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In The Mailbox: 06.04.24 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

According to the CCP, on this day in 1989, absolutely nothing happened in Beijing’s Tienanmen Square. In other news, there is no war in Ba Sing Se, and Iraqi forces are slaughtering the American invaders all along Iraq’s southern border.
Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

Why there are so few pictures of the Tienanmen Square massacre

EBL: Jessica Alba Tuesday, also, D-Day Veterans Leave For Normandy 80th Anniversary
Twitchy: Harry Sisson’s Response To Time’s Biden Article Has Twitter Laughing, Former Intel Officials Warn Trump Could Weaponize US Spy Services, and The Hill Learns The Hard Way What Happens When You Try To Help Biden By Asking Stupid Questions About The Economy
Louder With Crowder: Mexico elects mucho woke first female president in the deadliest election in the country’s history
Vox Popoli: The Price of the Wrong Target, In Praise of the Library, Neoclowns are Getting Sporty, Convergence is Anti-Christian, and MIDNIGHT’S WAR on Amazon

American Conservative: Here Are the Connections Between the People Behind Trump’s Prosecutions
American Greatness: Joe Biden’s America is a Gay Version of the Soviet Union, also, How Bob Iger, DEI, and Wokism Broke Disney’s Trust with America
American Thinker: The State of the Coup, America Has Crossed the Rubicon, and Never Vote for Democrats, Period!
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Nutbag News
Babalu Blog: Cuba keeps sending mercenaries to Ukraine war, many are dying on the front lines, Nicaraguan host of “The View” goes ballistic on Sen. Marco Rubio for comparing prosecution of Trump to communist Cuba’s justice system, and On Raul Castro’s 93rd birthday, his nephew posts insensitive message flaunting privileges of Cuba’s ruling dynasty
BattleSwarm: How Did So Many Sex Offenders Get Jobs In Texas Schools?
Behind The Black: Chang’e-6 ascender carrying lunar samples lifts off Moon, SpaceX now targeting June 6, 2024 for Starship/Superheavy launch, French startup captures Russian satellite maneuvering close to another geosynchronous satellite, FAA issues launch license for the fourth test orbital launch of Starship/Superheavy, Research continues to find the COVID jab caused more deaths than it prevented, and Today’s blacklisted American: Teacher sues his union because it bans whites from running for some leadership positions
Cafe Hayek: Jay Bhattacharya, Drew Benson, and Me on Covid and the Covid Response
Chicago Boyz: The Munzenberg Method, Then and Now, also, Clarence “Bud” Anderson and the Greatest Generation
Da Tech Guy: Under the Fedora: Jonah Goldberg & the New Rules, Voices of Catholic Authors Paul Migliozzi Interview(s) We’re No Angels meet Papanon, and The impact of Trump’s conviction?
Dana Loesch: Meet Hunter Biden’s Jury
Don Surber: Media pays for getting Trump wrong
First Street Journal: The Lexington Herald-Leader has not died, but it has definitely been moved into a nursing home, also, The inclusion of bias in news articles is subtle, but you have to be aware of it
Gates Of Vienna: There’s Gonna Be a Certain Party at the Station, Michael Stürzenberger: Enemy of the State, A Failed Asylum Seeker Wielding a Knife, Gerald Grosz: “We Have Abolished Ourselves”, Hair of the Dog, and Viktor Orbán: We Don’t Want to Shed Hungarian Blood in Ukraine
The Geller Report: OBSCENE BETRAYAL: Biden Took Hamas’s Conditions for Ceasefire and Presented it As Israel’s Offer Without Talking to Netanyahu About It
Hollywood In Toto: Furiosa, Planet of the Apes Make Mankind’s Collapse Exhilarating, also, The Acolyte – Woke, Wobbly and Steeped in Feminism
The Lid: Methodist Church Suffers Major Split after Leaders Push Radical Gay and Trans Agenda, also, Cops: Illegal Aliens Increasingly Using Fake Social Security Numbers
Legal Insurrection: IDF Announces Deaths of Four Israeli Hostages in Hamas Captivity, “There are some serious constitutional problems with this case”, Christian Lifeguard Sues County for Forcing Pride Month Commemoration Participation, Reminder (Again): “Hands up, don’t shoot” is a fabricated narrative from the Michael Brown case, Revenue Dies in Wokeness: Trouble Brewing at the Washington Post as Executive Editor Sally Buzbee Steps Down, and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has Pancreatic Cancer
Nebraska Energy Observer: I like Doc
Outkick: C.J. Stroud Thinks He’s A Top 3 QB In The NFL Based On Last Year’s Performance, And He’s Not Wrong, MLB Infielder Faces Lifetime Ban Over Betting On Team’s Games, Fans Crush Chennedy Carter For ‘No Regrets’ Comment About Caitlin Clark Cheap Shot, MLB, Feds Conclude Shohei Ohtani Investigation After Guilty Plea By Ippei Mizuhara, Pirates’ Aroldis Chapman Slams Glove After Mistakenly Believing He Gave Up Home Run, and Chicago Sky’s Angel Reese Ejected After ‘Disrepectfully Addressing’ WNBA Official
Power Line: Madel versus Moriarty, Is ‘Operation Dump Joe’ Back On? and He Did It Because She’s Queer?
Shark Tank: Gaetz Grills Garland On Trump Lawfare, Possible DOJ Involvement
Shot In The Dark: Four Mostly Peaceful Years, When All You Have Is A Dribble Glass Full Of Kombucha All The World Looks Like A Reichstag Fire, and Safety Briefing Required
This Ain’t Hell: Sometimes the Supremes try…and fail, D-Day hero to receive posthumous DSC, Maxine Waters wants Trump supporters to be investigated, and SEALs Celebrate Gay Pride Month
Transterrestrial Musings: New Vitamin D Guidelines, Vibesession, San Bernardino, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Rafah
Victory Girls: Merrick Garland – Enablers And Enemies
Volokh Conspiracy: Did Environmental Groups Drop Challenges to SEC Climate Disclosure Rule Because They Lost the Lottery?
Watts Up With That: ‘Climate Justice’ Now Requires Edinburgh City Council to Ban Ads Tempting Locals to Go on a Cruise, No Potatoes, Warns Irish Times, Wind and Solar Resource Availability Fatal Flaw, and Almost All Recent Global Warming Caused by Green Air Policies – Shock Revelation From NASA
The Federalist: Why J.D. Vance Is Trump’s Ideal Running Mate, Hearing Reveals Federal Business Agency Spent ‘Bidenbucks’ To Win Michigan For Democrats, Chuck Schumer’s Brother Works For Law Firm Behind Bragg’s Get-Trump Indictment, Lawsuit Alleges Up To 4 Arizona Counties Have More Registered Voters Than Eligible Citizens, Biden’s ‘Iran First’ Policy Undermines America’s Interests And Allies, Court Rejects ‘Orchestrated Campaign’ To Remove Judge Cannon From Docs Lawfare Case, Fauci Admits There Was No Scientific Evidence For Six-Foot Social Distancing Rule, and All The Money Trump Just Raised Won’t Matter If It’s Not Spent Turning Out Voters
Mark Steyn: We’ll Meet Again, also, Pier Review

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