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In The Mailbox: 06.05.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

357 Magnum: A Trifecta Of Self-Defense Stories From Chicago
EBL: D-Day Girls and the Nurses of Normandy, also, Joe Biden’s Dementia Is Getting Worse
Twitchy: In The Trump RICO Case, Fani Gets Spanked, Bloomberg Looks At The “White Fortress” Cities Springing Up In The South,  and The Latest Oppression Tool Just Dropped – Heterochronology!
Louder With Crowder: ANOTHER popular restaurant chain is shutting down thanks to progressive minimum wage hikes
Vox Popoli: Magical Thinking and the Impotence of Mammon, Russia 1, Pride 0, The End of the Petrodollar, 46 Billion, and A Legacy Destroyed
Upstream Reviews: Gun Runner The Worst States To Be A Gun Owner
Gab: What’s The Point Of Politics?
Stoic Observations: Heterodoxy


American Conservative: D-Day at 80: An Exhortation to Be Better
American Greatness: Jim Jordan Calls For Bragg and Colangelo to Testify Before House Weaponization Committee in June
American Power: Marjorie N. Feld, A History of American Jewish Critics of Zionism
American Thinker: Trump the Citizen
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News, also, Animal Magnetism LIVE Ep. 11 – Chores, Flamethrowers and Dandelions
Babalu Blog: Oropouche outbreak intensifies in Cuba; officials warn of ‘perfect storm’ conditions for devastating epidemic, Cuban communist official who diverted scarce drinking water to his swimming pool arrested for ‘corruption’, and Cubans who dared to complain about blackouts on May 28 arrested for ‘public disorder, contempt, and assault’
BattleSwarm: Paxton Takes On Big Data
Behind The Black: ULA’s Atlas-5 launches Boeing’s Starliner capsule on its first manned mission, Hubble goes to one-gyro mode, limiting the telescope’s observational capabilities; NASA rejects private repair mission, ESA schedules first Ariane-6 launch for July 9, 2024, Firefly gets a major 25-launch contract from Lockheed Martin, and Paper: Not one government policy during the COVID epidemic accomplished anything to stop the disease’s spread
CDR Salamander: Keeping An Eye On The Long Game, Part CI
Da Tech Guy: The Best and Most Impossible Advice a Democrat Will Ever Get
Dana Loesch: Call Of Duty Gets Woke-er
Don Surber: America’s governor
First Street Journal: Imposing California standards on a central Kentucky newspaper is not the way to keep the Lexington Herald-Leader from failing
Gates Of Vienna: Mannheim — The Knife Playground of Europe, Knife Madness in Germany, and Covid-19: All Lies. All Crime. — Chapter 5
The Geller Report: “Read With Pride”: Scholastic Book Publisher Offers “Pride Guide” to Teachers During LGBT Campaign
Hollywood In Toto: Bad Boys: Ride or Die Will Make You Slap Happy
The Lid: The REAL History Of Jerusalem
Legal Insurrection: DEI Expert Allegedly Claimed the American Flag is Becoming a Symbol of ‘Hate and Extremism’, After Equal Protection Project Effort, Ithaca Schools Apologize For “Exclusionary Language” Barring White Students From Event, Last Bastion of U.S. Military Implodes; Navy Seals Celebrate “Pride” Month, “Call Your Parents, And Tell Them What I Said …. Now Get Outta Here!”, and India Election: Modi-Led Alliance Wins Majority
Nebraska Energy Observer: Four Score Years Ago
Outkick: Social Media Roasts Angel Reese For Getting Ejected, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Finally Takes Down His Wicked Stepmother, But What Comes Next Is Even Better, ESPN, NBC, Amazon Are About To Overpay By Billions For NBA Rights, Iowa State QB Rocco Becht Using His Own NIL Funds To Pay For Youth Football Camp In Local Iowa Community, Some Big Names Could Be Moved At The MLB Trade Deadline, Ratings Say Caitlin Clark Is Single-Handedly Carrying The WNBA, and Trevor Bauer Asks MLB For Similar Treatment After Shohei Ohtani Betting Announcement: ‘What About My Case?’
Power Line: John Brennan could not be reached for comment, The Daily Chart: The Two Doom Loops for America, and From Moscow to Beijing
Shark Tank: Casey DeSantis Spotlights New LEO Resources As Part Of Hope Florida Campaign
Shot In The Dark: Just for The Record, also, Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work
STUMP: Public Finance Roundup For June 5 – NY, Chicago, & Audit Delays!
The Political Hat: Quick Takes – Academic Madness: Racist Picnics; Woke Medicine; Black Is The New Gender
This Ain’t Hell: Ah, those backwards Chinese, also, 31 Fort Moore Firearms Gone Missing
Transterrestrial Musings: Merrick Garland, Better Late Than Never, and California’s War On Business
Victory Girls: Signs Of Decline – Biden
Volokh Conspiracy: Is an American of Indian Descent Raised in Iran and Who Held Iranian Citizenship Indian or Iranian for Affirmative Action Purposes?
Watts Up With That: Half Of German E-Car Buyers Regret Their Purchase or Lease, BREAKING: The First Domino Falls on EV Mandates in Virginia, and Aussie Government Grudgingly Retreats from Dictating Content Moderation to the Entire World
The Federalist: The Ghost Of Wisconsin’s Unconstitutional John Doe Investigation Haunts Trump Trials, Fauci’s Testimony Reveals The Inconsistencies And Deceit Behind U.S. Covid Response, If Churches Are Really Pro-Marriage, They Will Discipline Its Destroyers, Obesity Kills Christian Gospel Singer Mandisa More Than 30 Years Early, Weaponizing The Justice System Is An Attack On All Americans, Not Just Trump, Republicans Demand DOJ Charge Hunter And James Biden For Lying About Joe’s Role In Influence-Peddling Scheme, The Size Of Planned Parenthood’s Global Murder Campaign Will Shock You, and Biden Is Blaming Netanyahu For Prolonging A War He Won’t Let Israel Finish
Mark Steyn: Just Leave It to the Experts, also, Live Around The Planet – Shoot The Messenger

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