The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Weird News: Nephew of Joe Lieberman Accused of Massive Online Art Fraud

Chad Love-Lieberman,¬†34,¬†reputed nephew of Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman, has been accused of copyright infringement and fraud. Love-Lieberman’s alleged fraud was exposed after an online publication Campus Socialite picked up a story from the South Florida Chronicle about Love-Lieberman’s self-proclaimed success as a “multimedia pop artist.” Campus Socialite further asserted that Love-Lieberman had taken out a […]

Beware of ‘Feminist’ Men

The Triumph of Civic Virtue is a 1922 neoclassical statue by Frederick MacMonnies which, since 1941, has been displayed in front of Borough Hall in Queens, N.Y. The allegorical figure shows a male warrior, symbolizing civic virtue, having conquered two prone female figures symbolizing the twin sirens of vice and corruption. Feminists have objected to […]

Haiku Sonnet For Sarah Palin

by Smitty Given a challenge by Sheppard to write a poem for Sarah Palin, and a boring afternoon meeting, I should like to submit: Haiku Sonnet For Sarah Palin The Palin fascination  Infecting the news today   Really does boggle the mind. Is she Nemesis, some way  Causing POTUS frustration   The very First Teeth to grind? […]

Who Will Courageously Defy the National Gallery’s Gay-Bashing Homophobia?

Why, yes, of course, it’s Frank Rich! And that’s exactly how he construes the situation whereby an exhibit at the National Gallery of Art — “a survey of same-sex themes in American portraiture,” as Rich describes it — was subjected to “censorship” because one work was removed from the exhibit. Anyone offended by a video […]

Reminder To Self: Purr More, Hiss Less

by Smitty My favorite obscure ukulele player, the Howlin’ Hobbit, has an original number for your delectation:Anyone in Seattle, get down to the Pike Place market and support this wonderful artist.

Monumental Greatness

Smitty has not yet been honored with his own equestrian statue in D.C., but it’s probably just a matter of time. If the federal government wants to “save or create” some more jobs, maybe we can get an earmark for the Smitty Monument to stimulate the equestrian statue industry, which has been devastated by the […]

Roger Scruton: ‘Our World Has
Turned Its Back on Beauty . . .’

“. . . and because of that, we find ourselves surrounded by ugliness and alienation.” On our inaugural Rule 5 Sunday of the New Year at the new site, please watch this video and then we’ll talk more about beauty: That’s one of a six-part series of YouTube videos collected in one post by blogger […]

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