The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Crazy New Days

by Smitty Since Tuesday, 23Mar10 is the line of demarcation between the Good Old Days and the Post-Traumatic Legislation Era, how about some crazy images, just to make you wonder what was in my salad: Stixblog reprises Knowledge is Power, trying to capture the good-but-twisted, inefficient, and occasionally dubious aims of the government in a […]

Heading Down To The FreedomWorks Protest On The Mall Today

by Smitty I’m about to head down to take in at least the first couple of hours of the FreedomWorks protest. As is customary, I’ll be sporting my USS Constitution ballcap and a bow tie, which is absolutely not an expression of Tucker Carlson-ism. It’s also worth pointing out that Grandpa John’s vision of me, […]

Grandpa Steve Reports On Janesville, WI Coffee Party

by Smitty The signs were grim. Actually, there weren’t any. Possible explanations for this heinous tableau: Caffeine and waltzing overload Pining for fjords Massa tickle victims Mixing impressionist yoga and ObamaCare legislation The increasing fragility of the cheesehead breed is, itself, a source of major concern to be tackled by future Federal legislation.

Can ObamaCare Save Grandpa John?

by Smitty Update: minor correction. As someone who has written a demented post or five in my blogging career, I can relate, but now GJ is literally floating around the room, as depicted in the last photo of this post. Clearly all of those years on health-insurance provided meds, as legislatively protected by their GOP […]