The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

I’d Always Taken ‘Valley of the Shadow’ As A Psalm 23 Reference

by Smitty Joe Fein has an important post up about dealing with existential issues. Go read/comment/link. Americans come in all manner of shades, sizes and ideals. One of the first lessons I learned in NYC was not to stereotype anyone. All I can hope for is that we are treated as individuals, not as a […]

Zilla On Da Tech Guy’s Show

by Smitty As fortune would have it, I’m off to a retirement ceremony for my boss last year in Afghanistan, so I shan’t call in and harass. Nevertheless, the details are here, and you will be energized by taking in Pete’s show, which I can attest comes in just fine over the internet. Also on […]

Go Help the Valley of the Shadow

Joe Fein at the Valley of the Shadow blog is having an emergency fundraiser. Remember that Joe let me crash on his sofa when I went to L.A. in January 2010. Please go hit his tip jar — I did.

Is Ian Masters Looking For A Job In, I Don’t Know, Say, Tennessee?

by Smitty Valley of the Shadow points out Ian Masters, an LA radio personality of some note, who really seems to dig him some anti-Semitism. Read all of Joe Fein’s debunking of a sad situation in LA.  It brings to mind Charlotte Bergmann, whom I saw cruise through the blogger lounge at CPAC, but had […]

Republicans? In California?

For several weeks now, I’ve been hearing rumors that there was something in California called a “Republican Party” with elected officials and stuff. But I dismissed all those rumors as crazy talk, because it has been years and years since any actual Republican has won any important election in California. Somebody told me that Maria […]

Joe Fein, in a Fighting Mood

My L.A. friend Joe Fein has been trying for some time to get the California GOP to take online New Media seriously. He’s trying again with “Why 30 Bloggers are Worth More for the CAGOP then One MSNBC.” Joy McCann likes Joe’s message. Let’s hope California Republicans are paying attention. Otherwise, some day soon they […]

Does Mitt Romney Agree With Bill Maher?

In case you missed it, hate-filled HBO “star” Bill Maher one-upped his own most tasteless anti-Palin slurs: Question: Has Mitt Romney ever spoken out forcefully in Gov. Palin’s defense? Because some people have noticed the crickets chirping: Joseph Fein, a party insider from the Los Angeles area, said some people feel they can’t trust Romney. […]

California GOP: Falling Down

“After LA lost the aerospace industry during the Clinton Administration, we lost a half million aerospace workers, voters and donors.” — former California GOP Chairman Shawn Steel That quote reminded me of the 1993 movie Falling Down starring Michael Douglas as a laid-off Los Angeles aerospace engineer trying to make sense of a world falling […]

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