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In The Mailbox: 05.10.24

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SOTD (it’s been on my mind)
Had a good afternoon & evening hanging out with Stacy & Kirby McCain, and got to see the first few episodes of Fallout, which was entertaining.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley et Hamas delendam sunt.

EBL: Glenarvon, Homunculus Troll Greta Thunberg ?? Hamas, Saint Damien de Veuster of Moloka’i, and Eurovision 2024: Israel’s Eden Golan: Hurricane
Twitchy: Man Gives Local Government Creative Finger Over Boat Fence Mandate, Newsom-Appointed Regulators OK Change To Utility Billing That Makes Responsible Customers Pay More, and Patricia Heaton Decimates Florida Mosque Speaker Who Whines That He Can’t Deny The Holocaust
Louder With Crowder: Patriotic and Petty! Man’s response to complaints about HIS boat in HIS driveway goes viral, “I like to make a political statement”, also, Pro-Hamas teen f*cks around desecrating WW1 memorial, finds out when his FATHER turns him into police
Vox Popoli: WWIII and the Élefsiton, also, Dominic Cummings Smells the Coffee
According To Hoyt: ReRuns, We Ain’t Dead Yet, and The State of The Writer
Monster Hunter Nation: Monster Hunter Fantom
Upstream Reviews: The Thing From HR

Adam Piggott: Israel is and always has been a Terrorist State
American Conservative: Teaching in the Age of the Smartphone
American Greatness: Will the Real Dictator Please Stand Up?—If He’s Able
American Thinker: Hamas Declares That It Will Make No Further Concessions
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Cow Cuddling Friday, also, Animal’s Red Thursday News
Babalu Blog: Disastrous harvest forces Cuba to import sugar, Reports from Cuba: Government exports 90% of island’s honey, which Cubans must buy on the black market, and Top medical official in Italy denounces incompetence of Cuban doctors as well as their enslavement
BattleSwarm: Paxton Sues NGO For Aiding Illegal Alien Invasion, also, LinkSwarm For May 10
Behind The Black: SpaceX launches 20 more Starlink satellites, Starlink revenue in 2024 estimated at $6.6 billion, Update of the reusable cargo capsule by the French company, The Exploration Company, Perseverance looks ahead, out of Jezero Crater, Pentagon: SpaceX effectively blocking Russian illegal use of Starlink, and German startup loses prototype of aerospike spaceplane during test
Cafe Hayek: Doug Irwin on Trade Openness and Economic Growth
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Da Tech Guy: Media’s opening attacks on Trump allies, God Help the College Idiots if Israel Takes Into Account The Single Most Important Fact from VDH’s Latest, Irony Overload Pro Hamas Camps NOT ALLOWED by the Palestinian Authority in Universities Controlled by Them, We Interrupt our Coverage of the Problems of the world for an update on our 1972 Dynasty Draft League Season, Donuts are now a luxury food item, and Young Sheldon, George Cooper and the Ivermectin Irony
Don Surber: We don’t want journalism back
First Street Journal: A hunger strike is only effective if someone actually cares if you starve yourself to death
Gates Of Vienna: Jihad Comes to the Tourtoirac Cemetery, The Great Vaccine Leap Forward, Send ’Em Back — The Ukrainians, That Is, Paul Weston: Mass Murder in the Care Homes, We’ll Always Have Malmö, and Morally Corrupt Stupidity or Malicious Culpability?
The Geller Report: “Palestinianism”: Jew-Hating Terror Students Caught Making Nazi Salute, Impersonating Hitler
Hollywood In Toto: How Did We Miss David Mamet’s Spartan? Irreverent Mr. Birchum Hammers Woke Culture, Six Reasons Baby Reindeer Earned All That Hype, Tom Brady Roast Proves Woke Is on the Run, Woke Wicked Little Letters – Clapter: The Movie, and When Will Stars Speak Up for Canceled Jews?
The Lid: Fed Chief Admits that Illegals Raise Mortgage Rates for Americans
Legal Insurrection: Farm States Resisting Biden Administration’s Bird Flu Response, Only 6 of the 33 Arrested at George Washington U. Were Students, Emerson College Giving Arrested Anti-Israel Protesters Bail, Extended Housing for Court, Republican Senators Want Biden to Reject WHO’s Proposed “Pandemic Treaty”, Evergreen State College Caves to Anti-Israel Protesters, Will Form Divestment Task Force, and This Is How It’s Done: Frat Boys Challenge Antifa To A Push-Up Contest
Nebraska Energy Observer: Put your money, also, Scattershot Friday
Outkick: College Players Should Be Forced To Pay Contract Buyout If They Transfer Under Revenue Sharing, UCLA Will Have To Pay Cal $10 Million Per Year For Leaving Pac-12, Jayson Tatum On Celtics ‘Super Team’ Label: ‘We Didn’t Get Rewarded Like We Are’, Shaq’s Nikola Joki? MVP Rant Sparks Ongoing Feud With Shannon Sharpe, And It Gets Personal, Caitlin Clark’s Indiana Fever Already Soaring As 13,028 Fans Show For Preseason Game, After A Respectable Fight Brandel Chamblee Finally Surrenders To The Saudis And LIV Golf, and Like It Or Not, The ‘Summer Of Olivia Dunne’ Is About To Begin As MLB Has Their Taylor Swift
Power Line: The Nine-Percent Solution, Begin & Bibi v. Biden, Oil Companies: Please Support Trump! and Thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: Buchanan & Soto Introduce Bill To Strengthen Healthcare Ties With Israel
Shot In The Dark: I’ve Never Been Less Proud To Be An American, also, Little Boxes Made Of Ticky-Tack
STUMP: Ohio Pension Drama Continues – Investigation Called On “Hostile Takeover”
The Political Hat: Firing Line Friday: Public Medicine?
This Ain’t Hell: Dick Rutan into the skies one last time, VA Faker Awarded Federal Prison Time, Valor Friday, American woman trained with ISIS, and Boy Scouts changing to Scouting America
Transterrestrial Musings: On The Pro-Terrorist Gender Gap, also, Mars Sample Return
Victory Girls: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. And His Brain Worms
Volokh Conspiracy: District Court Dismisses Genesis B. Kids Climate Suit Against the EPA
Watts Up With That: Concerns Mount Over Exploding Electric Vehicles, Green Extremist Activists Attack Magna Carta Document in London, and Biden Administration locking up public lands from West to East
The Federalist: Working Moms Shouldn’t Have To Choose Between Girlboss And Tradwife, Pressure Grows For Ohio Speaker To Advance Bill Keeping Foreign Cash Out Of Elections, The Discovery Of ‘Mass Graves’ Of Indigenous Canadian Children Was Actually A Massive Hoax, This Week In Lawfare Land: Prosecutor Misconduct Jeopardizes Another Case, North Carolina’s Early Voting Locations Illegally Favor Democrats, and Presbyterian Church In America Invites Professional Polarizer David French To Lecture Christians On Getting Along
Mark Steyn: Though Worlds May Change and Go Awry

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