The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘Valley Of The Shadow’ Reports From A Convening Of Springs In The CA Republic

by Smitty Stacy was disgruntled, I gather, that the Koch brothers didn’t decide to send him to California Republican Spring Convention. But we do have the Valley of the Shadow on scene, providing an effort worthy of your attention, albeit slightly less gonzo. The economic train wreck that is California promises to be important and […]

California? Sure, I’d Love to Go

For weeks, Joe at Valley of the Shadow has been bugging me: Would I come to the California Republican Party convention? The convention starts Friday morning in Sacramento. But I can’t go. Don’t ask why. Just go

Oh My Pi! Another 5th Bloggiversary!

No sooner did I finish congratulating Ginny on her five-year bloggiversary than I discovered that Joe Fein at Valley of the Shadow is also celebrating his fifth year today. You’ll recall that when I went to California for the BCS Championship Game (Roll, Tide!) Joe’s was one of the sofas on which I crashed. And […]

Good News: VotS Watches 60 Minutes
Bad News: Yes, It Is

by Smitty After weeks on his intrepid mission to view 60 Minutes and report on its contents to mortals of lesser fortitude, the score at the Valley of the Shadow is still ugly: 10 produced stories for the Left – 2 1/2 Ties – 1/2 point for the Right. It’s a step. Now improve. He […]

Three Hours Of Fisking

by Smitty Valley of the Shadow continues its relentless fisk attack on that hoary old plate of hors d’ oeuvres, 60 Minutes. Read these reviews of the last three weeks of this hotbed of lefty horticulture. 17 October The City of David Homeless Veterans 1906 Film of Market Street 24 October The 99’ers, which got […]

Valley Of The Shadow Dives On The ’60 Minutes’ Grenade So You Don’t Have To

by Smitty VotS is offering a critical service to the dextrosphere, sifting through a truly odious show and fisking it for your safety. Don’t try this at home. Call it Dare of the Hog, to go with VodkaPundit’s Hair of the Dog. Have a go at the last couple of weeks: 03 Oct 10 Oct, […]

Valley Of The Shadow Fisks ’60 Minutes’ For You

by Smitty It takes a hardcore blogger, with iron will and 18 miles of guts to stomach 60 Minutes, but that’s just what Valley of the Shadow did. Pamela herself responded to the GZM segment here. The lady deserves a medal. Stand by, VodkaPundit; the “watching the shows that most Americans won’t for health reasons” […]

Tucker Carlson Says, ‘Hit the Tip Jar’?

It was kind of weird to see myself quoted in a Daily Caller story with the headline, “True stories of bloggers who secretly feed on partisan cash“: Conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain complains that politicians aren’t purchasing more advertising on blogs. “Advertising buys good will,” he says. That complaint was in response to something reporter […]

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