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In The Mailbox: 05.22.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

EBL: The $320 Million Epic Fail Pier in Gaza, also, Hayek is right
Twitchy: Kurdish Migrants Hurl Abuse At Japanese During Patriotic Parade, OH SecState Says Biden Won’t Be On The November Ballot, and Beyond Parody – MSNBC Wonders How Red Lobster’s Demise Will Affect Black Communities
Louder With Crowder: School Counselor Is Horrified At New Trend Where Students Claim Their Pronouns Are “USA”
Vox Popoli: Sometimes Tropes are True, Marvel Comics on the Chopping Block, European States Recognize Palestine, and There’s Always One
Upstream Reviews: Brother, Frank
Stoic Observations: The Stoic Speaks Black

American Conservative: The Politically and Morally Bankrupt Tories Deserve to Lose
American Greatness: Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid and Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Defend Butker’s Right To Free Speech
American Thinker: A Forensic Analysis Of The X-Rays of JFK’s Skull Yields Surprising Results
Animal Magnetism: Animal Magnetism LIVE Ep. 8 – Gun Safes, also, Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: New poll in communist Cuba shows only 3% of Cubans consider themselves ‘firmly socialist’, Cuban oppressor fighting as mercenary in Ukraine killed in action, and Things go bad for the Catholic Church in Cuba
Baldilocks: Guys Talking
BattleSwarm: Hollywood’s War on Dwarves
Behind The Black: Starliner manned launch delayed again; no new launch announced, SpaceX launches NRO reconnaissance satellite(s), ESA awards contracts to two companies to build unmanned orbital freighters, and Emails prove NIH officials engineered coverup of COVID origins in 2020
CDR Salamander: SSNs At Horse Latitudes
Chicago Boyz: Norms
Da Tech Guy: Never Forget that the Same People Who Insist that Election 2020 Was on the Up and Up…
Dana Loesch: Vapid, Hollywood, & The ICC
Don Surber: Billionaires for Trump grows
First Street Journal: Some deluded American leftists might think that they are organizing the pro-‘Palestinian’ protests, but much of it comes from the professional agitators
Gates Of Vienna: Help Me, Information, Habemus Pap, Enemy of the State, and Covid-19: All Lies. All Crime. — Chapter 2
The Geller Report: Antisemitic Countries REWARD TERRORISM: Ireland, Norway, and Spain to Recognize “Palestinian” Terror State on May 28th, A Day That Will Live in Infamy
Glenn Reynolds: This Is How You Get More Ants
Hollywood In Toto: Social Media Schools Bette Midler on Unhinged Hillary Claim, The Heartbreaking Tales Behind The Longest Month, Why Furiosa Should End Mad Max  Franchise, Ex-Disney Animator: Stop Putting ‘The Message’ First, Revealed: Kevin Sorbo Joins Dennis Quaid in Reagan, and Hollywood Refuses to ‘Believe All Women’…Again
The Lid: Report: 65% of Americans Say They Are Worse Off than Last Year Thanks to Bidenflation
Legal Insurrection: DOJ Threatens Oklahoma With Lawsuit Over Immigration Law, Rand Paul Demands DOJ Investigate Top Fauci Aide for Allegedly Destroying COVID Origin Emails, U. North Carolina Spending $90 Million on Hundreds of DEI Related Staffers, Biden Admin Cancels $7.7 Million in Federal Student Loans, Oberlin College Settles With Insurers Over Gibson’s Bakery Payout, and ‘MAGA Court Majority’: Former Obama Staffers Terrified Trump Could Potentially Appoint Two More SCOTUS Justices
Nebraska Energy Observer: Battling for Liberty
Outkick: Women’s Tennis Star Coco Gauff Takes Aim at Ron DeSantis, Urges Young Voters To Go Out And Vote Lib, Josh Allen Gets A New Team In Buffalo To Chase Success His Previous Bills Squad Didn’t Reach, Oregon Columnist Furious With People Who Think Boys Winning Girls’ Races Is Unfair, LeBron James Crushes Caitlin Clark’s Haters, Explains Blunt Reality, NBA Playoffs Ratings Down Big As New Media Rights Deal Looms, Charles Barkley Mocks Jealous Women Complaining About Caitlin Clark’s Popularity, NHL Is Seeing Some Of Its Best Stanley Cup Playoff Ratings Ever, and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Brooks Nader Continues Her Cowgirl Divorce Celebration At Miami Beach
Power Line: CFPB Meets DSM, Was great in Minneapolis, and AI and “Green” on Collision Course
Shark Tank: Florida House Delegation Issues Bipartisan Condemnation Of Cuban Visit To Miami Airport
Shot In The Dark: The Reason Why
STUMP: Finalized 1999-2022 U.S. Cause Of Death Spreadsheet 
This Ain’t Hell: You’d swear the protesters are pros – they are, Gaza Pier Problems, and Federal agents prepared to use deadly force at Mar-a-Lago raid
Transterrestrial Musings: Lunar Lander Problems, also, The “Impossible” Burger
Victory Girls: Elvis Presley’s Graceland
Volokh Conspiracy: Free Speech Unmuted: Free Speech, TikTok (and Bills of Attainder!), with Prof. Alan Rozenshtein (Minnesota Law)
Watts Up With That: Massive Utility Trade Group Reportedly Taking Biden Admin to Court Over Green Power Plant Rules, Wash Post’s ‘climate solutions’ reporter touts taking ‘cold showers’, and EPA’s Clean Power Plan Rule Prioritizes Net-Zero Over Grid Reliability
The Federalist: National Women’s Law Center Sides Against The Female Athletes Suing NCAA For Trans Insanity, Occasional Cortex Admits Lawfare Is An ‘Ankle Bracelet’ Keeping Trump From Campaign Trail, There’s Nothing Pro-Life About Ted Cruz And Katie Britt’s IVF Bill, Pentagon Tacitly Admits Biden’s Gaza Pier Stunt Is A Total Failure, AP Admits Noncitizens Vote In U.S. Elections While Insisting It’s No Big Deal, Trump Can’t ‘Drain The Swamp’ If He Keeps Endorsing Its Worst Offenders, and Why Is Indiana’s Secretary Of State Partnering With ‘Nerve Center’ Of Federal Censorship?
Mark Steyn: Dam-Busted, Live Around the Planet: Too Klaus For Comfort, and Wigging Out

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