The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Re-Reading Susan Brownmiller
Confronting the Radical Facts of Feminism

“God help us if she ever gets raped — we will be buried under an avalanche of rhetoric.” — James Wolcott, letter to the Village Voice, 1971 Little Miss Attila vowed Monday that she owes me an essay in response to a post I wrote, and she can write a damned book for all I […]

Even In The Shrunken Google Reader Version, I Was Sure That Little Miss Attila Was Not Talking About Me

by Smitty Heh.

What I Said to Pete

Pete Da Tech Guy took a gander at my recent go-rounds with Little Miss Attila — as I’ve called it, “blogospheric badminton with ‘feminism’ for a shuttlecock” — and expressed his enjoyment of the discourse. So I left this comment at Pete’s post: Glad you enjoyed the spectacle. Joy is one of my favorite people […]

James Wolcott: ‘Those Sort of People’

When you turn over a rock, you expect to find creepy-crawly things, but still sometimes … “I don’t think Felker had any way of knowing what was going to happen. Christgau, Goldstein … it was those sort of people who really formed the core of politicizing the Voice and really pushing its cultural coverage to […]

‘Stacy’s Insult Against Governor Palin’?

Well, it’s come to this. Not content to accuse me of arguing by means of ”oversimplified fiddle faddle,” now Little Miss Attila comes into the comments and accuses one of my defenders of “trying to slide away from Stacy’s insult against Governor Palin — and me — by simply throwing away the word that is […]

The Feminist Omerta

Permit me to offer a simple analogy: Feminism is to women as Mafia is to Sicilians. Students of organized crime know that what we call “mafia” was, during its heyday, actually known to its members as La Cosa Nostra — roughly translated, “this thing of ours.” That wild thought occurred to me as I contemplated […]

The Blogger’s noinU Guild (BUG) Is Catching

by Smitty The idea began as a W.O.R.M. casting, and was picked up at Blazing Cat Fur. Even the great big Little Miss Attila took notice. In private correspondence with the Mac Daddy, I noted the following points: BUG formally bills itself as a disorganization. Blog linkage is a form of anti-dues. Pay up, sukkuhz. […]

Soap Operas Are Not Documentaries (and ‘Feminism’ Is a Word With a Definition)

There has been, as Da Tech Tech Guy notes, quite a bit of sex talk lately on the right side of blogosphere. The Kathryn Jean Lopez column that inspired my musings on the Contraceptive Culture leads Little Miss Attila to many musings of her own, including this: [A]s a former hippie I find the notion of […]

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