The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

“Driving That Bain / High On Rogaine
/ Timmy Kaine You’d Better
/ Watch Your Speed”

by Smitty Virginia Right points to Open Secrets, where, nestled cosily amongst the usual suspects for a Democrat, we see Bain Capital supporting former governor Timmy Kaine in his bid to replace Jim “Browser” Webb in the Senate. “Just how Conservative is Mitt Romney?” asks Virginia Right. The CPAC propaganda arrived today, and I see […]

Fishersville Mike Sends Out The Righteous Brothers For Barney

by Smitty Very, very well played sir. SEAN BIELAT for U.S. CONGRESS

Fishersville Mike Joins Axis Of Fedora

by Smitty Fishersville Mike was caught in flagrente Starbucks on his way home from work. Yankee Phil has escaped our clutches for the nonce, but we’ll fix that as soon as possible. Mwahahahahah.

The University of Instapundit

Reflecting on grade inflation at law schools, Fisherville Mike reckons that he should qualify for a juris doctor through daily reading of Professor Glenn Reynolds. And when your blog gets linked at Instapundit, that’s like becoming editor of the university law review.

Blogging Powerhouse Fishersville Mike To Take On Senator Jim Webb

by Smitty Announcement here. “I will smite that knave with my Massaponax,” said Mike, after one too many Kenneth Branagh movies. In this exclusive clip, we glimpse Mike and his campaign team working on his planned 25 October kickoff:Because, when you’re that eloquent, you don’t need a teleprompter.

Congratulations To Fishersville Mike On The Prospective Daughter-In-Law

by Smitty I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, but her thumbs have been an interest item recently.