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In The Mailbox: 05.16.24 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

EBL: The Dam Busters, also, Is it a mistake for Trump to go to CNN to debate Biden?
Twitchy: NIH Official Brags He Knows How To Make Emails Disappear After FOIA Request, Anderson Cooper Says Michael Cohen Was Cornered In What Appeared To Be A Lie, and Biden’s Gaza Pier Project Moves Into Hamas Line Of Fire
Louder With Crowder: Influencer expects fat dude to simp for her, gets hilariously put in her place: “Maybe eat a burger and not be anorexic”
Vox Popoli: A Free Pass on Beating Children, Accountability is Unavoidable, Brave on Linux, and Crushing the Comics
Stoic Observations: Throwback Thursday
Gab: You Need To Be Babymaxxing

Adam Piggott: A Pox on Schooling, The Furnace of Humiliation, and Preserved for Posterity
American Conservative: The Maryland Senate Race Is a Test of Both Parties’ Viability
American Greatness: The Biden Reelection Strategy, Ohio Removes Illegal Aliens from State Voter Rolls, and Who’s Ready For President Kamala Harris?
American Power: Wannsee, also, Black Edelweiss
American Thinker: Biden’s Complicity in the Cancellation of Israel, Biden and His ‘Ironclad’ Support of Israel, The Biden Anti-American Legacy, and When Gasoline is $100 per Gallon
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday, Animal’s Daily JBERBear News, Animal Magnetism LIVE Ep. 7 – Urban Women And Men v. Bears, Animal’s Hump Day News, and Animal’s Red Thursday News
Babalu Blog: Spanish Congress of Deputies passes resolution condemning human rights violations in Cuba, The Castro dictatorship’s long arm of repression even reaches Cuban dissidents in exile, Nicaraguan dictatorship drives Miss Universe out into ‘indefinite exile’, and Che Guevara’s daughter rails against rampant ‘capitalist anarchy’ in Cuba, calls for more aggressive repression
Baldilocks: The Battle Continues
BattleSwarm: China: Old And Busted: 1 Bed, 1 Bath. The New Hotness: 1 Bed In Bathroom, Police Flee High Crime California For Texas, Shoigu Out As Russia’s Defense Minister, Cuellar Aides Flip, and Texas Sues Biden Administration Over EV Trucking Mandates
Behind The Black: NASA versus Isaacman/SpaceX on upgrading Hubble, AST SpaceMobile makes deal with ATT to use its cell-to-satellite constellation, Scientists: No evidence of obvious changes on Europa, Potentially serious problem on BepiColombo Mercury mission, Congress passes new authorization bill for FAA that includes short extension of “learning period”, and Another “rightwing COVID conspiracy theory” proves to be true
Cafe Hayek: American Compass Is Broken, Benighted Lighthizer, Substitution Effects, Protectionism Is Topsy-Turvy Nonsense, and An Open Letter to Katherine Tai
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Chicago Boyz: RFK Jr, also, Subsidization, Regulation, and AI
Da Tech Guy: Under the Fedora Shocked SHOCKED edition, Volunteering as tribute, The Eurovision Protestors Unfair to Israel’s Entry and Unfair to all the other entries, Trump-ified A Man in Full on Netflix comes up empty, and Let’s Stop Pretending there is Any Doubt as to the NYC Trump Trial Verdict
Dana Loesch: Facebook Deleted All My Pictures With The Dallas Jewish Conservatives, NBC & DOJ Team Up To Wage War On School Board Parents
Don Surber: Ukraine may be lost
First Street Journal: The muddled Methodists, Crazy people are dangerous, Holding their breath until they turn blue, Hamas delendum est, and This is what happens when prosecutors give out sweetheart plea deals!
Gates Of Vienna: The Head Spook in Thuringia Vows to Stop the AfD, Palestinian Culture-Enricher in Germany Sentenced to Life For Double Murder, Gendarmes Mobilized to Track Down “The Fly“, All Your Gold Are Belong To Us, and Exterminate the AfD!
The Geller Report: Jew Hater Assaults Jewish Children Playing Outside Jewish School in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in Random Attack
Glenn Reynolds: Harrison Butker, Harbinger?
Hollywood In Toto: Arcadian Delivers Scares Atop Conservative Values, The War on Jerry Seinfeld, Explained (UPDATED), Winston Marshall Shreds Pelosi in Epic Smackdown, These Maligned Movies Deserve a Second Chance, and Winehouse Biopic Back to Black Puts Camera Where It Belongs
The Lid: Survey: Most Car Dealership Owners Doubt Electric Cars are the Future of Auto Industry, Biden Polls Still Crashing: More Say Economy Will Improve if Trump is Elected, and Why Are Western Countries Committing National Suicide?
Legal Insurrection: Pelican Island Bridge in Texas Slammed by Barge, Causing Portion to Collapse, Stockholm Syndrome: Outgoing Cornell President Expresses “Gratitude” To Anti-Israel Encampment Protesters, Sonoma State Univ. President Placed on Leave After Going Rogue Under Protest Pressure And Agreeing To Academic Boycott of Israel, Daniel Perry Gets Full Pardon From Texas Governor Abbott, Iowa Governor Signs Bill Banning DEI Policies at Public Institutions, and Eighteen States Sue EEOC Over Guidelines That Force Employers to Allow Men in Women’s Bathrooms, Prohibit “Misgendering”
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Exaudi, Crusade for Rights, Ending Equal Justice Under Law, and Summer is Coming
Outkick: Harrison Butker’s Jersey Among The Most Popular Selling Following College Address, NFL Games Are Boring And Overrated, ACC’s Jim Phillips Calls Florida State, Clemson Lawsuit ‘Disruptive And Harmful’, Leaders Are NCAA Focused, The Iron Claw Is An Incredible And Unbelievably Sad Movie, Caitlin Clark’s Debut Turned Over WNBA TV History With Highest Ratings In Decades, and Paige Spiranac Finds Happy Place In White Lingerie, NBA Wife Posts Thirst Trap & Ohio Realtor Turns On America
Power Line: Another Look at Energy and the Environment, An Alpha News Trump exclusive, and America’s Next Vice President?
Shark Tank: A Tale Of Two Resolutions
Shot In The Dark: Not To Be Left Behind, Manners, Everything’s Just Fine, and We’ve Got Good News And Bad News
The Political Hat: Nature Rights In Colorado — Gaia Strikes Back, also, Quick Takes – DEI Must DIE: Ending Diversity Statements At MIT; Axing Mandatory DEI Statements In Kansas; Scrapping DEI Requirements In Virginia
This Ain’t Hell: Sergeant Shields Student from Grenade Blast, Air Force Vet Cyril Wecht dies at 91, Pro-Palestine Major Resigns, VA’s MDMA Clinical Trials for PTSD, Hard Call, and Alvin Bragg offers plea deal to six illegal aliens accused of attacking two police officers
Transterrestrial Musings: Hubble Trouble, The Pace Of Vulcan Rockets, Campus Anti-Semitism, Mars Sample Return, and Spaceport Vegas?
Victory Girls: Hunter Biden Is About To Run Out Of Other People’s Money, RNC Chair, Lara Trump, With Non Breaking News, The Niceness Offensive: Trans Tone Policing, and Marines Covered Up Attempted “Migrants” Breach At Quantico Base
Volokh Conspiracy: Congress is Preparing to Restore Quotas in College Admissions, also, Can Nonprofits That Help Organize Protests Lose Their Tax Exemptions?
Watts Up With That: Michigan Government Is Stacked Top to Bottom with Donor-provided Climate Activist “Staff”, DeSantis signs laws slashing climate agenda directives, targeting adversary investments, Biden China Tariffs Infuriate Climate Activists, and Many of the ‘Climate Experts’ Surveyed by the Guardian in Recent Propaganda Blitz Turn Out to be Emotionally-Unstable Hysterics
The Federalist: Jerry Seinfeld Laughs Off The Haters, The NFL’s Condemnation Of Harrison Butker Exemplifies The Left’s Anti-Christian Bigotry, Whatever U.S. Elites Are Defending In Ukraine, It Isn’t Democracy, HHS Secretary Admits The Feds Will Punish Hospitals That Resist Trans Mutilation, Russia Hoaxer Jake Tapper Is The Perfect Partisan Hack To Give Biden A Debate Edge, Air Force Celebrates ‘Pride Month’ Amidst ‘Worst’ Recruiting Crisis In Modern History, and MIT Breaks With DEI Insanity In Faculty Hiring, But Is It Too Late?
Mark Steyn: Down in the Depths: Destination Tokyo and the Submarine Movie, M-O-T-H-E-R, McIntyre vs Ofcom, The Mountain Comes To Mohammed, and Malmö and Me

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