The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Arianna’s Power Scaled Back at AOL?

Remember when AOL bought Huffington Post — for a “bazillion dollars,” as Joe Coscarelli says — and everybody’s first question was, “On what planet does this deal make basic business sense?” Here you had the erstwhile America Online, which had made big bucks back in the original 1990s Internet boom, when dial-up modems were still the deal, […]

Robert Reich: Tea Party Strawman Flaming, Not The Greenwich Village Way

by Smitty The right is currently in a struggle to determine whether it will nominate a Ruling Class Overlord who says sufficiently conservative sounding things to take the nomination, the veers to the center to win the election. Alternatively, somebody with both high moral and conservative track records, e.g. Perry, Santorum or Bachmann, could be […]

Unexpectedly, Puffington Host Editors Face Uncertainty About The Founders

by Smitty The Puffington Host editors offer this collection of GOP Congressmen using the word ‘uncertainty’. Props to Todd Young, USNA ’95, appearing at 0:55: The Puffington Host, normally such a bastion of wisdom and erudition, is unexpectedly daft here: With the economy in a slump for nearly four years, corporate executives and conservative politicians […]

Democrat Supporter Says Romney ‘Masquerading as a Die-Hard Conservative’

by Smitty The Puffington Host has a simply incredible piece up about Mitt, featuring Rocky Anderson: One of Mitt Romney’s oldest Democratic supporters says the Republican presidential contender is a “warm” and “decent” person who is only masquerading as a die-hard conservative to win the Republican nomination. “Obviously the positions that Mitt’s taking now are […]

About The Acid Down At Zuccotti Park

by Smitty Lawrence Weschler is in need of prayer for his mental health: So here’s my fantasy. Chelsea gets pregnant, such that Hillary retires, around the middle of next year, to pursue a fresh, well-earned career as doting grandmother. Obama has to choose a new secretary of state and appoints Joe Biden (the position the […]

Arianna Huffington Fires Tech Blogger AOL Paid $30 Million to Buy Out

At least that’s what it looks like, but first the background: Remember, AOL in February paid upwards of $300 million to acquire HuffPo in a deal that reportedly gave Arianna “control of all of AOL’s editorial content.” That big effing deal happened less than six months after AOL paid a reported $30 million to buy TechCrunch, […]

HuffPo ‘Premium’? AOL ‘Desperate’?

Arianna got the gold mine, AOL got the shaft: AOL is up for sale according to many insiders in the know. Sources in the industry claim that AOL has met privately with the mega-law firm Watchell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz and investment bank Allen & Company about putting the former ISP up for sale to […]

Not News? Columbia Professor and Huffington Post Contributor David Epstein Pleads Guilty in Incest Case

You will recall that Palin-hating blogger David Epstein was arrested in December and charged with felony incest for having sex with his adult daughter (now 24) from 2006 through 2009. One of our readers has obtained court documents (for Case #2010NY090162) indicating that Epstein copped a plea to a misdemeanor charge of attempted incest. (Click […]

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