The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler


So says Bill Quick at Daily Pundit, who says I’m “spouting arrant hooey” in observing that Newt Gingrich’s campaign is doomed. Quick says my “visceral hatred of Gingrich” accounts for my hooey. Even if accurate, this accusation completely misses the relevant point that Newt’s campaign faces financial ruin after Tuesday’s double defeats in Mississippi and Alabama. […]

Bring In Jeff Goldstein?

by Smitty Bill Quick and some people are arguing past each other on an important linguistic/cultural point: Are you guys really this dense, or is it just that you can’t see past your own blinders – lefties don’t like racist terminology and usage, so you think you have to approve it, or pretend that it […]

A Little Help For Bill Quick

by Smitty A jig is a Celtic dance tune, typically in a 6/8 time signature. When the piece is finished, the jig is up. If everything is raaaaacist, nothing is raaaaacist. Here is one I like to play, when not consumed with work, blogging, newborn son, etc: Update: no, Bill, even within a conditional “if […]

You Should Only Vote Against The GOP Nominee If Your Name Is Pyrrhus

by Smitty I don’t care if Ron “How About My Idiotic Newsletters?” Paul takes the GOP nomination: as you care about your country, you really want to support the GOP nominee. Two words to those who’d speak otherwise: “Judicial Nominees”. The thought of #OccupyResoluteDesk plucking a couple more wise female softballers from his. . .back […]

Quote of the Day

“There are a lot of yellow-stained drawers in Washington Cocktail Party haunts this morning.” — Bill Quick, Daily Pundit The Establishment is nothing if not confident and, although their confidence was surely shaken by Rick Santorum’s Tuesday sweep, Mitt Romney still has an overwhelming advantage in terms of money. The Mitt Machine is probably even […]

Daily Pundit: Let’s Think This Through

by Smitty I said I care that people vote, but not for whom they vote. You reply: Man, you can’t really mean that. You don’t care for whom people vote? You talk a lot about your knowledge of history, and yet you’ve forgotten all those cases where people have voted themselves into the most atrocious […]

Pundette Likes Herman Cain

Our longtime blog-friend has a nice aggregation about the surging GOP presidential candidate who — in case you didn’t notice — is black. I’ve written entire 1,200-word columns about Cain for the American Spectator that never mentioned his race. And it’s funny at times to see MSM reporters try to find a less-than-awkward way to introduce […]

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