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‘The Acolyte’: Disney Now Dancing on the Shattered Ruins of ‘Star Wars’ Franchise

Posted on | June 7, 2024 | 1 Comment

‘Gayest Star Wars EVER!’

You’re not going to watch the new series The Acolyte because it’s only going to be streaming on Disney+ which costs $7.99 a month. Disney+ is the third-place streaming service, behind Netflix and Amazon Prime, and trust me when I say The Acolyte will not boost Disney+ in the rankings, because the people involved in making The Acolyte are proudly boasting of its anti-white, anti-heterosexual agenda. Just watch:

With avowed lesbian Leslye Headland as “showrunner” (executive producer) and avowed lesbian Amandla Stenberg as the star, The Acolyte could scarcely be more explicit in its intent. No doubt the executives at Disney greenlit this project as a political “gotcha” against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and an in-your-face gesture against Republicans in general. Basically, Disney is weaponizing Trump Derangement Syndrome as a business strategy, and the results . . . Just a quick Google search: “Reports show that The Walt Disney Company lost $123 billion in market value in 2022 alone.” How long can a company continue losing that kind of money? And yet the people running Disney nowadays seem to think they can keep turning out woke garbage, destroying once-valuable franchises, with no repercussions. Ace of Spades has much more on this, including this quote from a critic who’s seen previews of The Acolyte: “The third episode of The Acolyte will finally kill Star Wars for the vast majority of Pre-Disney Star Wars Fans. Based on LucasFilm comments of late, they are OK with that.” In the immortal words of Iowahawk:


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