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In The Mailbox: 06.12.24 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Apparently the new Blade movies is being delayed because Disney can’t figure out how to insert a lame lesbian main character without pissing off everyone who thought they were working on a movie about a cool black dude who kills vampires by the truckload. 

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

The current pravda

347 Magnum: The Latest Disney Failure, also, Put Your Data In The Cloud, They Said
EBL: Felon Biden, Breaker Morant, and Remember: Joe Biden Was Mentally Unfit To Stand Trial in Documents Case
Twitchy: Matt Walsh Reveals More Of The Nashville Shooter’s “Tranifesto”, NYT Correspondent Fact-Checks Gov. DeSantis On Terrorists Crossing The Border, and WaPoo Columnist Heather Long May Throw Out Her Back Carrying Water For The Administration
Louder With Crowder: Here we go again: a WV Pride mural ON THE STREET has tire marks on it in under 24 Hours, also, Joey Chestnut, America’s (former) greatest living athlete, sells out to vegan hotdogs, gets banned from July 4th eating contest
Vox Popoli: Regime Change in France and Germany, Boomers Would Love to Help, The Limits of JACOBSON, It’s Okay, They’re GOOD Nazis, and It’s Always the Paperwork
L’Ombre de L’Olivier: The Road To Clacton Pier
Defending The Wood Perilous: A New Look At Nazi Germany
Jon Del Arroz: How Not To Write Compelling SF 101
Postcards From Parsoom: Pallas

American Conservative: Europe Votes Against the Ukraine War
American Greatness: Biden and the Left Demonize Trump Supporters, Report: Jill Biden Makes Expensive Flights from France to Hunter’s Trial, and Study: 75% of New American Jobs Since 2019 Have Gone to Illegal Aliens
American Thinker: Combatting Our Homegrown Enemy, also, Combatting the ‘Long Count’
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Europe Trending News, also, Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship threatens to take the children from homeless single mother if she continues to ask for help, Rabid supporter of Cuban dictatorship loses his seat in European Parliament, Newest twist in the Big Lie: ‘Cuba is the Hottest LGBTQ Destination in the Caribbean’, and Cuban priest attributes rising violence in Cuba on ‘generations raised without values’
BattleSwarm: Travis County Assistant DA Arrested For Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon, also,Federal Judge Slaps Down Biden Tranny Title IX Rewrite
Behind The Black: Starliner’s stay at ISS extended several days, Evidence of giant asteroid collision in debris disk surrounding the star Beta Pictoris, Ed Stone, who ran the Voyager missions for a half century, passes away at 88, SpaceX retrieves its Dragon debris that fell in Canada in February, Pentagon wants to buy from SpaceX its own 100-satellite Starshield constellation, Research suggests a Mars mission will permanently damage a person’s kidneys, and Today’s blacklisted American: Federal court rules conservative kids have no free speech rights
Cafe Hayek: An Open Letter to Jeff Ferry, The Super Market, and America First! Encourage Beijing to Keep on ‘Dumping’!
CDR Salamander: An Incredibly Dangerous Time To Be An American
Chicago Boyz: The Demons Return, also, The Rainbow Limit – A Personal Rant
Da Tech Guy: Baby, you can drive my car, I’m Sorry But Isn’t that a good thing? A Boston Sports Thought, Brady and the Celtics, and Under the Fedora: As Even as You Get, The Greatest Show in DC, The Radio Oracle, As Uneven as You Get and Clark and Olympic Sized Pressure
Don Surber: Nice try, FJB
First Street Journal: If it looks like a coverup, and smells like a coverup, also, I love it when a plan falls apart!
Gates Of Vienna: Marine Le Pen: “We Are Ready to Bring France Back to Life”, Football Jihad, The Knives Are at it Again, The Devil’s Laughter, Michael Stürzenberger: “Political Islam is a Dangerous Totalitarian Fascist Regime”, and Annalena Baerbock Loves the Bad Guys
The Geller Report: UCLA Rabbi Physically Attacked by Hamas and Leftist Goons, BIDEN’S BORDER JIHAD: Six Islamic State (ISIS) Terrorists Arrested in Operation in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, and Germany: Muslim Party Wins 41% in Duisburg in the European Parliament elections
Hollywood In Toto: Sasquatch and the Missing Man Explores More Than Bigfoot, Stop-Motion Primevals Worth the Insanely Long Wait, Joe Rogan Says Dems Committing ‘Elder Abuse’ Against Biden, and Reverse the Curse Whiffs on Life’s Nasty Curveballs
The Lid: WNBA Pretends It is Suddenly Popular, but Ignores that the Highest Viewed Games Starred Caitlin Clark, also, ICE Re-Arrested 8 on Terror Watchlist after They Were Released by Biden Admin
Legal Insurrection: George Stephanopoulos Rips the Mask Off, Gives CNN Advice on How to ‘Get’ Trump in the Debate, Tajikistan Nationals With Ties to ISIS Arrested in Multiple Cities, Several Senate Republicans Want Term Limits for Their Future Leaders, Utah Public Universities Ending DEI Programs to Comply With State Law, Anti-Israel Protester at UCLA Has FAFO Moment With Police, and Lebanon: Israeli Airstrike Kills One Of Hezbollah’s Most Senior Terror Commanders
Nebraska Energy Observer: Summer AKA Silly Season, also, This is a great idea!
Outkick: Lia Thomas Loses Legal Battle, Will Not Have Chance To Qualify For Olympics In A Big Win For Women’s Sports, Riley Gaines Reacts To Lia Thomas Olympics Ruling: ‘Victory For Girls’, NC State Gets Another Opportunity At Finishing College World Series On Its Own Terms After 2021 Covid Debacle, Georgia Tech Hilariously Trolls Miami Over Infamous Fumble, Rory McIlroy, Erica Stoll Call Off Divorce Days Before US Open, Tennessee’s Tony Vitello Says False Reporting On NIL For One Player ‘Started A Mess’ In Locker Room Last Year, Joey Chestnut Betrays Beef, Goes Vegan And Gets Barred From Nathan’s Hot Dog Easting Contest, and ESPN’s Monica McNutt Goes On Anti-Caitlin Clark Rant On ‘The Daily Show’
Power Line: How to Tell Democrats Are Panicking, The content of his character, and Operation Olympic Gold Putback
Shark Tank: Donalds Says Biden’s Cognitive State “Not A Good Look For The Country”
Shot In The Dark: Decoy, Decay, and Contest Time
STUMP: Hochul’s Congestion Pricing Hokey-Pokey – More Reactions
The Political Hat: The Killdozer Right
This Ain’t Hell: Mikey’s back at it again, Robert E. Wilson – Fake Beirut Sniper Resurfaces, Al-Jazeera journalist dead hostage holder, Hamas Pier Update, Eight Illegal aliens with links to ISIS arrested across the US, and Hunter Biden guilty on all gun charges
Transterrestrial Musings: Virgin Galactic’s Future, How To Fix Higher Ed, From Cars To Star Wars, Institutional Racism, World’s Fairs, and Continuing Windows Problems
Victory Girls: Kamala Harris Is Still Not Popular, Poll Says, also, “Speaker Pelosi did not plan her own assassination”
Volokh Conspiracy: Is the Clean Water Act Enforced Less Stringently in Battleground States? also, More Evidence that Bans on Flavored Vaping Products May Increase Teen Smoking
Watts Up With That: Windless nights make net zero impossible, Huge area of open water on Hudson Bay created by wind, not ice melt, NSIDC experts confirm, The EV Tax Credit Is a Climate Lemon, and The Wall Street Journal’s Left Turn on Climate Change Is Unjustified, the ‘Finer Things in Life’ Are Widely Available
The Federalist: Democrats Celebrate More Americans Working Three Or More Jobs To Make Ends Meet, The Swamp Is Seeking Revenge On House Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good, Convicted Felon Hunter Biden Still Above The Law As Cover For Democrats’ Never-Ending Trump Persecution, Democrat Challenger To Elise Stefanik Calls For ‘Re-Education Camps’ For Trump Voters, House GOP Votes To Hold Merrick Garland In Contempt Of Congress, Washington Post Writers Admit There’s Nothing To Alito Flag Story But Partisan Journalism, and Remember When Alex Jones Was A Darling Of The Far-Left?
Mark Steyn: Ofcom in the Dock, also, Live Around The Planet

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