hundreds of Thousands of Illegals to 45 Cities — But Most Sent to Punish Florida
Legal Insurrection: Columbia Mob That Took Over Hamilton Hall Demand ‘Humanitarian Aid’, Campus Riots a Marriage of ‘Year Zero’ Leftists and Eighth Century Islamists, ‘Woke’ Air Force Colonel Promotion Still Stalled – An Update, Portland State: Police Recover ‘Improvised Weapons’ Left Behind in Library by Pro-Hamas Mob, Professional Agitator Lisa Fithian Caught on Tape at Columbia With Pro-Hamas Mob, Man at George Washington U. Protest Calls Rep. Byron Donalds ‘Race Traitor’ and ‘Uncle Tom’, and Napa Valley’s Famous Wineries Revolt Against Eco-Activist Bureaucrats
Nebraska Energy Observer: Revolt, Revolution, and Constitution, also, It’s true
Outkick: John Calipari Reportedly Spending Millions In NIL Money At Arkansas To Piece Together A Talented Roster, Ole Miss Students Build A Wall, Sing ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ As Pro-Hamas Protestors Learn About SEC Country, MLB’s New Blackout-Free Streaming Service May Already Be Dead, Floyd Mayweather Hands Out Stacks of Cash To L.A. Homeless, Shedeur Sanders’ Online Nonsense Hints At Disaster Waiting To Happen In Colorado , Was It Nick Saban, NIL Collectives Or Unlimited Transfers? NCAA Portal Record Broken With Over 3,800 Entries, and Lakers Reportedly Buying In On Bronny James As Desperate Attempt To Keep Dad LeBron James
Power Line: Judy Collins turns 85, Bontasaurus Blocks Parents, and Counterrevolution at Chapel Hill
Shark Tank: DeSantis Signs Bill Banning DEI Training In Teacher Prep Classes
Shot In The Dark: We Don’t Expect Much, Open Letter To Campus Protesters & Their Faculty/Administration Simps, and Urban Progressive Privilege Q – How Do You Make A Minneapolis “Progressive” Scream?
The Political Hat: Victims of Communism Day, 2024
This Ain’t Hell: Army Major stashed firearms inside rice packed blue barrels, then shipped them to Ghana, Back to school, fellas, Arizona rancher gets hung jury, will not be retried, Maybe, just maybe, there’s some hope for this country, and Jack Teixeira to face military justice proceeding
Transterrestrial Musings: May 1st, also, Starship Update
Victory Girls: The Columbia Food And Water Negotiator Worse Than You Thought, also, LA Mayor Karen Bass Only Upset at Campus Violence After Jews Fight Back
Volokh Conspiracy: Victims of Communism Day—2024
Watts Up With That: Conrad Black: Washing away the Climate Lunatics, Build It, And The Wind Won’t Come, Plant Vogtle Unit 4 begins commercial operation, Climate Obsessed Democrats Demand an Oil Exploration Halt in the Middle of a Gasoline Price Crisis, and The Looming Electrical Power Shortage
The Federalist: Democrats Counter Florida’s New Heartbeat Law With Fearmongering Ballot Measure, Republicans’ ‘Antisemitism’ Bill Merely Gives Feds More Power To Trample Free Speech, Keeping College Campus Radicals In Check Is Possible. Here’s How We Did It In Florida, Election Integrity Group Sues Minnesota, Wisconsin To End NVRA Transparency Exemption, Why Won’t Democrats Do What It Takes To Protect Kids From School Shooters? Kristen Clarke Allegedly Knifed Her Ex And Lied About It — But It’s Not The Worst Thing She’s Done, Left-Wing Dark Money Groups Are Bankrolling Anti-Israel Demonstrations, and Poll: More Than 8 In 10 Americans Don’t Trust Corporate Media To Report Facts
Mark Steyn: The Three Rs, Knights and Dame, They Are the Ones, Live Around the Planet: Wednesday May 1st, and The New Tentifadah

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