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In The Mailbox: 05.08.24 (Abbreviated Punditocracy Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

How I feel on an average day looking at the news.

357 Magnum: Texans Are Still Armed
EBL: Hamas pretends to accept “ceasefire” when IDF ready to enter Rafah, also, MAGA Indefinite Postponment of the Trump Classified Document Case
Twitchy: “I Live In One of The United State” Tweets Discount Comm Shop Bot, Rep. Adam Schiff Has A Meltdown As Another Trump Trial Faces Delay, and House GOP Bill Proposes Sending Criminal Anit-Israel Protesters To Gaza
Louder With Crowder: David Hogg Made The Most Bizarre Claim About What “Men Want” In Strange Rant Romanticizing Trains, Watch: Berkeley Holds Lecture From Furry Who Claims “Living Openly Gay” Gave Him “Superpowers”, Boy Scouts To Now Be Called “Scouting America” To Be More Inclusive, “Take your mask off, p*ssy”, and Female dart champion takes a stand, refuses to compete against trans opponent claiming to be a woman
Vox Popoli: Women Love Bears, The End Approaches, A Physicist Endorses MITTENS, The Gazacaust is Bad PR, and “Enough,” said the Bear
Gab: The Wartime Church
Upstream Reviews: Pirates Of The Electromagnetic Waves

Baldilocks: Tactical Assault
CDR Salamander: What Do We Do About Shipbuilding?
Dana Loesch: So Kristi Noem’s Book Launch Is Going Well, Last Week In Legal (Tila Tequila Edition)
Don Surber: Our credit card economy
Glenn Reynolds: Pushback works
STUMP: Alternative Assets In Public Pensions 2001-2022 Update

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