The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The World’s Youngest Blogger Waves To Obi’s Sister

by The World’s Youngest Blogger Thanks, Obi’s Sister! This blanket is peachy, and I hope to thank you in person sometime, perhaps CPAC12.

VIDEO: Gingrich Fatigue?

It seems that Newt Gingrich’s 2012 presidential campaign isn’t generating much excitement down home in Georgia: This week Newt Gingrich made news by opening a campaign headquarters in a Buckhead office building — with word that he expected to announce his presidential candidacy in the coming week. The response has been underwhelming. On Peach Pundit, […]

Obi’s Sister: Her Pi Are Square

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, OK? Anyway, Ginny at Obi’s Sister celebrates her five-year bloggiversary by getting her geek on — today is “Pi Day” (3-14, get it?) and so she’s all geometric and stuff. Ginny got a birthday ‘Lanche, but didn’t even bother to link her Lithia Springs homeboy. Sigh. Now that […]

Props To Obi’s Sister

by Smitty She’s been in the blogosphere five years now. She’s actually quoted me on occasion, for which my ego is deeply grateful. Here’s to a full decade!

‘We’ll Always Have CPAC’

Ginny at Obi’s Sister paid tribute to my schmoozing abilities by dubbing me the “cruise director” of CPAC, but I had just been watching Casablanca on TCM, so I told Ginny: “Cruise director”? I’d rather you thought of me as Rick Blaine in Casablanca: “We’ll always have CPAC.” Yeah, that’s me. Bogie, hardened and cynical: “I […]

Obi’s Sister: Movin’ On Up!

Our longtime blog buddy is now a front-page contributor to Peach Pundit, the premier Georgia politics blog. She celebrates by throwing out the five-dollar word “praxeum” (an inside joke for Star Wars geeks, it seems) because she’s now the William F. Buckley Jr. of Georgia bloggers or something. Congratulations, Ginny!

‘Just One Tweet’: Conservative New Media Get Results in Georgia 4th District Story

Readers may remember the headline here Wednesday morning: Obama-Endorsed Rep. Hank Johnson to Participate in Segregated Forum? It was Dan Riehl who tipped me to that story, which originated with a Facebook post from Republican congressional candidate Liz Carter, who had been excluded from an Atlanta political event, the Newsmakers Live forum. Da Tech Guy jumped on the story […]

Obi’s Sister Reports On The Defending The American Dream Summit

by Smitty An interesting review and pictures here. I don’t doubt that the country retains the ability to recover from the current Congress and Administration. There will be considerable pain involved, however.

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