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In The Mailbox: 05.29.24 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Been having problems staying up late enough to do the evening half of these posts. Tonight for sure!
Today’s pic is left over from the days when Starbucks inflicted stupid activist hashtags on people’s cups of go-juice. The Dunkin’ crew thought it was hilarious.
Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

357 Magnum: Memorial Day – The Unofficial Start Of Summer in Chicago
EBL: Ferrari, MAGA Meltdown: Bobby DeNiro Rages Outside Trump Trial, and Is Biden’s $320 Million Gaza Boodoggle Pier Sinking?
Twitchy: Norks Sending Poop Balloons To ROK Really Stinks, NY Post Reports “Trump Deliberations Underway” & Twitter Reacts, and Sinking Pier Architect Brags To Voters He’s Also Leadng A “$60 Zillion” Bridge Project
Louder With Crowder: School won’t give this student his diploma after he dared speak about Jesus in his graduation speech, also, Libertarian Party Nominates “Armed And Gay” Radical BLM Activist Leftist As Preferred Presidential Candidate
Vox Popoli: Taiwan in Three Weeks, You Get What You’ll Pay For, RIP Bill Walton, For Once He’s Not Wrong, and The Intellectual Father of Clown World 2A Grades For 2024’s Alabama Candidates
Gab: A Golden Opportunity To Rebuild Christendom
Upstream Reviews: Off To Be The Wizard

Adam Piggott: A Godly Woman
American Conservative: The Push Against Trump Really Is Unprecedented
American Greatness: Robert De Niro Melts Down During Biden Campaign Train Wreck Presser in Manhattan
American Power: The People’s Dictatorship, also, Holocaust
American Thinker: Punked, also, It’s High Time We Kicked All the Tyrants and Traitors to the Curb
Animal Magnetism: Animal Magnetism LIVE Ep. 9 – Big Animals And Dumb People, Goodbye, Blue Monday, and Animal’s Daily IQ Test For Congress News
Babalu Blog: China resumes direct flights to Cuba as it intensifies its presence in Caribbean, Despite the Castro dictatorship’s threats, Cuban mothers defending their children vow to ‘never back down’, and Protestors who desecrated Martí memorial in Coral Gables have ties to Cuban embassy in Washington
BattleSwarm: Memorial Day: Honoring Gordon Douglas Yntema, Memorial Day: Honoring John Harlan Willis, China Throws Money At Semiconductors Again, and Roundup For Today’s Texas Runoff
Behind The Black: A Martian lava flow so strong it eats mountains, Red Chinese pseudo-company files plans for 10,000 satellite constellation, SpaceX launches more Starlink satellites, North Korea’s orbital Chollima-1 rocket explodes shortly after launch, South Korea establishes its own version of NASA, Rocket Lab launches NASA climate satellite, and Need a kidney transplant? You better be poor according to new DEI proposed rules
Cafe Hayek: Averages Can Mislead
CDR Salamander: From Abbey Gate to Gaza
Chicago Boyz: Worthwhile Reading
Da Tech Guy: The Real Bottom Line and the Basis For The Lawsuits Soon to Hit Colleges Across the Country, USA Today Accidently Conforms the Nellie Bowles Story, To fight back against the left, I say we should refer to all Illinois criminals as “justice-impacted individuals”, I’m Glad Christ is God & King and not Me, and Who Did it Better? Graham Chapman or Pete Buttigieg
Dana Loesch: Last Week In Legal – The Defense Rests Edition
Don Surber: They lie because they get away with it 
First Street Journal: Bidenomics and Bidenflation, You in a heap o’ trouble, boy, and Did the Libertarian Party just help the GOP?
Gates Of Vienna: It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again, Covid-19: All Lies. All Crime. — Chapter 3, In the Year of Geert and Wilders, Lest We Forget, and Nazis, Nazis, Everywhere!
The Geller Report: Biden Regime BLOCKING Allies From Censuring Iran Over Increase in Its Illegal Nuclear Weapons Program As It Reaches Completion, also, Pentagon Admits None of the Aid From the $320 Million US Built Pier in Gaza Actually Got to Gazans
Hollywood In Toto: Unwoke Comics Rife, Chappelle and Gervais Rule Netflix, Jerry Seinfeld: ‘I Miss a Dominant Masculinity’, Does Michael Richards Deserve a Second Chance? Seinfeld Shreds ‘Punching Down’ Comedy: It Doesn’t Exist, and What Is Clapter (And Why Do Late-Night “Comedians” Love It)?
The Lid: The Illinois Civil War General Who Helped Create Memorial Day, Lag B’Omer with the “Jewish  Amazons” at the Pyramids, and Biden’s DOJ Claims ‘Deadly Force’ Order Necessary Because Trump Had ‘Knives’ in Mar-a-Lago Kitchen
Legal Insurrection: UNC System Board of Governors Votes to Eliminate DEI Offices, Lithium Battery Fire Smoulders in San Diego Area Warehouse, Won’t be Extinguished for “Weeks”, Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman Announces Support for Trump, A 13th Oregon County has Voted to Join the “Greater Idaho” Secession Movement, Israel Eliminates Hamas’ West Bank Terror Chief And Deputy in Rafah Airstrike, Politico Panics: FL Gov. Ron DeSantis “Wildly Successful” In School Choice, Warns Public Schools Might Close, and Students of ‘Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee’ Renounce Protests in Favor of ‘Open Intifada’
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Trinity Sunday, Lest We Forget, and I need a breather
Outkick: Jason Kelce’s Wife Shuts Down Obnoxious Fan Who Went Off After Failed Photo Op, Cavinder Twins Praise Caitlin Clark’s Effect On Women’s Hoops, Stewart-Haas Racing Ceasing Operations After This Season, Cincinnati Reds Retire Viking Helmet Home Run Celebration, Replace With Secret Celly, Bronny James Reportedly Ignoring NBA Workout Invites, Has Sights Set On Just 2 Teams, Including The Lakers, NFL Players Association Proposal Could Eliminate Spring Football In NFL But Of Course There Are Issues, and Jennifer Lopez’s Bad Year Continues With Potential Las Vegas Residency Reportedly In Jeopardy
Power Line: Historians Need Not Apply, The Need for Memorial Month, and UK Tories: Life Imitates Art [With Comment by John]
Shark Tank: Gimenez Torches Biden For Border Crisis
Shot In The Dark:  The Chicanes Of Leftist EconomicsI Have To Figure, and It’s Been A Year
This Ain’t Hell: Disabled veteran’s quick thinking saved his life during a bear attack, Joe Biden plans to address Trump verdict from the White House, US Gaza Aid Vessels Aground, Memorial Day, You knew you liked Majorkas for a reason (Not really), Joe Biden’s Gaza pier is reportedly sinking, and Der Nazi Trump ge-exposed ist!
Transterrestrial Musings: No Re-Light, My Decision To Leave Academia, Memorial Day, Non-Profits, and From Abbey Gate To Gaza
Victory Girls: Sotomayor Says She Cries Over SCOTUS Decisions, Red Flags Fly Regarding U.S. Spec Ops Colonel And Chechen Trespassers In North Carolina, NewsGuard: The Ministry of Truth in Your Child’s Public School, and Pride Month Incoming – Is The Public Fed Up With It?
Volokh Conspiracy: Religious Exemption Claim Brought by Employees Who Objected to COVID Vaccination and Testing Can Go Forward
Watts Up With That: Environmentalism In America Is Dead, Of Heat Engines and Refrigerators, German Green Movement “A Run Amok At The Expense Of People And Nature”, and Claim: Biden’s Clean Energy Policies are Failing Because Everyone Elses Fault
The Federalist: Biden Pressers Confirm ‘Get Trump’ Lawfare Is A Campaign Stunt, The Unknown Soldier’s Name May Be Forgotten, But His Sacrifice Should Not, America Is Still Worth Fighting For, Democrats Promise Coordinated Assault On SCOTUS If They Don’t Get Their Way, A Federal ‘Clawback Clause’ Would Ensure We Never Get Another Fauci, Collins, Or Walensky, Michelle Obama’s Dark Money Group Launches Campaign To Turn Out Likely-Democrat Voters, and Republicans, Stay Off Left-Wing Networks Unless You’re Prepared To Go On Offense 
Mark Steyn: Shower Curtains, Dirty Old Town: The City, Corruption and In Old Chicago, The End of the World, Fourteen Years On, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, and Mbube Switcheroonie!

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