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In The Mailbox: 06.06.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

“Let us not mourn that these men died; rather, let us be grateful that such men lived.” Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.

357 Magnum: Regulators Or Business Partners?
EBL: MAGA Stay: Fat Fani’s Trump Case Stayed By Georgia Court of Appeals, The Shores of Normandy, and Air Superiority at D-Day
Twitchy: Doc Who Blew the Whistle On Castration & Mutilation Of Kids Hit With Felony Charges, Biden’s Biggest Fan Harry Sisson Thinks He’s Got MAGA This Time, and Byron Donalds Claps Back Hard At Hakeem Jeffries Over Jim Crow Comments
Louder With Crowder: Did Joe Biden poop himself at today’s D-Day ceremony? Critics say yes, City Refuses To Fly Thin Blue Line Flag To Honor Fallen Officer, Proudly Flies Pride Flag At Half Staff Instead, and Obama ambassador issues dire warning illegals will migrate to Canada if Trump is reelected. Yeah, and?
Vox Popoli: The War in the North, When Piracy is Mandatory, and D-Day, 80 Years Later
L’Ombre de L’Olivier: More on Farage & Reform
Upstream Reviews: The Heights Of Perdition
Defending The Wood Perilous: The Upside-Down Life Of A Writer

American Conservative: Bannon to Jail for Contempt of Congress
American Greatness: Alvin Bragg Demands that Trump Remain Under Gag Order, Remembering June 6, 1944, and Governor Glenn Youngkin Says Virginia Will Ignore California Emissions Rules
American Thinker: D-Day and America in 2024
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Red Thursday News
Babalu Blog: ‘I have suffered a lot of torture’: Forcibly exiled Cuban dissident seeks immediate medical care upon arrival in Miami, Cuba is a miserable third-world dump. Gracias, Fidel, and The upside of being an enslaved Cuban doctor
BattleSwarm: Texas Stock Exchange Takes Aim At NYSE, With Unlikely Partners
Behind The Black: SpaceX successfully launches and lands Starship and Superheavy, Lunar samples transferred to Chang’e-6 return vehicle, Webb detects carbon in early galaxy, far earlier than expected, Boeing’s Starliner successfully docks with ISS, ESA signs deal with Vast to use its Haven-1 space station, and Telescope removed from Mauna Kea on Big Island as local Hawaiian council rejects new telescopes on Haleakala on Maui
CDR Salamander: I’ll take 10…of everything
Chicago Boyz: D-Day plus 80 Years, also,  California Dreaming
Da Tech Guy: Full Review Doctor Who: Dot and Bubble (and the irony overload of a Conservative Christian Message), also, The Democrats finally got Trump – now we have to make them pay for it!
Dana Loesch: On The 80th Anniversary Of D-Day
Don Surber: No men are above the law, except theirs
First Street Journal: #Hamas leaders don’t really care about #Palestinian lives, and see the sacrifice of them as politically useful, also, Unsubscribe, huh?
Gates Of Vienna: The Enemy’s Chatbot Spills the Beans About the Endgame, Women Against Sharia, “New Swede” Gets Life in Prison For Murdering His Pregnant Girlfriend, and The Day of the Long Knives
The Geller Report: In Portland, the Islamic Revolution Begins in Kindergarten
Glenn Reynolds: Ad Astra, Per Ardua
Hollywood In Toto: Does Kevin Spacey Deserve a Second Chance?
The Lid: Biden is Lying About Lowering the Cost of Insulin and Reporter John Roberts Has the Proof, also, Electric Vehicles from All Makers are Piling Up Unsold Because No One Wants Them
Legal Insurrection: Georgia Court of Appeals Pauses Trump Case During Appeal of DA Fani Willis Ruling, Biden’s Executive Order Shows No Impact on Border Crisis, Board of Governors at UNC Have Pretty Much Dismantled System’s DEI Policy, IDF Foils Hamas Attempt to Breach Israeli Border From Rafah, Uncovers Terror Tunnel in Child’s Room, RI Children’s Advocate Bob Chiaradio Is Traveling The State Calling On Districts To Ditch Their “Trans” Policies, and Police in Cambridge, MA, to Start Using Social Workers to Respond to Some 911 Calls
Nebraska Energy Observer: I recently
Outkick: Lamar Jackson Compares Nick Wright To Monkey With Massive Nose For Not Ranking Him Top 5 QB, Major League Baseball Has A Serious 2024 Postseason Problem On Its Hands Already, College Baseball’s Booming Growth Forces Schools Like Tennessee To Invest In Stadiums To Match Fan Demand, Dan Hurley Deserves Shot In NBA If He Wants, Despite Unfortunate Timing For UConn, Charles Barkley Destroys Caitlin Clark’s Haters, Danica Patrick Calls Out ‘Bulls–t’ Pride Post About Queer Time Travel, and Sydney Sweeney Is Buying Florida Mansion With Insane Features
Power Line: Ordeal of Omaha Beach, At the Feeding our Fraud trial: Farah raided, and Harvard Ends Loyalty Oath
Shark Tank: Gaetz Introduces Bill Imposing Moratorium On Palestinian Immigrants
Shot In The Dark: This Great & Noble Undertaking, Chanting Points Memo – The Law, also, A Good Guy With A Car?
STUMP: US Pancreatic Cancer Trends, 1999-2023
This Ain’t Hell: D-Day+80 Years
Transterrestrial Musings: Space History
Victory Girls: D-Day +80 Years – Paratroopers
Volokh Conspiracy: Lawsuit Filed by Jewish Students Against UCLA, also, Oral Argument on the Constitutionality of the Special Counsel
Watts Up With That: DeSmog: Climate Denier Nigel Farage Took Money from Big Oil, to Campaign for Cheaper Energy, also, New Data Show Svalbard Polar Bears are Fatter than They Were in 1993 Despite Continued Low Sea Ice
The Federalist: Trump’s Conviction Should Be A Wake-Up Call For Complacent Grassroots Conservatives, Watchdog Demands Investigation Into Evidence Top Fauci Deputy Hid Public Records, 80 Years After D-Day, Remember The Men Who Liberated The World, Federal Judge Caught Stumping For Biden’s Green Agenda In Montana, Republicans’ Refusal To Wield Power Destroyed Conservatism And Maybe The Country, NYT Admits FBI Was Authorized To Use Lethal Force Against Trump, But Dubs The Claim A Lie Anyway, and From Lawfare To Bidenbucks, Democrats’ 2024 Election Rigging Is Already Worse Than 2020
Mark Steyn: Pleasing Your Enemies

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