The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

VIDEO: Was Ann Coulter Right?

A year ago, at CPAC 2011, Ann Coulter was asked what she thought about the 2012 Republican presidential field: “Well, I’ll put it in a nutsell: If we don’t run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee and will lose.” Although I never shared Chairman Ann’s enthusiasm for Christie as a presidential candidate, the second […]

Rick Santorum to Ann Coulter: ‘I Mean, Ann, Should I Have Voted for Amnesty?’

During his speech Thursday night in Davenport, Iowa, Rick Santorum talked about his record in the Senate and mentioned that Ann Coulter had criticized him in her column for voting against “E-Verify”: But if Santorum wins, we lose on the second most important issue — illegal immigration — and he’ll be the last Republican ever to win […]

How Bad Is Newt Gingrich?

Bad enough that Ann Coulter would rather have Mitt Romney win: So now, apparently, we have to go through the cycle of the media pushing Newt Gingrich. This is going to be fantastic. In addition to having an affair in the middle of Clinton’s impeachment; apologizing to Jesse Jackson on behalf of J.C. Watts — […]

A. Single Moms

Q. Who could possibly think it’s harmless to provide pole-dancing classes for 7-year-olds? In her brilliant book Guilty, Ann Coulter called attention to how single mothers are celebrated by liberals as emblems of a form of saintly victimhood. (Somehow, Bristol Palin is exempted from this sense of sacredness, which goes to show how liberal “principles” become disposable when […]

Behind Blue Eyes

Ann Coulter was interviewed by ABC News, and Terry Moran introduced the segment this way: Simply put — a lot of people despise Ann Coulter, the conservative firebrand, because of her malevolent and acid rhetoric. Who are “a lot of people”? Liberals. And toward whom is Coulter’s rhetoric “malevolent”? Liberals. Keep in mind that Ann Coulter […]

It’s Kinda Hard to ‘Work the Refs’ When the Refs Are Playing for the Other Team

One of my habits is re-reading good books. Any book worth reading is worth re-reading, and there are some books that I have read multiple times, including William Shirer’s Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France, and P.J. O’Rourke’s Parliament of Whores. Another habit, picked up during […]

CPAC Day 3: Everybody Write-In Your Straw-Poll Favorite: Ann Coulter; UPDATE: Rejecting My Advice, CPAC Attendees Vote for Ron Paul, Mitt Romney

They saved the best for the final day of CPAC: Ann Coulter followed by Allen West. UPDATE: Awesome! Security at CPAC recognized me when I rolled down to the front row to get a picture. Pretty freaking cool. Ann ended her speech with what every Southern Baptist would recognize as her testimony, and it was […]

CPAC Day 1: Birthers and Other Jokes

OK, a Republican congressman from Idaho, a native of Puerto Rico, jokes that he has proof of his American citizenship: That there’s funny, I don’t care who you are. Also funny: Ann Coulter’s latest column about the GOProud controversy. Not funny at all: A GOProud official calling Cleta Mitchell of the Heritage Foundation a “nasty […]

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