The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Peace, Love and Murder: Green Radicals Target Brandon Darby on ‘Hit List’

This hippy-dippy flower-child stuff may sound silly and harmless: “F–k me open like a prayer book,” the poet declaimed, setting down his guitar to recite. It was Sunday evening on the grounds of an aging, pink/orange stucco home in a Lake Worth immigrant neighborhood, and the Monkeywrench Cafe — a one-time-only affair — was drawing […]

EXCLUSIVE: Kimberlin Associate Neal Rauhauser Accuses Brandon Darby of Fake SWAT Calls, ‘Obstruction of Justice’

A Democrat political consultant with ties to convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin has accused contributor Brandon Darby of making fake SWAT calls against conservative bloggers. In a thousand-word document sent to government officials, Kimberlin associate Neal Rauhauser accuses Darby of conspiring with a number of others — including employees of Republican consulting firm Hynes Communications — […]

Brandon Darby Defamed by Kimberlin Associate Neal Rauhauser; Pursues ‘All Legal Remedies’ Against SWATting Charge

FROM AN UNDISCLOSED LOCATION columnist Brandon Darby plans to pursue a defamation lawsuit against a Democratic political consultant who accused Darby of perpetrating so-called “SWATtings” that have targeted several conservative activists in the past year. Darby says that Neal Rauhauser falsely accused him of involvement in SWATtings, a dangerous type of illegal hoax that results in […]

Ten Questions for Brandon Darby

BRANDON DARBY (photo by Todd Wiseman/Texas Tribune) (If Brandon Darby isn’t No. 1 on the radical Left’s hate list, it’s only because they hate so many people they can’t keep track anymore. In 2008, Darby worked undercover with the FBI to foil a planned domestic terrorist attack on the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis. Since […]