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In The Mailbox: 05.21.24 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

357 Magnum: New Yorkers Prepare For Hobbes’ State Of War
EBL: Red Lobster is in Hot Water, also, Wanted For War Crimes
Twitchy: Joy Behar Scolds Bill Maher For Not Doing Enough To Protect “Corpse-Like” Joe Biden, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Baffled By Predictable Report On U.S. Aid To Gaza, and Occasional Cortex Tries To Shame Rudy Giuliani & Gets Shut Down In Embarrassing Fashion
Louder With Crowder: Trans Runner (aka a Dude) Booed After Being Named State Champion in Girls’ Track
Vox Popoli: Sad News for Predator Fans, Did Clown World Go 1 for 2, It’s worse than you think, Mailvox: Sinovac vs mRNA, and The Great Unvaxxing
Upstream Reviews: Dungeons & Dragons – Honor Among Thieves
Defending The Wood Perilous: Future Post Poll 2A Grades & Endorsements For 2024 Illinois Candidates
Postcards From Barsoom: The Re-enchantment Of The World
Gab: Overcoming The Unimaginable Temptation Of Modernity

Adam Piggott: The Iranian Black Swan
American Conservative: It’s Time to Start Thinking About Trump 2.0, also, Coming to America: What If That Gaza Pier is a Two-Way Street?
American Greatness: The Disgrace and Fall of the American Elite Campus, Election 2024: A Political Renaissance for America or the Path to Totalitarianism, and Report: UCLA Prevents Conservative Student Group from Hosting Pro-Israel Event
American Power: Sebastian Junger, How I Came Face to Face with the Idea of an Afterlife
American Thinker: Lessons from COVID Totalitarianism, Camp of the Dumbbells, and The Deep State and Globalism
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday, also, Animal’s Daily Grifting Politicians News
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship expresses ‘solidarity’ with Iran after president’s helicopter crashes, Reports from Cuba: Trial against Caimanera protesters in Cuba begins behind closed doors, strong security, Reports from Cuba: Bishop of Camagüey prohibits ringing the bells during blackouts, and Cuban schoolchildren forced to take a bite of their bread before they’re allowed to leave class
BattleSwarm: Satan Asks Democrats To Tone Down All The Evil, Is Jeremy Clarkson Saving UK Farming? Gun News Roundup for May 21, and Could Trump Tap Paxton As Attorney General?
Behind The Black: NLRB suspends case against SpaceX, Piece from SpaceX Dragon service module falls on Canadian farm, Solar storms are simply no longer a threat, Red China’s Kuaizhou-11 rocket launches four satellites, Glacial tributaries draining south on Mars, Former head of NIH admits 6-foot social distancing rule had no scientific basis at all, and Pushback: NJ gym wins total victory in court after refusing to obey illegal COVID mandates
Cafe Hayek: Open Letter to Lael Brainard, Deficient Reporting, and Protectionists’ Cheap Tricks
CDR Salamander: So What’s The Deal With The Drone Carrier?
Chicago Boyz: A Word About Presidential Debates
Da Tech Guy: Assorted Thoughts Under the Fedora, Five Sunday Morning Thoughts Under the Fedora, What about the current laws? The next time someone says we need more gun control laws, tell them about Cook County, Illinois, A quick trip to the Tycoon Arcade, and Words of wisdom from George Washington
Don Surber: Maybe Trump knows what he’s doing
First Street Journal: Sometimes you just have to be an a**hole to do things right, Israel recovers three more hostages from Gaza, Anti-Semitism at Hahvahd is nothing new, and Israel busts yet another Hamas tunnel and weapons cache
Gates Of Vienna: Injured vs. Wounded, Senegalese Culture-Enricher Runs Wild With a Knife in Saxony, Ebrahim Raisi, R.I.P., Sharia 101, and In Duisburg and Berlin, the Kids Are All Right… NOT!
The Geller Report: Biden to Black Graduates: America Hates You
Hollywood In Toto: How Day of the Locust Out-Babyloned Babylon, How Judd Apatow Lost His Comedy Crown, Adam Carolla Shreds Schwarzenegger, Stern for Insane COVID Rants, Irena’s Vow Speaks to Our Tragic Times, and Far-Left Oliver Stone Blasts Lawfare Against Trump
The Lid: Walmart Says It is Seeing More Upper Income Shoppers Thanks to Bidenomics, Liberal Judge Claims Illegals Have Voting Rights, and Time for Congress to Burst Federal Bureaucracy’s Bubble
Legal Insurrection: Victor Davis Hanson on Radical Campus Protests and the Fall of Elite Higher Education, Campus Is Not Reality – Harvard-Harris Poll Shows Americans Overwhelmingly Hate Hamas and Love Israel, Joe Biden’s Race-Baiting and Divisive Speech at Morehouse College Reeked of Political Desperation, Trump’s Defense Rests Without Him Taking the Stand, and Israel Eliminates Hezbollah Rocket Commander, Expands Operation in Rafah Terror Stronghold
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Pentecost, A Monday in May, and If this is not the worst hearing
Outkick: Female Golfer Speaks Out After Losing To Trans Player In Qualifier, Caitlin Clark’s And Winless Indiana’s TV Ratings Dip, And She’s Still White, Rashee Rice’s Accuser Does Not Have Authority To Drop Charges, Contradicting NFL Media Report, Jaden Rashada Files Massive NIL Lawsuit Against Florida’s Billy Napier, Mega-Booster, Former Gator Employee, Michigan State AD Appears To Subtly Threaten CMU Over Connor Stalions Investigation, Chris Paul Labeled NBA’s Greatest Diva By Former Ref, and Even New York Giants Players Hate Their New Throwback Jersey
Power Line: The worst commencement speech, A shout-out to Sir Charles, and Down With Coal?
Shark Tank: Rep. Bean Bashes Antisemitism, ICC Warrants 
Shot In The Dark: A Discourse On Berg’s Fourth Law, Shut Up & Make The Biscuits, Jeb, Perhaps St. Paul’s Sole Political Upside (Sort Of), and The Party of Crime & Violence
STUMP: Taxing Tuesday Podcast
The Political Hat: Populism Isn’t Democracy, It’s Ochlocracy
This Ain’t Hell: Prosecutors, Americans potentially involved with a failed coup in Congo, US Air Force Instructor Dies After Ejection Seat Activates, “We Don’t Know Jack, but We Know This” – Iran, “C.Q.” Brown’s Gaza Advice, and Pro-Palestinian rioter punches female DC cop, gets 48 hours of community service
Transterrestrial Musings: Glenn Loury, Hunter Biden, Commercial Crew History, The Ghouls Of Gaza, and Judge And Justice
Victory Girls: Don’t Get Your Knickers In A Knot About The Debate Games, Patty Murray And Her Crash Test Dummies, and Boss Girls: Aging And Looking For Love
Volokh Conspiracy: Indiana Court Rules Burritos and Tacos Qualify as Sandwiches
Watts Up With That: The Inconvenient Truth About Copper: Implications for U.S. Electrification Goals, Dutch Farmers Triumph Over Ideological Climate Policies: A Victory for Practicality and Reason, and Mercedes and Volkswagen DITCH their EV ambitions! 
The Federalist: Court Rules Schools Can Force LGBT Ideology On Kids Against Parents’ Religious Objections, FBI Was Authorized To Use ‘Deadly Force’ Against Trump During Mar-A-Lago Raid, Court Filings Show, If American Institutions Were Morally Neutral, Harrison Butker Wouldn’t Have Struck A Nerve, Complaint: Illegal Memo Lets People Who Fail ID Checks Onto Pennsylvania’s Voter Rolls Anyway, Quiet On Set Exposes How Pornography Inspired Abuse Of Nickelodeon Child Actors, Taxpayer Watchdogs Rip GOP Farm Bill’s Billion-Dollar Subsidy Package, and Judge Sees Nothing Wrong With Leftist Voter Drives On Wisconsin College Campus
Mark Steyn: Curiouser and Curiouser, Crocodile Tears: Carole Lombard’s Doomed Heroine in Nothing Sacred, Kiwis, Cattle and Crosby, and (Ghost) Riders in the Sky

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